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Having a stylish home is as important as having a stylish wardrobe or a well kept car. Here are a few of our top tips for the most fashionable bathroom accessories on the market today.


  • 1. Stylish BathroomAccessoriesFor Fabulous Homes

2. Bathroom AccessoriesHaving a stylish home is as important as havinga stylish wardrobe or a well kept car. 3. Top TipsHere are a few of our top tips for the mostfashionable bathroom accessories on the markettoday. 4. Bathroom Mirror CabinetsThese functional yetstylish bathroommirror cabinets aresleek in design. The aresuitable for anycontemporarybathroom. 5. Ladder ShelvesIf youre going for amore vintage feel toyour bathroom thenshelves made out ofwooden ladders are theheight of fashion rightnow. 6. BrassBrass is the must havemetal for bathroomsthis season.Brass accessories are100% on trend, so whynot grab some toaccent your bathroom? 7. Waterfall TapsThe ultimate in style.Both practical andfunctional, but mostimportantly a greattalking point. 8. White TilesWhite tiles with blackgrout are the latest trendin bathroom design.Team with monochromeaccessories andcontemporary appliances. 9. Towel TowersDitch all your missmatched, well usedtowels and replacethem with fresh softtowels in a stack of thesame colour.Stylish and practical. 10. RadiatorsGone are the days ofbig, bulky impracticalradiators.Find one to suit thespace, design and styleyou have gone for. 11. Vintage SignsWhether you are goingfor a vintage theme inyour bathroom or acontemporary one,vintage bathroom signsare on trend. 12. Stand Alone BathStand alone baths canbe practical andglamorous.There really is nobetter place to wileaway the hours. 13. Next Steps Work out what kind of bathroom youd like Find the appropriate accessories Get Shopping! 14. Have Fun!