sublimation t-shirt printing and printing technology

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  1. 1. sublimation T Shirt Printing and printing technology
  2. 2. The new textile printing and dyeing technology is today one of the more t-shirt printing has enhanced to produce millions of shirts of different models and designs. It is possible to make any art on any type of clothing. You can create your own drawing, painting, photo snaps or any picture that you like to have on shirts,Sublimation paper through the favorite style and logo printed on T- shirts, T-shirts that will make you more beautiful.
  3. 3. Our sublimation transfer paper can help you greatly improve the quality of the printed T-shirt, a guarantee to achieve the quality of your needs.And in today's printing technology uses a common method of screen printing. The technique needs only fewer tools and hence, it is the easiest method.
  4. 4. The design or template is kept on top of a woven mesh and the shirt is placed beneath. Using a roller or Squeegee, the screen (design) is pressed on the shirt so that the ink is applied in the desired patterns. Screen printing is economical and it is preferred for large designs.
  5. 5. Another technique is heat transfer which offers more clarity and perfection to the prints. The design is first printed on a paper using the printer. It is then forced onto the shirt with a heat source and the ink is dried quickly. When compared to screen printing, it ensures a durable print. The common tool used is a heat press which is slower to accomplish. Also the method is used for low volume printings.
  6. 6. The newest technique of t-shirt printing is DTG (Direct to Garment) which is often used by the manufacturers for creating various designs in the best quality. The use of ink jet printer and the laser printing technology make it possible to apply this method for any volume of printing. The cost and speed will vary based on the type of ink jet printer used. Thus, with several methods of printing available, it is possible to choose a printing technique that fits both your needs and budget.