Studying Variety of Art Paintings

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Studying Variety of

Studying Variety ofArt Paintings

info@indianartideas.comIntroduction Art exists in this world since the time civilization does. It has led to development of varied art styles. Art still continues to be explored.

Indian art paintings can be classified into traditional, modern and contemporary paintings on the basis of its origination and styles employed in.

info@indianartideas.comWhat is Traditional Art?Indian art is known for its traditional painting styles. Earlier paintings which indulge in themes revolving around traditions of India are known as traditional paintings.

They have evolved over years to portray a fusion of variety of cultures and traditions.

info@indianartideas.comVarieties of Traditional ArtDifferent troops have migrated to India from time to time, leaving significant embankments and artifacts behind. Thus, traditional art can be distinguished into:

Mughal paintingsRajput paintingsMysore paintingsTanjore paintingsMadhubani pintingsPattachitra paintings

info@indianartideas.comWhat is Modern Art?Artworks which were created in 1860s and proceeded to be created till 1970s is known as modern art.

It was devoid of all conventional norms and included fresh ideas and thoughts. They believed that it was time to do some experimentation and bring out modern styles.

info@indianartideas.comWhat is Contemporary Art?Paintings which were created in 1970s and still continue to be created are called contemporary paintings.

Thus, the different styles which are evolving out with time come under contemporary art.

info@indianartideas.comWhat Led to Emergence of Contemporary Art?Majorly due to World War II artists felt a dire need to produce artworks which could reflect the lack in humanity and illustrate the destruction which occurred. They wanted to portray social issues in their paintings and thus, contemporary art emerged.

info@indianartideas.comHow Contemporary Art Begun?A Contemporary Art Society was set up in London in 1910 and was founded by a critic, Roger Fry.

This society was focused on buying arts to display in museums. Contemporary paintings still indulged in traditional techniques in some paintings. Various art movements began which were focused on bringing new styles.

info@indianartideas.comAbstract Expressionism Art MovementIt was a movement which erupted after World War II in New York and quickly spread to other parts of the world.

They wanted to express the destruction and society issues which prevailed during that time. Abstract art was though devoid of any natural attributes.

info@indianartideas.comBay Area Figurative MovementIt was a movement which originated in middle of 20th century because artists wanted to return to figuration the times when abstraction was dominant.

Thus, a group of artists in San Francisco created designs of figurative art styles to return figuration.

info@indianartideas.comLyrical Abstraction Art MovementIt was an art movement in Paris, which opened door for expression in Abstraction.

They represented an artists emotions by using diverse colors.

They are believed to sustain imagery and thoughts of a subconscious mind.

info@indianartideas.comPhotorealism Art MovementPhotorealism is an art movement where artists started to paint and sketch images by directly looking at a photograph.

These contemporary paintings aim to create realism in paintings as much as possible by reproducing images in photographs.

info@indianartideas.comMajor Artists involved in Contemporary Art FormNumerous popular and talented artists were behind development of contemporary paintings.

Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso were biggest names who evolved about modern and contemporary art.

Pablo Picasso is also called father of Cubism, a form of Abstract art.

info@indianartideas.comContemporary paintings during present daysArt sill continues to flourish and is now considered as an investment by current art collectors. Various online portals and museums have been established to bring out numerous young and talented artists who create exceptional designs by using modern and advanced techniques.