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    A Pentecost People

    Now that was a birthday bash!

    I write to you directly on the heels of our Pentecost Sunday celebration.

    It all began 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus. The apostles (from the Greek word apostolos meaning one sent forth) were gathered and God blessed them with the Holy Spirit, allowing all who had come from far and wide to hear them each in their own language. And the church was born.

    Fast forward about 2000 years. From bells to bluegrass, organ to Upstream, Childrens to Chancel Choir, Gods mighty deeds of power were proclaimed through the language of music at the corner of Holt and Aurelius. The Holy Spirit used our excessively talented and dedicated musicians to fill our sanctuary with energy, passion, mystery and soul and then proceeded to blow us out the doors (geraniums in hand!), sending us out to deliver Gods love to the world.

    We are the apostles.

    We celebrate Dave and Karen Viele being sent to minister with the orphans and people of Muko, Uganda (p. 3). We celebrate our 18 youth and advisors being sent to the Yucatan Peninsula to build and worship, learn and pray with the village of Othon P Blanco (p. 4). We celebrate our team of tutors who were sent to touch the beautiful, but at-risk, lives of our A-team students from Sycamore Elementary (p.4). We celebrate our ten confirmands who are being sent this summer to learn, grow, explore and witness as they claim for themselves the faith with which they have been blessed (p. 7) We celebrate being sent to feed the hungry here in our own community through the Holt Community Food Bank (p. 2) and in the heart of the city through our service at Advent House (p. 10). And we celebrate our knitters and crochet-ers who are sending out their prayers of healing and hope through our new prayer shawl ministry that was officially born on Pentecost (p. 6).

    Now with our Pentecost celebration behind us and the turn towards summer close at hand with all the adventures and travels that come along with it let us not forget that we are the apostles. Whether God is sending you across the world, up north to the cabin or just across the street to the grocery store, we are sent to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ and Gods mighty deeds of power wherever we go.

    With gratitude, humility and purpose, we are a Pentecost people!

    Your partner in ministry,

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    Welcome Steve Ogdie!

    While Bekah is on maternity leave, we are blessed to have the

    leadership of Steve Ogdie, our seminary intern through August

    18. Steve is a second year student at Louisville Presbyterian

    Theological Seminary, where he was also serving as Student

    Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Jeffersonville, IN

    (across the Ohio river from Louisville).

    Steve has a wife named Amanda and a beagle terrier named

    Luna both of whom are holding down the fort in Louisville

    while Steve is interning with us. So what will Steve be doing?

    Worship leadership

    Preaching during Kirks absences

    Pastoral care

    Assisting with Vacation Bible School

    Gaining as much pastoral experience as he can

    Working with a team of FPC-Holt members to critically reflect upon, and process, that


    In addition to gratefully receiving the gifts Steve will be sharing with us, the Session is

    considering this a remarkable opportunity to serve the larger church, as we can all do our

    part to help prepare a pastor for his ordained ministry. Welcome Steve!

    Want to Make a

    Difference? The Holt Community Food Bank needs 50 volunteers to help pack commodity boxes on Saturday, June 1 from 9:30am until 2pm at the USDA Commodities Warehouse at 4615 Tranter Street. These are boxes of food and personal items which get distributed to local families and seniors each month. The goal will be to pack 3,500 boxes for distribution. And with 50 volunteers working in assembly lines, its totally do-able! Need more info? Call Bonnie at 699-2252.

    Exploratory Gatherings

    If youve been waiting for a chance to

    explore membership at FPC-Holt, youre wait

    is almost over. Following the Upstream service on July 21 and 28 (around 12:30pm), well

    start with lunch and then launch into topics like what it means to be a Presbyterian and,

    specifically, what does it mean to be a

    member of FPC-Holt. Each gathering will be important to your decision about joining the

    church and will last until 3pm.

    On July 28, the last hour of our get-together

    will be meeting with the Session so that you

    can get to know them and they can get to

    know you. Then, on August 18, you can

    officially join the church at our outdoor ceremony (see next page).

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    Our pledges are an important part of our church life. Following is the pledge update and a brief income andexpense statement.

