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  • 1.Success in the midst of CrisesMindanao Business ConferenceArdy Roberto Co-Founder, Salt & Light Ventures, IncInspire Leadership Consultancy, Inc. Entrep10 Awardee, Microsoft Most Inspiring EntrepreneurCo-Columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirers MarketingRxAuthor, S4, Heart of Healing, Buhay na Hindi Bitin, Pera na Hindi BitinThe image cannot bedisplayed. Yourcomputer may nothave enough memoryto open the image, orthe image may havebeen corrupted. www.saltandlight.phRestart your computer,and then open the leagain. If the red x stillappears, you may haveto delete the imageand then insert itagain.

2. Diagnostic Test:Stare for a few seconds at each of thefollowing patterns. Are thepatterns moving? Or are they perfectly still?? 3. The patterns are used to test the level of stressa person can handle.None of these images are animated - they areperfectly still. The slower the pictures move, the better yourability of handling stress. Senior citizens and kids see them standing still.Alleged criminals that were tested see themspinning around madly.How did you do with the test?? 4. Are you stressed outbecause of a crisis? 5. Some examples... 6. Some examples... 7. General Motors 8. Chrysler Corporation 9. AIG (American International Group) 10. Legacy Group 11. Goodyear Financial Crisis pinch 12. Adolf Merckle Commits Suicide 13. Bird Flu, SARS, Swine Flu, etc 14. Greece, Japan, CJ Leadership/Integrity, Mindanao Power Crises,etc 15. Insect Inter (Thailand) 16. We are ALWAYS inCRISIS mode 17. 1972 Martial Law 18. INFLATION RATE: 65%______1983 Ninoy Assassination 19. 1987-1990 Coup de Etatsduring Aquino Administration 20. 1992-1993 PhilippinePolitical and Energy Crisis 21. 1997 Asian Financial Crisis 22. 9/11 23. EDSA Dos35 24. 36 25. 37 26. 38 27. 39 28. Identity Crisis 29. Greece, Japan, CJ Leadership/Integrity, Mindanao Power Crises,etc 30. think and dwell onIf youcrises, it will cause mentaland spiritual paralysis! Ardy Roberto 31. To survive and thrive in a crisis: THINK WELL 32. Your MIND = your best friendor your worst enemy You become what you think aboutmost of the time Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret 33. This is a BRAIN CELL. Brain CellIt is the basic buildingblock of your brain. Youhave1,000,000,000,000a million million cells inyour brain. We use just 2%!If a neuron dies, the surrounding neurons will take over some of theactivity from the disabled one. You can actually grow new dendrites if you continue to intellectually stimulate yourself throughreading, doing puzzles, and playing games like chess.By creating moredendrites and more connections, you create more chances forthought generation. So every time you have a new thought, you literallychange your brain at a chemical, electrical, and physical level. MOST IMPORTANT a thought is real! 34. THE STORY OF NICK Family man.But a worrier andpessimist.A railroad worker whoalways expected worse tohappen... And then one daywhile working at 35. Nick got accidentally locked!Since he was in arefrigererator car,Nick assumed thatthe temperatureinside was a freezing0C.He started shiveringand thought tohimself, Ill freeze todeath if I dont getout of 36. Nick wrote a message to his wife and familyon a cardboard box: So cold, bodys getting numb. If I could just go to sleep.These may be my last words. 37. The strange thing was the boxcars refrigeration unit was broken and the temperature inside was just around 16C far from freezing.But the autopsy on Nicks body showed that he had frozen to death! 38. Nicks thoughts frozehimself to 39. Let me assert my firm beliefthat the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Franklin Roosevelt, US President (speech during Great Depression of 1933) 40. F alseE ducationA ppearingR eal 41. As a man thinketh in hisheart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7 King Solomon 42. What are the thoughts inyour mind?What do you think about most ofthe time? Are you hopeful?Or are you worried? 43. Study on Worry: What People Worry About40% are worrying about thingsthat never happen anyway.30% are worrying about past,unchangeable decisions.12% are worrying about illnesses that never happen.10% are worrying about adult children and friends (who are able to take care of themselves).Only 8% are worrying about real problems.92% ng lahat ng pinoproblema ng maga tao are about things that are not within our control! 44. Paul to the Philippians (gamot sa worry)Dont worry about anything;instead, pray about everything. TellGod what you need, and thank him forall he has done. If you do this, youwill experience Gods peace, whichis far more wonderful than the humanmind can understand. His peace willguard your hearts and minds as youlive in Christ Jesus.Philippians 4:6-7 (New Living Translation 45. Placebo Case StudyPlacebo heart surgeries anyone? 