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We hear all the time that ‘content is king.’ But if this really is the case, how do we prove it? And how do we continue to improve content and our solutions around it? For organizations that publish content, metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s) must prove the worth of content practices and solutions to management teams and decision makers. But ROI is not just about more products being sold, conversions of customers or operational efficiencies gained. In this webinar, learn how to access the appropriate metrics, analytics and KPI’s necessary to make your content useful and intelligent.



2. Todays Agenda1.Introduction2.Definitions3.Content Personalization4.Taxonomy and Metadata5.Production and Content Lifecycle6.Content Effectiveness7.Governance8.Mobile (Smart Phone and Tablet)9.Pitfalls10. Feedback and Contact InfoAZZARDCONSULTING 3. 1. Introduction3 4. IntroductionRebecca SchneiderPresident, Azzard Consulting19 Years experience in Information ManagementIndustries: Retail, Auto Manufacturing, Financial Services, TechnologyKevin NicholsDirector, Global Practice Lead, Content Strategy, Sapient/Nitro18 Years experience in the Web Development IndustryKey Clients: MIT Open Courseware, Hewlett Packard, Sprint, Intel AZZARD CONSULTING 5. Why do this presentation? ROI for Content Strategy is one thing. . . But, how do we leverage metrics for content development? We will answer which metrics are necessary to: Measure content efficacy Refine personalized content experiences and ensure future success Develop useful metadata and taxonomies Measure whats important for publishing and content lifecycle Ensure effective content governance Understand the unique nature of content within the mobile and tablet experience Finally, well cover metrics and analytics pitfalls. AZZARD CONSULTING 6. 2. Definitions 6 7. Defining Content Strategy Content communicates an idea which is recorded. Content Strategy focuses on ways to meet the needs of content consumers, exercising oversight and management of content distribution.Content Experience Content DeliveryContent GovernanceWhat is the content experienceWhat model is necessary toWhat are the operationalfor the end-user; what goes acquire, create, maintain and processes and mechanismsinto a digital solution, to which optimize content? required to ensure theuser(s) is it targeted? continued success of content? AZZARD CONSULTING 8. Metrics Definitions Metrics Tangible measures of inputs and outputs. Key Performance Indicators A set of metrics used to quantify success of an organizations activities. Analytics Conclusions drawn from metrics.AZZARDCONSULTING 9. Hard Metrics Quantitative measurements: numbers, facts. Its the what. Examples: Web & Mobile Conversions # Visits Time on Site Media Click-through Performance on Advertisements/Banners Search Internal, Organic, Paid keyword usage When to use There is a need to demonstrate a quantifiable return on investment. Too much anecdotal information is being used to make decisions. AZZARD CONSULTING 10. Soft Metrics Qualitative: stories, feelings/motivation. Its the why. Examples Primary Research Focus Groups Secondary Research Marketing Trends Social Listening Digital Anthropology Online Behavioral Analysis Surveys Customer Satisfaction When to use Trying to understand customer behavior (needs, motivations, perceptions). Further understand the hard metrics data. Warning: do not use qualitative measurements to the exclusion of all else. AZZARD CONSULTING 11. 3. Content Personalization 11 12. Content Personalization Tailoring the online experience to a specific user: Terms to describe aspects of personalization:CustomerIntelligent segments Targeted offers Business RulesAd ServerDynamic PagesContextual Ads Intent-Based search Guided SellingUp-SellNeed Based Shopping RelevantSocial Marketing User TypesBehavioral TargetingTargeted Messaging RecommendationsPersonas Cross-SellTargeted ContentCounter OfferUser Generated Content AZZARD CONSULTING 13. Content PersonalizationWhere does the customer go? Where can content be personalized?Favorite Metric:Click stream (customer journey through site) Clearance Page > Mens Coats > Shearling Coat > Add to Cart >Purchase CompletionOther Metrics:Length of Visit Per Page Decision/Compare: Lawnmower ComparisonDepth of Visit Research: Samsung 50 Flat Screen TV (ProductSpecifications)AZZARDCONSULTING 14. Content PersonalizationWhat is the customer interested in? Their reason for coming to site?Favorite Metric:Customer Interaction History (profile or cookie-based) Accessories for previously purchased item: bracelet charm Similar products (artist, genre): music, booksOther Metric:Top Keyword Searches Clearance Earphones for iPodPhoto from PandoraAZZARDCONSULTING 15. Content PersonalizationWhere and when does the customer convert(e.g. filling out user profile, adding item toshopping cart, purchasing product)?Favorite Metric:Purchased Product Product as part of series: Game of Thrones Season 1,Season 2 to be released, etc.Other Metrics:Site registration Register for special content: WhitepaperViewed Product Information Product/Brand Blitz: Car Promotion MicrositeAZZARDCONSULTING 16. 