    MONTHLY AMOUNT PLEDGEDRECEIPTS LAST MONTHPLEDGED AMOUNT Y.T.D.RECEIPTS Y.T.DOVER OR UNDER + / -*Amounts are predicated on anticipated receipts rather than expenditures.

    Current Month 2012 Current Month 2013INCOME: April-12 Year to Date April-13 Year to Date

    Regular Income $22,759 $87,401 $16,178 $91,312Validated Mission Offerings $1,634 $1,763 $250 $1,316Extra Commitment Opportunities $45 $7,414 $1,375 $11,858Total Income $24,437 $96,578 $17,803 $104,486DISBURSEMENTS:

    Total Expenses $22,739 $111,220 $30,225 $112,028DIFFERENCE: INCOME/EXPENSES $1,699 -$14,642 -$12,422 -$7,542


    STATS FOR THE STEWARDApril 30, 2013


    Outdoor Worship on August 18!

    More details will come later in the summer but, for now, we wanted to let you know that well be holding an outdoor worship service at Der Happy Hollow at 10:30am. After worship, well have a church family potluck picnic bring your own meat (grills will be provided) and a dish to pass.

    August 18 will be a special, gotta be there service for a few other reasons as well. Thats when well welcome our new members into the family and welcome Bekah back from maternity leave. (And, though well miss him, well be wishing Steve well as he returns to Louisville after the 18th.)

    And the final must see reason for being there is actually a must hear reason: our very own Bluegrass Crew will provide the music that day. On Pentecost Sunday, the Crew was such a hit that you asked for an encore and hear it is!

    The Vieles Are Back!

    Join us in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday, June 8 at 7pm to hear all about the Vieles mission trip to Uganda. Both Karen and Dave have some great stories and pictures to share and we can all take part in rejoicing that God has allowed our congregation to be a part of it!

    The green will be Kentucky blue!

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    Out of the believers

    heart shall flow rivers of living water.

    John 7:38


    celebration On May 22, the A-Team tutors and students held their last session together before the summer break. It was great to see all of the smiles that the kids just couldnt turn off and those of the tutors who have been blessed to be a part of these at-risk kids lives over the past 9 months. Based on the feedback from parents, teachers, tutors and students, the Deacons will be sponsoring a bigger-and-better A-Team experience in 2013-2014. Thank you Deacons and Tutors!

    Anna Croley

    Melissa Harvey

    Zach Hill

    AJ Hill

    Elizabeth Hill

    Katie Holmstrom

    Zander Knapman

    Pearson Miller

    Adam Parry

    Cassie Rice

    Aaron Rustem

    Lindsey Schnepf

    Lazara Aragon

    Flor Fratzke

    Shari Horwath

    John Joss

    Kirk Miller

    Diana Stubig

    Mission to Othon

    By now youve heard the news that

    FPC-Holt is sending 12 youth and 6

    adults on a mission trip to Mexico. In

    partnership with El Divino Redentor (the

    Presbyterian church in Othon P. Blanco), our group will be working

    to create a new recreation and worship space for the church,

    and also leading a Vacation Bible School for as many as 100


    Well be leaving Lansing at 2:30am on June 13 and should be

    back in Lansing at 11pm on June 21. During those 9 days, well need your prayers for our safety, wisdom for responding to new

    people and new situations with Gods grace and, overall, that the

    Holy Spirit would work in us and through us to change hearts

    (including our own) with the living water that only Christ can offer.

    Please clip out these names and put them on your refrigerator or in your Bible. Youre very much a part of our team and were

    grateful for all your support.

    If you would like to support us officially before we leave, you still

    have until June 9 to purchase common good shares ($10 each)

    or prayer shares (the commitment to pray for us). Find a youth on Sunday and help us fill up the wall with certificates.

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    Choose a Day to Choose a Day to Choose a Day to Choose a Day to Help!Help!Help!Help! *Introductions to Athens VBS Wednesday, May 29th, 7 PM Sunday, June 2nd, 10:30am Tuesday, June 4th, 7 PM

    Shopkeeper Planning Sunday, June 9th, after worship Wednesday, June 12th, 7 PM

    Workshops Saturday, June 1st, 10 AM Saturday, June 8th, 9 AM Tuesday, June 18th, 7 PM Wednesday, June 19th, 7 PM Sunday, June 23rd, after worship Wednesday, July 3rd,