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Style Savvy: Fashion Forward

1 Important Information

Basic Information

2 amiibo

3 Information-Sharing Precautions

4 Internet Enhancements

5 Parental Controls

Getting Started

6 About the Game

7 Controls

8 Starting the Game

9 Saving and Deleting Data

Filling the City with Fashion

10 Beaumonde City

11 My Shop

12 Serving your Customers

13 The Various Fashion Images

14 My Apartment

15 Phone

16 Stocking your Shop

17 Fashion Shows

18 About your Various Jobs

19 My Brand Designs

20 Using amiibo

Creating Rooms

21 Caprice Chalet

22 Chalet

23 Decorating Screen

24 How to Decorate

25 Swap Rooms

The Wider World

26 Go Out

27 Contests

28 Joining Contests

29 Hosting Contests

30 StreetPass

31 SpotPass

32 Add-on Items


33 Support Information

1 Important Information

Please read this manual carefullybefore using the software. If thesoftware will be used by children,the manual should be read andexplained to them by an adult.

Also, before using this software,please sele in the HOME Menuand carefully review content in"Health and Safety Information." Itcontains important information thatwill help you enjoy this software.

You should also thoroughly readyour Operations Manual, includingthe "Health and Safety Information"section, before using this software.

Please note that except whereotherwise stated, "Nintendo 3DS"refers to all devices in theNintendo 3DS family, including theNew Nintendo 3DS,New Nintendo 3DS XL,Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL,and Nintendo 2DS.


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2015-2016 Nintendo / syn Sophia

Trademarks are property of theirrespective owners. Nintendo 3DS isa trademark of Nintendo.

QR Code reader includes softwaredeliverables of Information SystemProducts Co., Ltd. and Institute ofSuper Compression Technologies,Inc.

QR Code is a registered trademark ofDENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.


2 amiibo

This software support .You can use compatible amiiboaccessories by touching them to thelower screen o f yourNew Nintendo 3DS o rNew Nintendo 3DS XL system.

Only the game data f rom onesoftware title can be saved on anami ibo at a t ime . In orde r tocreate new game data on anamiibo that has existing data fromano the r game, you must firstdelete the existing game data. Tdelete your game data, opeon the HOME Menu and thenrese t the data under amiibo

Using near-field communicat ion(NFC ), amiibo can connect tocompatible software to open brand-new ways to interact with yourfavorite Nintendo games. For moreinformation, please visit Nintendo'soff icial websi te



Settings. Data stored on amiibo can be read

by multiple compatible games. I f the data on an ami ibo is

corrupted and can't be restored,ope on the HOME Menu andthen reset the data under amiiboSettings.

Precaution about amiibo Just a l ight touch on the lower

screen is enough for the systemto detect your amiibo. Do notpress the amiibo into the screenor forcefully drag it across thescreen.

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3 Information-Sharing Precautions

User-generated content, or UGC, iscontent created by users, such asmessages, Mii characters, images,photos, video, audio, etc.

Information-Sharing Precautions

Nintendo bears no responsibilitywhatsoever for any problems thatresult from the use of the Internet(for example, the sending ofcontent over the Internet, or thesending or receiving of contentwith others).

The extent of UGC exchangedepends on the software.

4 Internet Enhancements

To protect your privacy, do notg ive out personal information,such as last name, phone number,birth date, age, school, e-mail, orhome address whencommunicating with others.

Friend codes are a part of a

Protecting Your Privacy

You must go through the initialsetup for Miiverse on your systembefore you can use Miiverse withthis game.

Refer to your Operations Manualfor information about connectingyour system to the Internet.

This software allows you to use thefollowing online features:

Swap Rooms (p. 25) View and part icipate in

contests (p. 27) Purchase items (p. 32)

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system that allows you to playwith people you know. I f youexchange fr iend codes withst rangers, there is a r isk youcould share info rmat ion withpeople you do no t know orexchange messages that containoffensive language. We thereforerecommend that you do not giveyour friend codes to people youdon't know.

5 Parental Controls

You can restrict use of the followingfeatures by adjusting the options inParental Controls. Access to this game (as well as

othe r games) can also berestricted through the SoftwareRating item in Parental Controls.

Refer to your Operations Manualfor information on how to set upParental Controls.

Nintendo 3DS Shopping ServicesRestr icts the purchase ofdownloadable content.

Sharing Images / Audio / Video /Long Text DataRestricts the sending and receivingof photos and the use of GameChat.

Online InteractionRestr icts the use o f the SwapRooms feature.

MiiverseRestricts users from viewing orposting content on Miiverse. Whenset to Restrict Posting, text andhandwritten messages cannot beposted. When set to Restr ic tViewing and Post ing, text andhandwritten messages cannot beposted or viewed.

StreetPassRestricts the exchange of profilesand rooms between use rs viaStreetPass.

6 About the Game

You've j ust arrived in a placecalled Beaumonde City. Youbecome the manager of a boutiquethat specializes in clothing andaccessories, and have to fil l thelocal area with fashion!

Decorate with your favouritefurniture and accessories to createa room unique to you at CapriceChalet! You can then share it withother players using wirelesscommunication.

As well as running your ownboutique, you'll also be able towork as a hair stylist, a make-upartist, and a fashion designer.You'll even be able to model infashion shows too!

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7 Controls

For most controls, you can useeither the stylus or the buttons. There are some controls for

which you must use one or theother.

Use your phone

Take a photo

Vary/change point ofview /

Continue conversation


Skip forwar


Switch between menuscreens /

Display/move thecurs

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Rotate /

Check order sheet(p. 12)

Zoom /

8 Starting the Game

The first time you play, select"New Game". The next time youplay, you can select "Continue".

Here you can select "ManageData", "SpotPass", or "WatchMovies".

Using the internet, you canpurchase additional items (p. 32).

As you proceed through thegame, more options will becomeavailable.

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9 Saving and Deleting Data

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