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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 Sunday Bulletin, July 27</p><p> 1/6</p><p>We gather today as Gods beloved children to worship our Heavenly Father. We praise hisholy name, we listen eagerly for his words of comfort, hope, and challenge to us, and weoffer ourselves to him in dedicated service. May you be blessed as you worship here today.</p><p>St Paul Lutheran Church is a congrega-tion of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in</p><p>America (E.L.C.A.). It is referred to asBorchers since Rev. Henry Borchers, whoserved our congregation from 1857-1881,advised and influenced a small group ofpioneer settlers that wanted to establish acongregation in the area. This year wecelebrate 162 years of life and ministry in thisbeautiful country setting in Southern Indiana.</p><p>We look forward to many more years ofgrowth and change as we seek continually tobe faithful to Gods call to mission.</p><p>The Sacrament of Holy Communion isoffered at the 8:00 a.m. services on the 2nd</p><p>and 4thSundays and at the 10:15 a.m. ser-</p><p>vice on the 1</p><p>st</p><p>and the 3</p><p>rd</p><p>Sundays of themonth. Christians who believe in the truepresence of Christ in the bread and wine forour forgiveness and salvation are invited toreceive Holy Communion.</p><p>Sunday School classes are held each Sun-day for all ages at 9:10 a.m. Visitors are</p><p>welcome to attend.</p><p>Leading and Assisting in WorshipLeaders: Pastor Stephen Wood</p><p>Organist: Olga OtteDeacons: Mark Hoffmeier; Larry Guinn</p><p>Greeters: Mark &amp; Doris Rorick (8:00)Milton &amp; Laberta Otte (10:15)</p><p>Communion Assistant: Leah Otte (8:00)Altar Care: Doris Rorick</p><p>Lectors:Dot Goodwin (8:00)Leon Seitz (10:15)</p><p>Acolytes: Eliana Baker (8:00)Lyra Claycamp (10:15)</p><p>Projectors:Kaelen Eglen (8:00)Jack Tormoehlen (10:15)</p><p>Flowers:Linda GuinnWelcome Center: Tammi Reinbold (8:00)</p><p>Laberta Otte (10:15)</p><p>July 27, 2014</p><p>St Paul Lutheran Church10792 North 210 East,</p><p>Seymour, IN 47274Office 522-7364Annex &amp; Fax 522-7484Parsonage 522-7421</p><p>email: stpaullutheran@stpaul-borchers.orgWeb Site:</p><p>Office hours: Tuesday-FridayStaff</p><p>The Reverend Stephen WoodPastorCarolyn Jones...............Director of Youth &amp; Family</p><p>Ministries and Borchers Preschool DirectorMichelle Wood.....SecretaryTrish Tangman..Care Team DirectorTyler Claycamp...Intern Youth &amp; Family Director</p><p>Amy Pierceall andMandy OtteCustodiansJamie Baker. Director of Technology</p><p>HEARING ASSISTANCE: We havehead phones available for those in need ofassistance with hearing. They are located onthe table at the entrance of the sanctuary.</p><p>LARGE PRINT BULLETINSThereare a handful of large print bulletins availa-ble. They are located on the table at the en-trance of the sanctuary.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Sunday Bulletin, July 27</p><p> 2/6</p><p>WE WELCOME INTO GODS FAMILY HenryAtticus Fountain, son of Marc and Molly Fountain,who was baptized at the 10:15 service. Sponsorsare Clint and Ashley Waskom. Aimee Cobb is thesign language interpreter for todays service.</p><p>SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL is at 9:15 in theFellowship Room for ages 3-5thgrade. Jr Highand High School youth will take a break for thesummer but are invited to help with the summer</p><p>Sunday School.</p><p>BEGINNING JULY 21, Michelle will be in theoffice on Monday and Wednesday from 8:30 a.m.2:30 p.m. (with a half-hour lunch around noon)and Friday from 8:30 a.m.12:30 p.m.</p><p>WELCOMEinformation needs to be given to</p><p>Michelle by noon on Wednesday each week.</p><p>DUCK DYNASTY TICKETS are here. Pleasesee Tyler to pick up your tickets.</p><p>ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSbegin-ningtodayusing the video curriculum 24 HoursThat Changed the World. The study looks at thedays leading up to the crucifixion.