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  • Success in Soccer: Basic training : techniques and tactics for developing the seriousplayer (ages 6 - 14) / [Transl.: Anne Lendemann ; Manni Klar], 2002, 132 pages,Gero Bisanz, Norbert Vieth, 3894170891, 9783894170899, Philippka Sportverlag,2002


    Donated by the Merrickville Soccer Club.


    Soccer Fit Training & Health for Soccer Players, Mervyn Beck, Jan 1, 1991, Sports & Recreation, 95pages. .

    Select Soccer Drills , John Albert Reeves, J. Malcolm Simon, 1991, Sports & Recreation, 133 pages.America's best soccer coaches share their favorite drills with you in >Select Soccer Drills>. Widelyknown soccer coaches John Reeves and Malcolm Simon have compiled 125 drills.

    Positional Play Goalkeeping, Allen Wade, 1997, Sports & Recreation, 69 pages. The tacticalprinciples and the techniques and skills of goalkeeping are examined by one of the world's mostinsightful soccer coaches. Wade also discusses the role.

    Goalkeeper: Soccer Training Manual , Toni Dicicco, Jun 1, 2000, Sports & Recreation, 171 pages. Acollection of articles by Tony DiCicco and the directors of the SoccerPlus Goalkeeping Academycovering all aspects of goalkeeping are covered: Technique, Positioning.

    Tactical Development Progressive Coaching for Soccer DVD, Nscaa, National Soccer CoachesAssociation of America, 2004, Sports & Recreation, . Developed by the National Soccer CoachesAssociation of America (NSCAA), "Tactical Development: Progressive Coaching for Teams andCoaches" is a blueprint for teaching a system.

    Teaching soccer steps to success, Joe Luxbacher, 1991, Sports & Recreation, 175 pages. .

    Story of Lee County, Iowa, Volume 2 , Nelson Commins Roberts, Samuel W. Moorhead, 2001,Biography & Autobiography, . .

    Positional Play Back Defenders, Allen Wade, 1997, Sports & Recreation, 112 pages. What are thedemands of the back Defenders in the modern game & what skills attributes are needed to meetthem head on? What discusses the role of this vitally important.

    Inside soccer for beginners , Klaus Ruege, Dec 1, 1976, Sports & Recreation, 95 pages. Providesthe novice player with a basic overview of the terminology, equipment, rules, skills, and strategiesof soccer.

    Soccer Techniques, Tactics & Teamwork , Gerhard Bauer, 1993, Juvenile Nonfiction, 159 pages. Acomprehensive guide on how to play soccer, from the basics of training and technique to game-situation tactics..

    Soccer How to Play the Game : the Official Playing and Coaching Manual of the United States

  • Soccer Federation, Bobby Howe, 1999, Sports & Recreation, 319 pages. Demonstrates basicsoccer skills, including dribbling, passing, and heading, and covers offence, defence, and goal-keeping..

    Soccer Strategies Defensive and Attacking Tactics, Robyn Jones, Sep 1, 1999, Sports &Recreation, 83 pages. A collection defensive and offensive soccer strategies..

    Coaching the team , Tony Waiters, 1990, Sports & Recreation, 72 pages. .

    Keeper , Holly Goldberg Sloan, Jan 1, 2005, Soccer stories, 130 pages. Includes test for readingcomprehension..

  • Girls Will be Girls A Novella and Short Stories, Lesla Newman, Jan 1, 2000, Fiction, 311 pages. Atherapist is jolted to find her lover having an affair with one of her patients. An older Jewishlesbian recounts the story of her first and only love to a young women'sFamagusta, 36 centuries ofcivilization, 1600 BC-1974 AD , Cyprus. Tmma Archaiottn, Coordinating Group forFamagusta (Cyprus), 1988, Art, Cypriot, 63 pages Rewind , Laura Dower, Jul 1, 2005, JuvenileFiction, 243 pages. When she witnesses her long-time crush, Lucas, doing something cruel to hisdate, Hope, on prom night, Cadence is devastated by what she sees, but when unknown facts areNever Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbookoutlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests. Shines a fiercelight on the effects of racsm in a cornet of Louisiana and, by doing so, illuminates the hearvy pricepaid for bigotry. The best-loved of all British cars, the Mini was a revolution when it came out in1959. This album looks at the background to the Mini, details its design and development, and.

  • Grandpas Are for Finding Worms , Harriet Ziefert, 2000, Juvenile Fiction, 16 pages. Lift-the-flapillustrations showing children having fun with their grandfathers reveal the terrific thingsgrandfathers can doThe Peter Rabbit Make-and-Play Book , , 1992, Amusements, 32 pages."Activity book contains. the complete story of The tale of Mrs.Tiggy-Winkle"--P. [4] of cover Thesocial psychology of organizing , Karl E. Weick, 1969, Psychology, 121 pages download Success inSoccer: Basic training : techniques and tactics for developing the serious player (ages 6 - 14) /[Transl.: Anne Lendemann ; Manni Klar] 132 pages Turbulent Dodge City, home to the Old West'sfiercest outlaws and most legendary lawmen, is the setting for this action-packed tale about acattleman who encounters gunfights. The most detailed and complete reference book of its kind, itis extremely accessible and easy to use in an A-Z format. It includes over 300 extensive entriescovering every. An in depth study of one of the most complex eras in European history.

  • The George W. Bush presidency appraisals and prospects, Colin Campbell, Bert A. Rockman, 2004,Biography & Autobiography, 361 pages. As the most current substantive, and serious look at theBush Presidency available to students today, this timely collection of original perspectives is thehow-they're-doingMedical Terminology for Health Professions, Volume 1 , Ann Ehrlich, 2005,Education, 602 pages. New edition of one of the most used texts in medical terminology. Keyfeatures are up-to-date content, clearly stated definitions, the generous of illustrations and tableshelp Gero Bisanz, Norbert Vieth Philippka Sportverlag, 2002

    download Success in Soccer: Basic training : techniques and tactics for developing the serious player (ages 6 - 14) / [Transl.: Anne Lendemann ; Manni Klar] 3894170891, 9783894170899

  • Lovers Cock and Other Gay Poems , Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, May 1, 1979, Poetry, 64pagesMathematics App/Conn. '95 -C.2 -Tchr. Wrap, GLENCOE, Jan 1, 1995, Mathematics GeroBisanz, Norbert Vieth 2002

    download Success in Soccer: Basic training : techniques and tactics for developing the serious player (ages 6 - 14) / [Transl.: Anne Lendemann ; Manni Klar] Gero Bisanz, Norbert Vieth

  • Kaddish , Allen Ginsberg, Viktor Sosnora, 1993, Literary Criticism, 36 pagesRapscallion's Revenge ,Sean Willmore, Alison Reynolds, 2010, Children's stories, 168 pages. Rapscallion's Revenge is set inAustralia. The next two books in an exciting adventure series for 9 to 12 year olds. Packed withaction and factual wildlife information, each

  • Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam , Omar Khayyam, 1989, Poetry, 60 pages. Philosopher, astronomerand mathematician, Khayyam as a poet possesses a singular originality. His poetry is richlycharged with evocative power and offers a view of lifeThe Calm Before the Storm , Joe Lawson,Jan 1, 2006, Fiction, 242 pages

  • At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom Stories, Amy Hempel, 1990, Women, 137 pages. A collectionof stories deals with women's responses to life's challengesThe Oregon Trail , Kidhaven, DanaMeachen Rau, 2002, Juvenile Nonfiction, 48 pages. Highlights the experiences of those travellingthe Oregon Trail in the mid-nineteenth century, lists preparations an


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