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  1. 1. Experiential Career and College Exploration (How to Take the Headache out of, and get the most benefit from, Student Travel) Jennifer Blanchard Belk, IIDA, IDEC, LEED APTravel brings the classroom curriculum alive, inspiring students to learn through first-hand, interactive experiences. Travel motivates students to achieve and improves academic performance. Travel teaches understanding of other people, communities and cultures. Travel offers educational opportunities for a shrinking globe. Travel helps young people gain selfconfidence, a sense of independence, and a feeling that they can make a difference in the world. A group travel experience is one your participants will remember for the rest of their lives.
  2. 2. Why this subject? Why me? Assistant Professor and Academic Advisor at Winthrop UniversityWinner of 2013 National Association of Women in Construction Carol A. Kueker Education Visionary Award Has served on admissions, scholarship, and specialization committees Orientation Faculty Mentor and ACAD (freshman success seminar) instructor 8 years working with students on academic advising, college community assimilation, campus leadership, and exploration of career and personal development options Chair of the University College Faculty Conference (Honors Programs, Academic Success Center, Gen Ed, Career Development, International Center & Study Abroad, etc.) Department of Design Study Abroad liaison Has planned many highly successful student trips in support of student personal, career, and curriculum development; Traveled extensively for business and pleasure!
  3. 3. Jens Travels:= Lived = Visited
  4. 4. Skylar Spies, Student Member, IIDA Recent grad of Winthrop University. Served as program research assistant regarding: Narrative Writing and Empathy 3D modeling on college campuses Student Travel President of the INDS student organization Scholar: Deans List Life Scholarship Dean's Meritorious Scholarship Internships included: Carolina Business Interiors ai Design Group Has studied abroad through the university and has traveled extensively Art & Architecture of Greece Chicago Architectural/Market study and self-professed travel-hag!
  5. 5. and what was the effect of travel?In class experiences and field tripsClass Travel ExperiencesLife Long Interests and Careers
  6. 6. and what was the effect of travel?Educational Travel Experiences as a StudentEducational Travel Experiences as a TeacherLife Long Love of Teaching and Mentoring
  7. 7. Goals and Content: Understand the advantages of student travel and professional/collegiate networking opportunities in student career and college preparedness Aspects to consider when planning a trip Creating student excitement and preparation Advantages of making travel part of the curriculum Outline suggestions for planning timeline Understand the importance of student reflection and follow-up Personal case studies Q&A
  8. 8. Understand the advantages of student travel and professional/collegiate networking opportunities in student career and college preparedness Student & Youth group travel is on the rise In a 2005 survey, of students indicated they had taken an overnight group trip independent of their family. In a repeat survey in 2007, this number increases to 76.1%. Travel Improves Achievement 86.8% of parents surveyed say that student group travel is an essential part of their child's education experience. 58.4% have seen a positive change in their child's academic performance. Source: Student and Youth Travel Research Institute, Michigan State University, 2005 and 2007
  9. 9. Travel is a form of learningTravel is a source of career developmentThe World Youth Student & Educational Travel states that for young individuals:Travel is a means of selfdevelopmentTravel is a way of socializingTravel is a form of discovering other cultures
  10. 10. May of 2011, a survey sampled people between the ages of 21 and 69 years old. 300 people who had traveled to a country outside the U.S. or Canada on a school sponsored educational tour when they were between 12-18 300 people who did not travel abroad on a school sponsored educational tour. Students who went on a educational tour:www.educational
  11. 11. Be more successful, even in tough economic timesBe more marketable to colleges and employers 61% agreed that the tour enhanced their resume when applying for college 54% agreed that the tour enhanced their resume when applying for jobs Additional findings uncovered that those who participated in an educational tour embraced more international travel in their jobs, felt part of a global community and considered themselves good global citizens. * Study by Explorica Educational Travel
  12. 12. Understand the advantages of student travel and professional/collegiate networking opportunities in student career and college preparednessHands-on trip experiences may be the only way to reach certain students;Unique museums and attractions can drive home learning objectivesWhat you may be able to see and do on an educational trip may be something completely different than what was accomplished on a sightseeing trip with the family.For some types of trips, you just dont have the same opportunities locally that you do in another destination.If the mission and the purpose of the trip is identified and it is the driving factor in selecting what to see and do, it almost always provides new experiences for all studentsShared memory-making experience is hard to top in creating a great bond between students and between students and teachers!
  13. 13. Advantages for Students.Learning Styles Exposure & CuriositySocialization & BondingEngagementReinforcementRetentionInformal LearningPerspective
  14. 14. Advantages for Teachers.Enhanced Sense of CommunityTeaches Professionalism Creates an Interest in New ProfessionsBreak from the Routine Learn Something New Educational and Relaxing
  15. 15. Aspects for Consideration
  16. 16. Reasons for Tour and Types of Experiences .. and how does that effect timeline?Specific Cultural Subject/Area of Interest Travel Exploring a subject or topic: - Does the climate of the area dictate visit dates? - Is there a particular special event being attended?College Exploration Visits to one or more potential colleges or universities: - Are you working around college calendars and athletics? - Are there particular recruiting events to attend? - Is there a particular group of students who might be interested?Volunteer Travel Gaining cultural knowledge while giving of time: - Is this in reaction to a need? - Would this be combined with another non-profit group?
  17. 17. Dates of Trip & Developing your itinerary: Breaks: December, Spring, Summer, Federal Holiday Weekend? What dates/bookends are out of your control? What special destination events dictate travel days? Are there particular dates you DO NOT want to travel? Balance of free vs structured activities
  18. 18. Location and events: Investigate the use of extracurricular groups and special interest classes to assist in the research/identification of colleges and professional sites of interest Where does the art club want to go? Would the yearbook staff benefit from a professional workshop with other schools attending? Is there a special conference, tournament or trade show being hosted in a nearby larger city? Can piggy-backing happen to allow for attendance of an annual event with natural or built resources nearby? What about college tours? Look into local resources in the geographic areas of the colleges the students have interest in is there any way to ties those visits into one fabulous student trip? Lets see!
  19. 19. A few of the colleges in the Charleston area: Citadel College of Charleston Johnson & Wales Medical College of SC Trident Tech The Art Inst of Charleston
  20. 20. Winthrop University: College of Arts and Sciences College of Business Administration Richard W. Riley College of Education College of Visual and Performing Arts
  21. 21. Visual and Performing Arts in Charlotte:Business in Charlotte in Charlotte:Education in Charlotte:Arts & Sciences in Charlotte:
  22. 22. Co-sponsors and Chaperones: All chaperones should have some experience with students either as teachers, school administrators or some other educational, professional venue.Initial recruiting should include the following: - Experience in working with adolescents - Willingness to help plan and facilitate - Ability to attend all pre-tour meetings - Assist with documentation such as obtaining passports and visas - Prepared to spend money on items not covered in a potential free spot such as food - Ability to chaperone small groups of students on flights if the flights are split - Following all tour guidelines in respect to expectations such as an alcohol policy
  23. 23. Tour Director vs DIY? Advantages of a Tour Company Connection with travel association Experience with this specific tour Ability to combine with similar groups Holistic insurance coverage Earlier arrangement of special eventsAdvantages of DIY Customize to your understanding of goals and student needs No additional costs for traveling with tour director Individual negotiating power with separate vendors and take advantage of multiple returning customer advantages Total autonomy on itinerary and scheduling
  24. 24. Funding: Explore partnership opportunities with colleges and professional/service organizations to assist in planning and funding Annual events allow for multiple (free?) preplanned activities associated with event: Conferences and workshops Markets Career fairsFunding options: Rotary International and other service organizations Travel