</p><p>STEPHEN MINISTRY MEETING The nextmeeting for Stephen Ministers is Monday, July28th @ 6:30 pm. Chapter 3 of the book, TheWounded Healer, will be discussed.</p><p>CROSSLIFE MINISTRIES AUXILIARY willmeet Monday, July 28 at 6:30 pm at EmanuelLutheran Church, Dudleytown. All are invited toenjoy the evening of fellowship and becomemore familiar with the ministry to individuals,marriages and families throughout Jackson andBartholomew counties. The guest speaker willbe a representative from Community Diner.Plans for the Fall Luncheon and Bake Sale will</p><p>be discussed. Please bring a covered dish toshare. Drinks will be provided.</p><p>OPPORTUNITY FOR PRAYERWe will gatherfor about a half hour and spend the time lifting upa variety of requests and whatever else is onpeoples minds. The next meeting will take placeon Wednesday, July 30th .Any questions,</p><p>please talk with Pastor Steve.</p><p>JR. HIGH YOUTHThere will be a Parent/Youthmeeting on Sunday, August 3rd at 9:15 in the Jr.High Sunday School room. We will be goingover information for the upcoming Youth retreatat Lutheran Hills as well as a schedule for up-coming activities for the year. Bring ideas foractivities for the year.</p><p>WET AND WILD PIZZA/WATER DAY for Jr.High and Luther League will be held on Sunday,</p><p>August 3rdfollowing the 10:15 service. Pizza anddrinks will be served. Youth may bring a dessertor chips to share. Be dressed to get dirty and</p><p>wet! Bring a towel to dry off with as we will notbe able to go into the church when dirty and wet.Any questions, talk to Carolyn.</p><p>CALENDARThis week: July 27thAugust 2nd</p><p>Today 8:00 am Worship</p><p>9:10 am Sunday School10:15 am Worship</p><p>Monday 28th 6:30 pm Stephen Minister MeetingWednesday 30th 7:00 pm PrayerThursday 31st 9:00 am Breakfast Club</p><p>Next week: August 3rdAugust 9thSunday 3rd 8:00 am Worship</p><p>9:10 am Sunday School9:15 AM Jr. High meeting10:15 am Worship11:30 am2:00 pm Jr. High/LL Water Day</p><p>Tuesday 5th 12:15 pm YES! CinemaWednesday 6th 10:00 am Preschool BoardThursday 7th 8:30 am Devotions at Borchers Chapel</p><p>9:00 am Breakfast Club</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Sunday Bulletin, July 27</p><p> 3/6</p><p>FREE MOVIE FOR SENIORS 55 &amp; older isTuesday, August 5th at YES! Cinema in Co-lumbus. A carpool will leave the church park-ing lot at 12:15 and return between 4:00 and</p><p>5:00 PM. Please sign up at the Welcome Cen-ter so transportation can be arranged. Themovie's title will be available a few days priorto the event at Ques-tions? Please contact Trish.</p><p>BORCHERS PRESCHOOL is now acceptingenrollment for the 2014-2015 school year. En-rollment forms are at the Welcome Center. Ifyou have not registered, please do soASAP. Preschool w ill start on August 18.The 2-year-old class will begin on September5.</p><p>KIDS HANDBELLS sign-up sheet is on the</p><p>Welcome Center. Any youth grade 3 and up iswelcome. Any questions, talk to Carolyn.TREATS AND TWEENERS PARENTS willmeet August 10th during Sunday School.TREATS will begin on August 20th. Pleaseregister by filling out the form located on theyouth board in the office. The meal will be</p><p>pigs in a blanket, corn on the cob, bakedbeans, watermelon and Rice Krispie treats.</p><p>MOM'S ANGELS wil l meet Wednesday, Au-gust 20th at 7 PM in the fellowship room. Thiswill be the second meeting for this group whichis forming for anyone who has experienced thedeath of a child. If you are interested in talkingwith others who have also experienced thistype of loss, you are invited to attend. If youknow of someone in the community who mightbe interested, please invite them. If you haveany questions, please contact Trish @812.371.1018. Note: Dads are welcome, aswell as parents who've lost adult children. Also</p><p>welcome are parents who've lost childrenthrough miscarriage or abortion.