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Subject Centered vs. Student Centered. Cultural Heritage Teachers sense of security (skills and knowledge) Orderly manner: Reduces repetition (grade levels) Permits methodical assessment of pupil progress: content knowledge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Curriculum Issues

Curriculum DesignEducational TheoryCurriculum FocusSubject AreaEssentialismGroup of subjects that represent essential knowledgehave stood the test of timeIntegratedIntegration of two or more subjects, within and across disciplinesCore CurriculumPerennialismCommon body of curriculum and learning experienceshould be encountered by all. Great BooksStudent-CenteredProgressivismLearning centered around interests and needs of the childfocus on motivation and interest.ConstructivismProgressivism, Social Reconstructivism, PostmodernismStudents construct their own meaning based on current and past knowledge experience

Social JusticeSocial Reconstructivism, PostmodernismCritical analysis of the political, social, and economic problemssocial changeSubject Centered vs. Student CenteredCultural HeritageTeachers sense of security (skills and knowledge)Orderly manner: Reduces repetition (grade levels)Permits methodical assessment of pupil progress: content knowledgeFacilitates cooperative group planning by educators (scope and sequence)

Releases the teacher from pressure to follow scripted scope and seq. (learners needs?)Positive influence on learners as instruction is varied (need based)Encourages teacher judgment, selecting content suitable for learnersIncreases the likelihood that content has learner relevanceModifies instruction based on learner differencesAllows more latitude for creative planning for individual teacherStudent-CenterednessSubject-Centeredness

Whose Standards?Depends (State, Type of Standards, etc.)Association of Teachers of Specific Disciplines1989 National Association of Teachers of MathematicsNational StandardsState Committees (Teachers, Admin., Workforce Representatives) Skills NETS Standards

FUNDINGPolitically Based/Needs BasedTDOE, LEAP,, Grants.govNEA, AFT (Specific Professional Org.)NSTA (Toyota Tapestry)NSF, NIH, Service LearningDonors ChooseThe Standards-Based Assessed CurriculumThe Standards-Based Assessed CurriculumPLCPLCPLCPLCStandards-Based AssessmentTVASS Assessment for Instruction????The Standards-Based Assessed CurriculumPLCPLCPLCPLCAssessment (Purpose)Diagnostic Assessment?To Improve Student Learning (Formative)?Assess Student Knowledge or Proficiency (Summative)?Compare the Performance of Students (norm-referenced vs. criterion-referenced)To Evaluate Teachers and Schools

Classroom AssessmentObservation Assessment?Performance/Authentic Assessment?Portfolio Assessment?Teacher Made Tests & QuizzesCriteria for Quality?The Standards-Based Assessed CurriculumPLCPLCPLCPLCTypes & Models of InstructionExpository


Mastery Learning


Inquiry Resources

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking (Jigsaw)

Critical Thinking (Socratic Method) Critical ThinkingRole Play

Critical Thinking Problem-Based Learning Thinking Debate

Powerful Learning

The Standards-Based Assessed CurriculumPLCPLCPLCPLC


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