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  • Summer Event Registration CouponPlease register me for the following (place a check in the box before class desired). Iunderstand that class sizes are limited and that some classes may have already filled. Inthis case, you will return my check. I also understand that if I choose to cancel my reser-vation within two weeks of class, a $10 processing fee will be deducted from my refund.

    June 12 A Taste of Twilight entertainment/ gourmet desserts & beverages $50Jul. 8-Aug. 26 Summer Fun at the Farm (early childhood program - Tues. only) $250/season or $35/day Aug. 11-15 Icon Workshop with Diane Hamel $295August 15 Marion Retreat Day (Lunch Included) $50Sep.10-Dec. 10 Wednesday Paint-In/Outs $80 (before 8/16) $100 afterSep. 26-Nov. 21 Loom Weaving with Jochen Ditterich (Friday mornings) $80Sep. 25-26 Liturgical Design Workshop with John Knight $85 October 18 LIFE fest 2008 Banquet w/ Charles Aeschliman $60/adult or $50/student (grades 7-12)October 19 A Country Sampler LIFE fest 2008 Family Picnic $7.50/person or $25/familyOct. 18 & Nov.1 Raku Pottery with Maija/Karlis Maskevics $100October 25 Watercolor: Step One with Kathy Crane $85

    PRE-REGISTRATION*Oct. 16-18 Intermediate to Advanced Watercolor Workshop with Joe Fettingis (pre-registration) $295Nov. 12-15 The Goddess Within Mixed-Media/Collage Workshop

    with Edee Joppich (pre-registration) $295

    *Pre-registration requires a $100 deposit at time of sign-up.

    Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

    Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________

    Phone Number: __________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________

    LIFE fest tickets: ______ (Number of Adult tickets for Saturday night at $60 each)

    ______ (Number of Student tickets for Saturday night at $50 each)

    A Country Sampler Picnic: ______ (Number of Single tickets at $7.50 each)

    ______ (Number of Family tickets at $25 each)

    Payment Options: Check Enclosed Visa MasterCard Total Amt. Enclosed:*

    Credit Card # ____________________________________ Vin # (back of card) ________________

    *A $1.00 processing fee added to all charge orders. Expiration Date:____________________

    Signature of credit card holder ________________________________________________________

    Please make checks payable to: Franciscan Life Process Center. Mail your coupon toFLPC, 11650 Downes Street NE, Lowell, MI 49331-9489. Call Karen P. (Kacey) Cornwell at897-7842 for more information or visit our website at

    CANCELLATION POLICY: We depend on your attendance to make teaching and/or supply arrangements for our work-shops. If you need to withdraw 30 days or more prior to the start of a workshop or class, you will receive a full refund.Refunds requested 30 days to one week prior to class will incur a 10% handling fee. One week or less will be accessed a50% cancellation penalty. If you do not show the first day of class, you will forfeit your tuition fee in its entirety.



    PERMIT NO. 1Franciscan Life Process Center11650 Downes Street NELowell, MI


    Algene Feuerstein, a retired journalistand volunteer at the Center, wrote the following article.


    To: All Crafters including Stitchers,Quilters, Scrapbookers, andKnitters

    From: The Franciscan Friends

    RE: Help When You Need It.

    It is a consensus of opinion amongthe Franciscan Friends volunteers thateveryone who ever started a new projector decided to try a new craft, needs helpat one time. The new FranciscanFriends Helping Friends program mightbe the answer.

    The variety of talents among the vol-unteers covers just about every kind ofhandicraft you can imagine. For exam-ple, volunteers Dolores Dey and AlgeneFeuerstein know a variety of stitchingprojects and are both good knitters. CamMiles has become very skilled at scrap-booking. Many of the volunteers areexcellent quilters and love to help, too.Name your project and its likely youllfind help in this group.

    Heres how to do it. Most Fridaymornings between 10 a.m. and noon,the volunteer group meets at theCenter. It is best to call first to be sure.Then bring everything related to yourproject with you, such as a pattern,materials, and the part youve alreadydone and any equipment you need tocomplete your special project. Quiteoften, the solution is simple, but justunknown to you. It might just be astitch or process of some sort. Our vol-unteers are ready to help.

    Volunteers (from left) Dolores Dey andBetsy Stevens plan a quilt with SisterTheophane Wurzer, FSE.

    Franciscan Volunteers BeginNew Program

    Our Mission: To promote a relationship with God that brings dignity and hope to the sacredprocess of all life through programs that assist, educate, enrich and inform.