</p><p>ACOLYTE TRAINING will be held on August</p><p>24th at 9:15 am in the sanctuary.ADULT BELLSIf you are interested in par-ticipating in Adult Bells, please sign up at theWelcome Center. Practice will begin August</p><p>27th at 6:30 pm.</p><p>SENIOR OUTING TO FRANKLIN SALVAGEDISTRICT has been rescheduled forThursday, August 21st. The BBC will havebreakfast in the fellowship area as usual andanyone who wants to attend the outing willleave around 10 AM. After visiting some ofthe unique shops in Franklin, a picnic lunchwill be enjoyed on the grounds of FranklinCollege. Please sign up at the Welcome Cen-ter.</p><p>GOLF SCRAMBLEThe 12th Annual Borch-ers Golf Scramble will be held on Saturday,</p><p>August 16th with a shotgun start at 9:00 the Hickory Hills Golf Club in Brownstown.Proceeds with benefit the Community Diner.More information can be found on the Wel-come Center.</p><p>WE ARE STILL COLLECTING ALUMINUMTABS at the Welcome Center. If you do not</p><p>see the collection container on display, justleave your tabs on the center, or give them toTrish, and your tabs will be added to the col-lection. Please let Trish know your ideas forwho or what should receive the benefits ofour collection.</p><p>THE FOOD PANTRYitem being collected inAugust is macaroni and cheese. Please placeyour donations in the wooden box in the hall-way near the kitchen, or in the basket nearthe main entry doors.</p><p>THANK YOUfor all the prayers, visits andcards!</p><p>Dorothy Simmons</p><p>DAYCAMP CD If you purchased aDaycamp Picture CD, you make pick up yourcopy in the church office.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Sunday Bulletin, July 27</p><p> 4/6</p><p>OUR MISSION:Walking in FaithSowing Christs Love</p><p>The mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church is derived from our core values - the essence ofour purpose for existence and the criteria we should use to guide our congregational</p><p>decisions and actions.</p><p>Our Core Values:1. Spiritualityto worship and to grow and</p><p>develop spiritually as Christians.</p><p>2. OutreachTo spread the message of Gods love and</p><p>grace by word and by action.3. Service to OthersTo live Christs message</p><p>to Love one another.</p><p>You can support the mission of our church by coming to worship, engaging in study, shar-ing the word, bringing a friend to church, taking part in Care Team initiatives, volunteering</p><p>at church or in the community and loving one another.We invite you to join us in this journey.</p><p>Our Response to ods LoveWe Worshipped: July 20th 8:00 am service110 10:15 am service 46</p><p>Total Offerings for July 20th: $10,897.00Spending Plan Giving $2,052.00 New Church Loan Payment $7,505.00</p><p>Other Giving $1,340.00</p><p>{The weekly amount needed to cover expenses in the 2014 Spending Plan is $5,853.00}*This amount does not include the $5,900.00 monthly mortgage payment</p><p>Those assisting with worship August 3rd:Communion Assistant: Larry Guinn (10:15)Altar Care: Gretchen Lawles</p><p>(10:15)Acolytes: Madison Engelau</p><p>(8:00)</p><p>Tyson Lawles (10:15)</p><p>Projectors: Madison Jones (8:00)Chloe Bryden (10:15)</p><p>Flowers: Linda GuinnWelcome Center: Delores Douglass</p><p>(8:00)</p><p>Readings for August 3rd:Ruth 4:1-22</p><p>Psalm 119:108</p><p>Luke 1:46-55</p><p>Lectors:Susan Holle (8:00)</p><p>Kendall Alsta (10:15)</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Sunday Bulletin, July 27</p><p> 5/6</p><p>NOTES</p><p>July 27,2014</p><p>Memory Verse: Ruth 3:66So she went down to the threshing floor and did just as her mother-in-law had instructed her.</p><p>Going DeeperThe purpose of this page is to provide a tool or instrument for your spiritual growth. This page</p><p>contains a brief synopsis of the readings as well as some questions for your reflection to help you godeeper with the Word. On the back is a day by day listing of scripture readings with possible prayerrequest. Individuals are listed on their day of birthso that you might pray for them on their birthday.