4. Taxonomy and Metadata 16 17. Taxonomy & MetadataImproving taxonomy(navigation, search)metadata (filters/facets)and to further enablefindability. AZZARD CONSULTING 18. Taxonomy & MetadataWhats working for users? Are they finding what they need?Favorite Metric:Top successful searches My Little Pony, iPad CoverOther Metrics:Organic, Paid search keyword ranking versusconversion (which keywords yield higherconversion rates) Notebook vs. LaptopClick-stream to specific product category. Areusers going down the right path? Homepage > Furniture > Childrens Homepage > Childrens > Furniture Photo from puuikibeach.AZZARDCONSULTING 19. Taxonomy & MetadataWhats not working for users? Wheres the breakdown?Favorite Metrics:Bounce rates (entered a page from outside the site,then immediately left) More useful than exit rates. Luxury hotel page, but looking for a B&B (breakfast in bed)Other Metrics:Exit rates (looked around the site, then left from aparticular page) Exit rate can be considered successful (whenleaving after accomplishing a task) Product purchase: iPad Cover Product non-purchase: Wrong item? Wrong size? Stock availability?Previous page prior to search (potentialnavigation problems) In home dcor page, but then search for floor lamp AZZARD CONSULTING 20. Taxonomy & MetadataWhat terms should be added to taxonomy or metadata to enable betterfindability?Favorite Metric:Search terms used frequently that return no results Bathroom plunger (toilet plunger)Other Metric:Search terms used often in ad hoc descriptionfields Mutual fund distribution, Roll-overAZZARDCONSULTING 21. Taxonomy & MetadataWhat terms do users employ in search?Have they been leveraged?Favorite Metric:Refined searches kitty toy > cat toyOther Metrics:Search terms that are variants of apreferred term soda vs. pop; bubbler vs. water fountainTerms used in taxonomy, but not in SEO Photo from taiyofjmetadata. Does the SEO metadata need tobe updated? bed lifters, bed risers, bed storageOrganic, Paid keyword rankings manila file folders, green hanging folders AZZARD CONSULTING 22. 5. Production and Content Lifecycle 22 23. Publishing & Content Lifecycle Entire end-to-end process in which content is acquired, created, managed, published and optimized or retired.ManageAcquire/CreateContent ContentGovernanceEnhancePublishContentContent Evaluate Content AZZARD CONSULTING 24. Publishing & Content LifecycleWhat is the benefit to improved content lifecycle processes?Favorite Metric: Time (cost) saved in optimizing (refiningcontent) Revision pushed to webOther Metrics:Time (cost) saved in all other steps of thecontent lifecycle AcquiringImage from FreeDigitalPhotos Length of time for content gathering Creating Length of time to create new content Maintaining (content review cycle) Number and duration for review cycles Publishing New content pushed to WebAZZARDCONSULTING 25. Publishing & Content LifecycleWhat is the benefit to new product introduction?Time reduced to take product to market (due to content bottlenecks) New Surface Windows 8 Pro (launched in various channels)Photo from SpicaGames.AZZARDCONSULTING 26. Publishing & Content LifecycleHow can content quality be improved?Favorite Metric:Drop in number of errors in content. Tagging: outfit vs. welding kitOther Metrics:Decrease in content redundancy (alsoreduces cost) Sales vs. MarketingDecrease in time necessary to respond touser feedback, errors in content and/orchanges to published content. Alert to correction (spelling errors, etc.)AZZARDCONSULTING 27. Publishing & Content LifecycleHow can internal user satisfaction increase?Favorite Metric:Increase in internal organizational satisfactiondue to better findability, ease of contentcreation, maintenance, etc. Survey Tool (Foresee)Other Metric:Number of users in organization using CMS. Ratio of users vs. total numberWhat is the ROI of robust localization processes?Reduction in localization costs due tostreamlined CMS processes Cost per word reduced for localized content AZZARD CONSULTING 28. 6. Content Effectiveness 28 29. Content Effectiveness Focus on the content journey, content quality and overall fit for the user.TRIGGER WWW.COMPANY.COMIN-STORE1 As she approachesher local store, shereceives a push SMS notification on her Michelle, anphone, letting her know existingShe clicks the e-spot to about new accessories. customer, receives view more She clicks on a text message the product to view moreAs she adds to herMobile details.Entering the store, Webfrom retailer.favorites, 7Michelle is greeted byrecommended Ken, a sales associate.products become He has Michelleseven moreMobile favorites ready for her to relevant. Appview, which he pulled upon his tablet.2 34 5 6Tablet Web 8 9Michelle savesproduct to herMichelle has saved 6Using her iPad, MichelleUsing the salesfavorites and products to herTablet visits .com tofavorites. Michelle associate tablet, Ken continues to browse Applook for new products.updates her customer is able to pull up the