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  • The Second Step - Who am I?

    Self assessment of technical skills, qualifications, softskills, personality and family situation What skills do I have? What are my technical skills?What are my transferable skills?What do I want to do short and long term? What is the best role/job profile for me? Do I have what it takes? Can I balance a family and a career?What are my values?

  • The Third Step - Where am I heading?

    Objective analysis of the current job market, industryknowledge, evaluate job profile trends and skillrequirements How is the current job market? What were the past trends?Which industry is ideal for me?What are the job/skill demands? Technology impactGlobal job market trendsHow can I make my experience, skills and personality relevant to a specific job, the organization ?

  • The Fourth Step I need help!

    Match your skills and job market requirements to identify skill gaps and seek career advice to address critical gaps

    Research and identify the right resourcesDraw a realistic, actionable and measurable planIdentify a mentor Be aware! making financial commitmentsTake a short term approach with a long term vision Take a step backward to go forward.

  • The Fifth Step- How do I Market Myself?


    Prepare a resume and cover letter with the primary focus on making your experience, skills and achievements relevant to your environment, to the company and to the job. Follow the 15 second rule keep it simple, focused and in local EnglishMake it as engaging, interesting and unique highlight your achievements and core competencies functional, chronological or combination resumeFactual and honestCorrect salutations, form and layoutAbsolutely no spelling mistakes

  • The Sixth Step- How do I Clinch the Deal?Sell Sell and Sell

    Learn the art of conducting an art of style interview with confidence, positive attitude and engaging style Prior to the interview Prepare a list of questions and answersPractice, practice and practice

  • The seventh Step- How do I Clinch the Deal?


    Dress in business attire Firm and confident hand shakeTake a portfolio Articulate answers with facts and examplesAt the end, ask at least two intelligent questionsFinally take a moment to make your final sales pitch as to why you are the ideal candidate for the jobFollow-up with a thank you letter

    The Seven Steps to

    The Seven Steps to Success

    Remember Success is a journey not a destination

    GOOD LUCK If you need any assistance e-mail me at

    *Welcome and opening remarks.

    Introduction:*Welcome and opening remarks.

    Introduction:*Welcome and opening remarks.