46. Businessweek, reporting on the economics of the billion-dollar heart surgery industry, reported that those who had thought they had undergone laser heart surgery to improve their bloodreceived the same flow benefits as those who went through actual heart surgery. I.e. Hindi na barado! 47. The Pygmalion effect Self-fulfilling prophecyExamples:Children baka madapa ka! bobo!Friends baka malugi ka! Country Wala nang pagasa 48. Pygmalion effect inbusiness...performance will improve if yoursupervisors communicate positivethoughts about people to people. Ifthe supervisor actually believes thatevery employee has the ability tomake a positive contribution at work,the telegraphing of that message,either consciously or unconsciously,will positively affect employeeperformance. 49. What are the thoughts inyour mind?What do you think about most ofthe time? Are you hopeful? Or do you worry? 50. Fact:Crisis is the new reality. The onlything constant is change. Changehappens through crises. People moveout of their comfort zones andchange things because of a crises. 51. How to survive and thrive in crises: Innovate get out of yourcomfort zone 52. Insect Inter (Thailand) "I have absolutely no doubt that our crispy, crunchy crickets will replace popcorn as a favourite snack in cinemas - Mr Satapol Polprapas, InsectInter Founder, 29 yrs old (started with just P160 investment) 53. Insect Inter (Thailand)#1 in Insect-fast food category 54. Insect Inter (Thailand)60+ outletsOver 15MBaht insales @ year100 newfranchisees 55. Slogan:Never mind the look, it tastes greatfounder Satapol Polprapas 56. * Annual World Wife Carrying Contest(Sonkajarvi, Finland) 57. * Annual World Wife Carrying Contest (Sonkajarvi, Finland)Grand Prize:Beer (equivalent to your weight) + Fun 58. * Annual World Wife Carrying Contest (Sonkajarvi, Finland) Result of innovation: local economy turned around.Contest generates over US$250 inestimated economic benefits to the small town of Sonkajarvi. Very happy customers with a transformational experience (vs transactional) 59. MINDSET #1: M B A : M Mangarap {Dream!} Edwin Pages story: from beerhouse business to Online real estate magnate 60. -Edwin Pages 61. Honesty Coffee Shop 62. Self-service 63. Honesty Coffee Shop 64. Walang pang suweldo para sa guard?Walang problema! 65. Walang pang suweldo para sa guard?Walang problema! 66. Problem turned into opportunity:Honesty Coffee Shop Batanes 67. Myshelte 68. A world full of junkWe dont want a polluted Earth 69. Seeing Possibilities 70. Solar Bottle Light Natural daylight for the community 71. What is the common source oflight?Bulbs Consume energy Cost of electricity 72. Made from readily available & recyclable materials 73. 2L PET soda bottlesencased in GI corrugated sheets 74. Easy to assemble 75. Provides a good source of lightequivalent to 55 watts 76. Before and After 77. There is always a solution to a problemif you are open-minded, creative and persistent. 78. Adventures/crises developyour AQAdversity Quotient.Gives you stories to share 79. An AQ Story / AdventureEarly 90s - 2X SwindledMid 90s - Bankrupt2000 - Almost lost wife to lupus (almost widower) ; went bankrupt again AQ Developed: 2001 > Started 4 different businessesRecognized as 1 of EntrepTop10 in 06* Enjoying new adventures 80. Most Successful... 81. ...failure!{Everything that we could do wrong,we did wrong...} 82. sobrang lugi!nabaon ako sa utangsold the business 83. bible studyapplied Gods wordmiracles of faithful stewardship- zero debt within 1 yr- married within means- honeymoon in Europe 84. God has a purpose behind every problem. He uses circumstances to develop our character. - Rick Warren,The Purpose Driven Life 85. AQ: AdversityQuotient 86. Raising Funds by Producing, Organizing and 12 87. Character cannot be developed inease and quiet. Only through experience of trial andsuffering can the soul bestrengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. - Helen Keller 88. Salt & Light Ventures 89. Consider it pure joywhenever you face trials of many kinds, because youknow that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. James 1:2,3 90. October 2000127Miracle Healing:But serious kidneydamageChemotherapy?Dialysis? (c) Ardy Roberto 2008 -buy the Heart of Healing at 91. Raising Funds by Producing, Organizing and 12 92. a seriesWe are all faced withof great opportunitiesdisguised as impossiblesituations. Chuck Swindoll 93. 4 94. 3 95. Fearless : Anthony Robles Champion NCAA Wrestler 96. Fearless : Jessica Cox First Filipina pilot 97. Fearless : Jessica Cox First FilAm licensed pilot w/o ... 98. In golf, as in life, if youreally, really wantsomething Nothing shouldhold you back. So stopblaming others if your gameis lousy. Blame yourself,and fix it. Paolo Olives 99. Think on these things Finally, brethren, whatsoever things aretrue, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoeverthings are pure, whatsoever th