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  • - Die Graad 1s het hulle eerste skooldag oorleef- Graad 8s was met groot opgwondenheid hor- skool toe- Die Graad 7s eindig hulle laerskool-loopbaan in 2014 voor hulle die horskool aandurf- Die Graad 12s begin 2014 planne maak vir na-skool.- En moenie vergeet van al die pas en mas wat die kinders moes afsien skool toe nie.

    Almal is slaggereed vir die jaar wat voorl!

    Ons deel graag met julle `n paar fotos van die eerste skooldag van 2014 en vanaf die AWSUM redaksie span wens ons elke leser `n AWSUM jaar toe!

    Slaggereed skool toe

    Opgewonde in Graad 1

    15 Januarie was `n groot dag vir baie van ons AWSUM-lesers.








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    P 2 Hobbies = Balance in 2014

    P3 Acne in teenagers

    P4 Get your sleep this year

    P5 FOMO Calendar

    P6 Financial Section

    P7 AWSUM Kombuis

    Graad 8s reg vir die horskool

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    Dtiti AWSUti titititititit wtititi titi tititi tititigtitititi tititipti titititiptititi:Gtititigtiti Outittihtititititi Atititititititititi tititititititi tititititititititi titi tititititititititititi

    titititittik tititi tititititig titig tim jtiu ptitik tti tititiptititikti

    tititititi@tititititititititititititi ti tititi tititi tititititititititititititititititititi

    Verkry blootstelling vir jou besigheid op die volgende yskasmagnete wat per skool versprei word:

    - Horskool Outeniqua- George Voorbereiding- Horskool Oudtshoorn- Laerskool Wesbank

    KKontak ons vandag nog om jou plek te bespreek.

    tinfti@tititititititititititititi ti tititi tititi tititititititititititititititititititititi

  • JANUARY 2014


    2 LifestyleHobbies = Balance in 2014One New Years resolution all of us should keep is to have a proper work or school - life balance.Balancing work and life means making time for work, making time for family and making time for yourself and when you choose a hobby you can find a way to express your personal interests. Other advantages include time to relax to reduce stress levels, a physical hobby can promote exercise and you can also find new skills and uncover hidden talents. You may also meet new friends, keep your brain sharp or make money. The benefits are endless.

    Dont make procrastination the thief of your time. Get up from the couch and make 2014 AWSUM!

    Choosing your hobbyHobbies should never interfere with time spent working or with time spent with the family. Write down you schedule to find time that you can devote to your hobby.

    Hobbies for the familyThe whole family can participate in a

    hobby. Here are a few options: If you like adventure and exploration,

    try hiking or camping Establish your own movie club and

    watch a movie once a week. Make popcorn, put on your pjs and then talk about the movie afterwards.

    Scrapbooking is also a popular family hobby. Print family photos

    and decorate scrapbook pages together.

    More hobbies to choose from: G a r d e n i n g : whether you live in the city or countryside, its easy to enjoy

    gardening. Photography

    is the perfect hobby for someone with a creative

    eye. Search online for a photography course near you.

    Learn to play an instrument. There are so many to choose from!

    Is your New Year resolution to lose weight? Maybe its time to join an organised sport.

    Master a new language! Sign up for pottery or cooking classes

    Maybe you are more a people-person and enjoy meeting new people. Take a hobby that involves other people: WineTasting Fleamarkets Bingo Bowling Teamsports BookClubs

    If you want to be certain, you should never get married. You should never change jobs. In fact, you might as well just stay home. Because I dont know anybody who is certain. That need to be certain is just procrastination.

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    Sometimes, the smallest of household tasks are overlooked therefore the New Year signifies a fresh start in the home and is the perfect time to tick them all off your list until the next year rolls around.

    Here are 10 simple but essential housekeeping chores you might not have remembered to do:

    1. Rotate the mattress. Standard mattress guidelines usually tell you to rotate your mattress once every three months (some even sooner), but just doing it once a year is better than not at all.

    2. Washyourpillows.Feather,down,and synthetic pillows should be washed at least once a year to eliminate oils, residue, dead skin, and dust that inevitably settle in the pillows and make them sag.

    3. Replace your toothbrushes. If you dont remember changing your toothbrush or toothbrush head within the last six months, change them all, including any toothbrushes you regularly travel with.

    4. Replace worn towels, bedding, or linens. Now is a good time to take stock of your inventory and replace, repurpose, or give away any linens that are worn, ripped, stained, or otherwise unused, collecting dust in the closet. It is also a good time to reorganize your linen closet, whether by room, color, size, or season.

    5. Refresh closet sachets, or make newones.Cedar, lavender,andallothercloset or drawer sachets lose their scent (and thus their effectiveness) within three to four months, so its always a good idea to refresh or replace them regularly.

    6. Air out your rugs. UV rays are an excellent (and green and free) source of disinfectant. You cant exactly throw a rug into the washer, but you can easily haul it outside, fling it over a railing (or on a clean surface), and give it a few hours in direct sun to air it out and kill any bacteria in the fibers.

    7. Spin rugs near windows and doors so they get even sun fade. Rugs placed near

    windows and doors will eventually fade from the bright, hot rays streaming in (even if its indirect light), so its important to spin them around 180 degrees (after you air them out, of course!) and expose the other side to sun for even fading.

    8. Cleanandoilyourwoodencuttingboards and wooden implements. Now that the season of gluttony is past us and your meals might be returning to a more manageable and normal serving size, give your cutting boards a good scrub using our all-natural solution, then oil them up to ensure theyll last through the next holiday season.

    9. Donate unwanted household goods. Gather up your unused canned goods, ill-fitting clothes, outgrown toys, obsolete electronics, and recent gifts you have a feeling youll never use, and drop them off at the appropriate food banks, charities, thrift stores, or electronic recycling centers. 10. Cleanoutyour receiptdrawer.To be prepared for tax time (and maybe give yourself a little motivation), clean out your receipt drawer to make room for new receipts. Toss out any that dont apply to your tax deductions, and digitize the ones for major purchases (such as computers) for insurance purposes.

    Tick this list in 2014

    Meet your Southern Cape consultants:

    Rika Papenfus Isabella van den Berg

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