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1. Successful Parenting: How To Raise A Happy ChildStarting from day one as a parent, you have a very important and highly influential role to play. Thejoys of parenting will no doubt, on occasion, be off-set with typical trials and tribulations but hold fastto your ability to educate, encourage and most importantly, love. You only have one shot at raising ahappy, healthy and strong person who will be capable of making their way in this world. The followingarticle will discuss methods for succeeding at this.Get physical. Touching and hugging have an amazing impact on the development of a baby, andcontinuing this habit will nurture your child and keep them feeling secure. As they live and learn aboutlife, the reassuring hugs kids get from their parents gives them strength and encouragement.Look em in the eyes. Making frequent eye contact, especially during conversations, will demonstratehow important your child is. Read and respond to their expressions, encouraging communication inevery form.Use song and dance. From birth, your child will respond to and enjoy music. Singing songs andlearning dances will immerse them in the teaching aspects of music while they are having fun. Musichas been shown to aid in brain development and further efforts in mathematics. At any age, musicfosters participation and joy in the family setting.Offer stimulating activities. Be it for fun or learning, sensory stimulation and curiosity-instigatingactivities will keep your child engaged and happy. Join along with them to make it even moreenjoyable and be an integral part of their daily existence.Include everyone in vacations, outings and mealtime. Excluding any child due to their age or potentiallack of interest in something can leave them feeling left out and self-conscious. Decide on trips andadventures that everyone will love to participate in. Designate at least one meal a day where all familymembers gather round the kitchen table and interact freely. All of this time spent together will helpform a well-adjusted and socially capable child. 2. Discipline with dignity and love. Every child needs clear guidelines, rules and regulations to help formtheir adaptive behavior in the world. They must learn early on where boundaries lay and that thereare consequences to pushing these limits. Use controlled authority that does not exemplify a loss ofself-control, violence or any mistreatment. That will usually backfire and cause your child to rebel andresent anyway.Moral backbone. Whether you chose to include spirituality or religious beliefs in your parenting, onething is for certain: morality has a place in the world. Learning right from wrong, how to help othersand follow standards of decency are vital to your childs well being and ability to function in the world.Without a moral backbone, people are shunned by others and often end up alone or in trouble. Teachyour child how to coexist well with others, and try to set a good example.Express your love often. Many, many grown children will tell you that one regret they have about theirparents is that they hardly ever, if ever, heard the words "I love you." There is no way to go back andundo the vacant feeling this leaves your child with. Life is short and can be way too hard at times;make sure your child knows full well how much you love and appreciate them, just for being who theyare.If only your child came with a how-to manual, so that you could get everything right on the first try!Hopefully, you have found this article to be helpful and enlightening on this most overwhelmingsubject of how to be a successful parent!Click Here For More Information