  • A one-day retreat entitled, Mary: Woman ofSuffering, Woman of Hope, will be held Friday,August 15, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at theFranciscan Center. The retreat includes Mass,talks, reflection on Scripture, discussion, lunch,and an opportunity to meet others seeking todeepen their relationship with Mary. Attendeesare encouraged to bring questions and insightsconcerning Mary, as both our mother andMother of the Church.

    The fee for the event is $50 and the registra-tion deadline is August 13. For more informa-tion or to register, call 897-7842.

    All Day RetreatPlanned Mid-August

    Tickets are still available for A Taste ofTwilight, an elegant evening with premiervocalists Mary Rademacher and RickReuther. The annual fund raiser takes placeThursday evening, June 12, from 7:30 to9:30 p.m. All proceeds help support theCenters program funds including endow-ment fund, music therapy and lessons, retreatprograms, preschool education and art classesand workshops.

    The singers will be accompanied bymusicians Cherie Lynn Hagen and TomHagen. Guests can also enjoy strollingappetizers, desserts, wine and other bever-ages catered by Amway Grand Plaza.Tickets are $50 per person and reservationsare required. For tickets or more informa-tion, call (616) 897-7842.

    A Taste of TwilightTickets Still Available

    Good character is taking steps in the right direction along the way; doing the rightthing at the right time, even if nobody else is watching, says National CharacterEducation Foundation representative Charlie Aeschliman, Its called integrity.Aeschliman will be guest speaker for LIFE fest2008 dinner, October 18. A former Navyelite SEAL, he is also considered the best trickbasketball handler in the world and wasrecently crowned NIKEs, National PlayoffFestival Champion. The Saturday event isopen to adult and students.

    A Country Sampler is Sundays familyevent. The day begins with at noon withMass, followed by a casual lunch afterwards.Hot dogs, brats and roast corn on the cob areon the dining menu, always a favorite withboth adults and children.

    For the 20th year of LIFE fest, MusicMarathon has been incorporated into theevents. On Sunday, a variety of music, vocaland dance entertainment is planned at multi-ple locations around the Center. Guests canalso enjoy plenty of games, wagon rides andcraft demonstrations on the grounds. A SilentAuction caps out the days activities.

    Monies raised from this annual benefitdirectly support the Centers scholarship programs, which provides subsidies for pre-school tuition, music and art scholarships forfamilies and individuals needing financialassistance.

    Tickets for Saturday nights dinner andevent are $60 for adults or $50 for studentsgrades 7-12. Sundays A Country Sampler

    tickets are $7.50 for adults or $25 per family.Those interested in ordering tickets may usethe form on the back page of the newsletter.For more information, please call theFranciscan Center at 897-7842.

    Tickets for LIFE fest Are Now AvailableOn the Farm

    The warm spring rains and soothingsun have been a welcome sight aftersuch a long, cold season. Now, in themidst of summer, the fruit trees areoverflowing with ripe offerings. Fields ofbright grass wave in the soft breeze,awaiting cutting and baling. The manyvegetable gardens display an abundanceof fresh produce. Lazy summer daysmay tempt the young preschool chil-dren, but out on the farm, this season isalways one of the busiest.

    There is a cycle to the fruit harvest,when each crop ripens and is perfectfor picking. First are the cherries,ready in June; July is peaches, plumsand pears in August, apples (PaulaRed, Ida Red, Red and YellowDelicious) are all harvested inSeptember and October. Three typesof grapes are grown here as well. All ofthese fruits are canned or stored assoon as they are picked. Teams of vol-unteers work quickly to insure that nofruit or vegetable is wasted.

    Out in the fields, three cuttings ofhay are taken over the year. They arebaled and put up in the loft by volun-teers, ready for the Centers sheep,horses, goats and cows. Meanwhilearound the Centers buildings,flowerbeds, tree and bush-trimming andother ground maintenance are constant-ly tended. It is far from the lazy days ofsummer out at the farm.

    Apple Blossoms

    Charlie Aeschliman, LIFE fest speaker

    Newsletter of the Franciscan Life Process Center Vol 2, No 4, Summer 2008Art ~ Counseling ~ Music ~ Therapy ~ Preschool ~ Retreats ~ Volunteer

  • It may sound like a clique saying, It is thelittle things that can make such a big differ-ence. But when it comes to helping run anon-profit organization such as the FranciscanLife Process Center, the time given by itsFranciscan Friends volunteers is a pricelessgift. Even one or two hours of volunteer helpcan make the difference between a task