</p><p>Also on the back is the prayer list for the congregation. Keep on Growing Spiritually!!</p><p>Readings for the Day:</p><p>Ruth 3:1-18: Naomi has lost her husband and sons, but is blessedby the love and support of her widowed daughter-in-law Ruth.</p><p>Naomi is resourceful in arranging the marriage of Ruth to her</p><p>wealthy kinsman, Boaz, the Moabite.</p><p>Matthew 7:7-8: These verses are sayings from Jesus Sermon on</p><p>the Mount where he tells the people to ask and it will be given,</p><p>search and you will find, knock and the door will be open.</p><p>From Sunday &amp; Seasons, copyright2014 Augsburg Fortress</p><p>Questions To Ponder:</p><p>1How do you understand Naomis instructions to Ruth?2How is it that you see God at work through this story?</p><p>3What is significant about the threshing floor?</p><p>4What does is it mean to act as next-of-kin?</p><p>5How does this text speak to you today?</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Sunday Bulletin, July 27</p><p> 6/6</p><p> Going Deeper in PrayerSunday 7/27</p><p>Judges 2:1-24</p><p>II Peter 3:1-18</p><p> Kevin Wheatley, Jennifer Price, Lauren</p><p>Price, Kayla Franke, Ben Rapp</p><p> World peace</p><p>Monday 7/28</p><p>Judges 3:1-17</p><p>I John 1:1-10 Laberta Otte</p><p> Provisions</p><p>Tuesday 7/29</p><p>Judges 4:1-24</p><p>I John 2:1-28</p><p> Samuel Hoene Clothing Center</p><p>Wednesday 7/30</p><p>Judges 5:1-15</p><p>I John 3:1-24</p><p> people affected by the conflict in the</p><p>Ukraine</p><p>Thursday 7/31</p><p>Judges 6:1-27I John 4:1-21</p><p> Marc Fountain, Shonna Herkamp, Talea</p><p>Fields, Mandy Kleffman</p><p> Christians in Iran</p><p>Friday 8/1</p><p>Judges 7:1-26</p><p>I John 5:1-21</p><p> People struggling with addictions</p><p>Saturday 8/2</p><p>Judges 8:1-35</p><p>II John 1-13 Evan Marshall, Owen Newkirk</p><p> students as they prepare to return to school</p><p>Prayer List</p><p>Prayer for Homebound Individuals:Phyllis Neidinger;Betty Hoene,Eunice Lutes,Evelyn Otte;</p><p>Geneva Hoene; Orville Schnitker</p><p>Prayer for Long Term Care Issues: Helen Carter;Andy Runge,Peggy Meahl(Sarah Roterts sister-in-law);Pastor Ed and Joan Winter; Walter Von Fange(Bertha Ottes brother in-law),Bill Lucas</p><p>Recent Hospitalizations:Floyd Meahl;Brenda Casey(heart episode - Karen Hoene's sister)</p><p>Other Prayer Request:Family and friends of Herschel Kleffman,Family and friends of Lloyd Otte,Missy Walker(epilepsy - Karen Hoene's niece);Linda (Schafstall) Wischmeier(cancer); Carolyn</p><p>Hughes (cancer-sister of Jo McGrew);Jim Schoemaker (cancer-friend of Dena Schafstall);Linda</p><p>Witkemper(cancerfriend of Benny Kleffman);Nancy Greathouse(cancerfriend of KathyKleffman); Virginia Knoke(broken neckJohn Knokes Mother); Vicky Ent(cancerfriend of Judy</p><p>Wonning);Linda Nicholson(friend of Jenny Engelau);Matt; Ava Lewis(Nephroblastomatosis2 yr.old friend of Charlena Warfield);James Otte;Rex Sipes(cancerfriend of Dennis and Vickey Otte);</p><p>Renee Holly (Allen Morrisons aunt); Tom Elkins;Karen Vaughn(neighbor of Merrell Otte); Mandy</p><p>Wessel(cancer-friend of Carolyn Jones); Jeannie Isaacs (physical health-cousin of Karen Hoene);Dale</p><p>Ann Hoyt(cancer-friend of Bob &amp; Dena Schafstall);Kristie Wessel(Tracey Engelaus sister); Tom</p><p>Harris(cancer-friend of Leah Otte); Claudine Rowe(cancer- friend of Bill &amp; Marlis Kidd);Emily</p><p>Hume;Amy Siefker(cancer reoccurrence - niece of Karen Hoene); Frances Lamberson(Terri DeVoesMother); Shirley Darlage Duncan(cancer-friend of Dena Schafstall);</p><p>Prayers for those in Military Service:DJ Snyder (Cathy Wentes nephew); Steven Rieker(Jerry &amp;</p><p>Pixie Ottes Grandson); Chad Brigdon, Evan Marshall, Tyler Kruse</p></li></ul>