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Presentation from a workshop that focused on benefits and challenges of social media, and how to make it work for you and your business, and to get the most out of social media marketing by breaking 15 minutes a day into 3, five minute chunks of time. Spend productive time with a purpose to increase productivity, website traffic and leads. (Originally presented February 2011)


  • 1. Success withSocial MediaIn 15 Minutes a DayMark Mathson, Inbound Marketing Strategist

2. Agenda Introductions & Favorite Social Network Benefits of Social Media Challenges of Social Media Make Social Media Work for You Break Into Chunks How HootSuite Ties Together Q&A 3. Favorite Social Network 4. Benefits of Social Media 5. Benefit: Brand Awarenessphoto: oiikes 6. Benefit: Engage an Audience Photo: Laurel Centre 7. How to Engage 8. Benefit: Traffic to Website 9. Traffic by Source 10. Challenges of Social Media 11. Challenge: Multiple Accounts photo: Adam Jackson 12. Challenge: Time and Resources photo: verbeeldingskr8 13. Challenge: Fast Moving Stream Photo: Will Lion 14. Make Social Media Work For You 15. Select Networks of Focus 16. Follow Best Practice: Facebook Pages vs. Profiles 17. Follow Best Practice: LinkedIn Connections, What to do? 18. Follow Best Practice: TwitterFollow Everyone? Follow Me? 19. Direct to Website 20. Break Time Into Chunks 21. 15 Minutes a DayPhoto: Kevin Martin 22. Three Meals a Day 23. 5 Minute Blocks Break into 3, five minute blocks Schedule if necessary 24. Morning Block Latest Happenings Big News 25. Mid-Day Block Engage Monitor 26. Afternoon/Evening Block Fun Personality 27. Be Spontaneous 28. HootSuite: Tying it Together 29. HootSuite hootsuite.comWeb and mobile social media dashboard 30. Why HootSuite? Tool of choice Web and mobile dashboard Building a team 31. Hands on with HootSuite Live Demo Quick Start 32. Live Demo A live demo of HootSuite 33. Quick Start HootSuite Quick Start Download: o 34. HootSuite and Beyond Tool of choice, explore others Visit actual Social Network account 35. A ReviewSocial Media Management Success 36. Focus on Impact Be the best Favorite network Dont neglect website Break into chunks 37. Q&AMark Mathson, Inbound Marketing Strategist