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    Tel: 021 872 3880 AWSUMNews

    E-pos: | Tel: 021 872 3880

    Lys jou besigheid op een van die volgende skole se 2014 yskasmagneet telfoongids:

    - George Voorbereiding- Outeniqua Hor- Oudtshoorn Hor- Oudtshoorn Hor- Laerskool Wesbank

    E-pos: | Tel: 021 872 3880

    Lys jou besigheid op een van die volgende skole se 2014 yskasmagneet telfoongids:

    - George Voorbereiding- Outeniqua Hor- Oudtshoorn Hor- Oudtshoorn Hor- Laerskool Wesbank

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    1 School Health Week

    2 Did you know?

    3 Ons wil nou nie sout in die

    wonde invryf nie...

    4 Investing in GOLD...

    Kom ons vierVakansiedae is ` n dag vir elke gesin om te ontspan en ` n langnaweek weg te ry na `n lekker vakansie bestemming, maar soms moet jy onthou die dag is juis `n vakansiedag ter nagedagtenis van` n gebeurtenis.


    MenseregtedagMenseregtedag in Suid-Afrika word jaarliks op 21 Maart gedenk ter nagedagtenis van die Sharpeville-slagting, maar ook om te benadruk dat elkeen in ons diversile land `n reg het as mens. Ons vier op 21 Maart die ideaal dat alle Suid-Afrikaners, van watter ras ook al, bewus sal wees van hul menseregte.


    MARCH 20142

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    With School Health Week, which runs from 4 to 8 March, in the spotlight, parents are reminded to pack healthy lunch boxes for their children. Nutrition is key to learning, as it provides learners with the energy to engage in school activities, says Madelein Luttig, Grade 2 teacher at Riverside College, Burgundy Estate. While families may serve healthy meals at home, school lunch boxes are often filled with junk food such as chips and chocolate. Its important to ensure your child has access to a varied, balanced diet throughout the day.

    Healthy lunchbox tips:

    Swap white sliced bread for low GI or wholewheat Omega-3s are great brain food e.g. salmon, walnuts or kiwi fruit Try food pairing, such as cherry tomatoes with cheese cubes Pack a small tub of yogurt for calcium Cut fruit and vegetables into fun shapes think carrot sticks and cucumber wedges. Last nights leftovers are a healthy option over another sandwich Pack water, not juice if your child is reluctant, try diluting the juice Oat crunchies are delicious and healthy, plus you can make them yourself! Boiled eggs and biltong are easy to pack and are a good source of protein.

    School Health Week

    Ons wil nou nie sout in die wonde invryf nie

    Spending 11 hours in the office could be the death of you A recent study by the University College London (UCL) found that those spending more than 11-hours at work have a 67% increased risk of having a heart attack when compared to those working an average 8-hour day. A separate study undertaken by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health found that .these workers are also twice as likely to suffer from major depression with a 2.5 higher chance of suffering at least one adverse depressive episode after six years.

    Already South Africa is regarded as the 3rd most workaholic nation in the world with a 2011 study by Ipsos Global and Reuters finding that a mere 47% of the countrys working population take their necessary vacation days. Resolution Health Medical Scheme warns that with a growing body of evidence irrevocably proving the link between long working hours and potentially life-threatening health complications, it becomes clear that corporate South Africa must take an increasing amount of responsibility for the health of their employees.

    These employees are more likely to ignore obvious health warning signs to avoid taking a day off and are less likely to seek medical advice, believing that the problem will simply disappear in time.

    Did you know?

    Maar hoe lyk jou soutinname?

    Die week van 10-16 Maart is Nasionale Sout Week wat jou graag wil bewus maak van die gevare daarvan as jy baie sout in en oor jou kos eet. Die veldtog fokus hierdie jaar op sout vermindering Less salt please.

    Het jy geweet dat beroertes die derde grootste oorsaak van sterftes in Brittanje is. Sout is die hoofoorsaak van verhoogde bloeddruk wat `n beroerte tot gevolg kan h. Deur jou sout met 1 gram `n dag te verminder kan tenminste 2600 sterftes (a.g.v be-roertes) per jaar verminder. Sout kan ook probleme veroorsaak soos osteoperosis, nierversaking en selfs maagkanker.

    Indien jy in beheer is van julle huishouding se kosvoorbereiding, maak seker jy ver-minder die hoeveelheid sout wat jy gebruik en dink twee keer voordat jy vir iemand vra om die soutpot aan te gee.



    MARCH 2014 3

    The link between money and

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    The South African mining industry and continuous strikesFor the past 2 years the performance of mining in South Africa was overshadowed by numerous unfortunate events. Labour unrest, rising costs and policy uncertainty, to name

    just a few, made for highly negative publicity with people tending to forget the important role this industry plays in SAs economy. Circumstances such as these highlight the importance of secondary gold trading with more than 38% of the total annual gold trading not coming from the primary mining sector. Gold infused products gets refined by metalor refineries, from which RAND REFINERY, based in Germiston, South Africa is the largest in the world.Opportunity for better constant return

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    MARCH 20144 Hor Landbouskool Oakdale

    Oakdalers maak harte en sakke oop Jeugweek pleisters vir siel en gees

    Pro 20-Kampioene Landboukursusse by Oakdale

    Mej Oakdale by Valentynsbal gekroon

    Gekroon as SWD kampioene na sege teen Outeniqua

    Vanjaar het die Oakdalers onderling in die koshuis n bedrag van R1 667.00 ingesamel wat op Donderdag 27 Februarie aan Down Sindroom Wes-Kaap oorhandig is.

    Hor Landbouskool Oakdale het 2014 op gepaste wyse afgeskop met n suksevolle Jeugweek wat deur ds. Riekert Botha aangebied is. Riekert, soos hy aan die seuns bekend was, het elkeen uitgedaag tot die vestiging en bou van gesonde verhoudings. Die onderskeie temas van Maandag- tot Donderdagaand was: God se standaard tot sukses; Wat is my waarde? Seerkry en Beleef jy God? Hierdie week is vrywillig deur bykans 350 seuns bygewoon. Hierdie gesogte jeugw