studying in barcelona, studying at the uic 2015-06-04آ  studying in barcelona, studying at the uic

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  • Studying in Barcelona, studying at the UIC

  • “Barcelona is a permanent cultural earthquake, and the UIC is at its epicentre.”

    International Relations Department

    Tel. (+34) 93 254 18 00 Fax (+34) 93 254 18 19 E-mail:

    Campus Barcelona Immaculada, 22 08017 Barcelona

    Campus Sant Cugat Josep Trueta, s/n 08195 Sant Cugat del Vallès

  • The University The UIC: International Connections

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    Erasmus, Exchange and Visiting Students Studying at the UIC

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  • The University The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) is a private, non- profit university that was set up by the Catalan Family Foundation.

    Since 1997, the UIC has aimed to serve society through the provision of comprehensive, high quality university education and the promotion of research according to the principles of Christian humanism.

    At present, the UIC has more than 4.500 students and offers a total of 13 university degree programmes. Our selection of Bachelor’s degree programmes is complemented by a wide range of Master’s, Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes and continuing-education programmes that make it possible for students to broaden their education and specialise in different knowledge areas.

    The UIC has two campuses: the Barcelona Campus and the Sant Cugat Campus. Both offer an on-going programme of cultural, recreational and sports activities that aim to ensure students’ overall development.

    The UIC’s objective is to strengthen students’ skills and competences as much as possible so that they can easily adapt to the new challenges in today’s society.

    The university takes an individualised approach, which involves teaching classes with a smaller number of students and providing comprehensive advice to students throughout the whole of their time at university.

    The UIC also has more than 2.000 internship agreements with companies in different industries both in Spain and worldwide. The majority of the teaching staff have professional backgrounds. Thanks to the UIC’s company work placement programmes, the university maintains a close relationship with the business community.

    The university is international in nature, which not only allows students to study part of their academic programme at foreign universities, but also enables them to gain hands-on professional experience as interns abroad.

    Another key objective for the UIC is to undertake research in all knowledge areas in order to contribute to the development of science and technology and improve the quality of life in Spanish society.

    This is the commitment that the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya makes to its students and society. The UIC is an institution where the university experience is undertaken as fully and intensely as possible.

    • Bachelor’s degrees: 13 • Total number of students enrolled: 4.530 • Bachelor’s degree students: 3.435 • Postgraduate students: 1.095

    · 308 studying Doctoral programmes · 415 studying Master’s programmes · 372 studying Postgraduate diploma programmes

    • Number of students per classroom: 60-80 • Number of teaching staff: approximately 473 • Student-teacher ratio: 10:1 • Job-placement rate of new graduates: 95% • 2.014 internship agreements with Spanish and foreign companies

    Information about the UIC

    • Students from 60 different countries • 186 exchange agreements with foreign universities • Over €2 million awarded in study grants, financial aid and discounts


  • Everyone has a talent. In the UIC we help you to discover and build upon yours.

    We are convinced that, through effort, dedication and bravery you can achieve everything you have ever dreamed of. Talent and effort is a commitment from the UIC to you, and is a challenge for everyone. It is the formula to meet all the objectives we set ourselves.


    Each student is unique The value of people We are committed to you. We would like to be a partner in your professional career,

    This is why we offer you individual and personalised treatment which fully promotes your competences and abilities.

    In the UIC we generate talent through classes in small groups, in which teamwork is promoted among students under continuous

    professional supervision.

    A commitment to society Immersed in professional reality We have a very close relationship with the world of business and this permeates all of the teaching programmes and activity throughout

    the whole university. Due to the numerous agreements with businesses, students have the opportunity to go on work placements in

    order to complement their education in a real context.

    Implication in the method Teaching and research based on innovation Our teaching body provides a bridge between the university world and the business world, always based on the transmission of

    experience and their knowledge. In the UIC we base our work on study, continuous research and the development of educational

    methods. More than 50 companies and institutions have placed their trust in the centres, chairs and institutes in the UIC in order to

    undertake applied research.

    International focus Prepared for multiculturalism In the UIC we create alliances all around the world, and promote mobility and exchanges with other universities abroad through the

    Erasmus programme, as well as numerous international agreements. All the degree programmes include classes taught in English,

    with the opportunity to undertake educational programmes entirely in that language. Coming into the UIC opens up a door out into

    the world.


  • Los estudiosInternational Connections


  • Germany










    Equatorial Guinea

    The Czech Republic






    Ivory Coast






    Panama Republic


    The Philippines






    South Korea




    The United Kingdom

    The United States



    The following countries are home to universities the UIC holds exchange agreements with


  • The Barcelona Campus has two 18.513 m2 buildings that house the Humanities, Communication Sciences, Legal, Economic and Social Sciences, and Education faculties, as well as the School of Architecture, the Rector’s Office and central university services.

    This campus is also home to the Institute of Advanced Family Studies (IESF) and the Charlemagne Institute for European Studies (CIES).

    The Barcelona Campus also boasts state-of-the-art facilities for theory and practical classes, including a lecture hall that can hold over 400 people, a television studio with production, editing and post-production rooms, a radio studio, a model workshop in the School of Architecture. There are also self-learning language facilities, three IT rooms, four computer rooms, 12 study rooms and several workshops, etc.

    Barcelona Campus

    Our Campuses

  • The Sant Cugat Campus is home to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Dentistry. It is situated inside the grounds of the Hospital General de Catalunya.

    Practical experience, particularly on this campus, forms the basis of successful learning. Dentistry students can gain experience working with real patients at the UIC’s University Dental Clinic, which has 53 treatment rooms and is visited by around 40.000 patients each year.

    Students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences enjoy access to practice rooms that are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a simulation laboratory, gyms and dissecting rooms. As the faculty is located on the grounds of a hospital, students enjoy an unparalleled environment in which to put all their knowledge into practice.

    Sant Cugat Campus


    Our Services

    The International Relations Department develops the UIC’s international approach and prepares students for entry into the globalised employment market by:

    • Forging international relationships through agreements between the UIC and foreign universities in Europe, the United States, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

    • Promoting and coordinating study abroad programmes, Spanish language courses, summer programmes for foreigners and international exchange programmes for students, professors, lecturers and researchers.

    • Coordinating foreign internship programmes and international grants.

    • Channelling information regarding all kinds of international activity that involves the UIC faculties, schools and research centres.

    • Providing information and advice on legal matters for foreign students studying at the UIC (visas, regi