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University is an exciting and rewarding experience for many, for most it’s also extremely expensive and a time often stigmatised by being poor, living in squalor and attending lectures hung over. But whatever your situation is, there’s no need to fulfil these stereotypes and fall into unnecessary debt.


  • 1. STUDENT LIVING FOR LESS23 Money Saving Tips for your the Student Lifestyle
  • 2. TAKE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN GET Take the biggest loan offered to, even if you dont think you need it
  • 3. RESEARCH WHAT YOURE ENTITLED TOO Grants and bursaries etc. Universities ring post this money for people like you, so look for it
  • 4. GETa student bank account DEALsure you get the right deal for Get THE BEST and make you
  • 5. WATCH OUT FOR DEALS WITH FREE THINGS Youll most likely pay for it else where
  • 6. DONTofBLOWtryIT ALL your loan all in the first Its a lot money, so not to spend AT ONCE week, its a long time until January
  • 7. GET Aexperience and often a great place to meet new Money, JOB people.
  • 8. MAKE A BUDGET & SAVE Like we said its a long time until the next loan instalment
  • 9. USE YOUR STUDENT UNION More than cheap drinks, it has advice guidance and cheap stationary
  • 10. DONT GO OVER YOUR OVERDRAFT LIMIT Stay afloat and either make a formal request to adjust it or look to borrow from parents or the university
  • 11. AVOID CREDIT CARDS Its credit that you dont need right now, and itll just depress you
  • 12. DONT PAY THE TAX MAN Students dont pay tax if they earn less than 7,475 a year
  • 13. LEAVE THE DEBIT CARDS AT HOME And use cash only on nights out. Party Dog agrees!
  • 14. DONT PAY FOR SOFTWARE There are tonnes or legal and free alternatives
  • 15. DO YOU NEED INTERNET IN YOUR HOUSE? Is the library a better alternative or a pub library near buy you could hook onto?
  • 16. STUDYa couple of schemes, which give you grants to study abroad There are ABROAD on a student exchange program
  • 17. BOOK YOURtheTRAVEL EARLYusually get youGoing back home for holidays? Booking early willa significant discount, especially if you have Young Persons Rail Card
  • 18. LEARNmuch cheaper cooking from scratch and there are tonnes of Its much TO COOK online resources to learn from
  • 19. DITCH THE TAKEAWAYSExpensive and horrendously bad for you
  • 20. SELL eBay and sellJUNK junk, especially at the end of the Get on YOUR your unwanted year
  • 21. DONTsoooo expensive and you can pick them up at a fraction of They are BUY BOOKS NEW the cost online or at your Student Union
  • 22. BUY THE ESSENTIALS IN BULKlads goes Youll be surprised just how much loo roll a house of four through. Plus its cheaper
  • 23. GET get freeTEETHand prescriptions as a student. Take advan- You YO dental care FIXED tage now or it may cost a fortune in later life.
  • 24. DO YOU run and maintain,NEEDrubbishCAR? mates take Expensive to REALLY parkings A and youre the piss.
  • 25. PHOTO CREDITSBed/Money Balls Swimming Poker Books Messy laptop cables shopping Bag Cooking Fastfood Box toilet paper Dog Car