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<ul><li> 1. ABLAZE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA</li></ul> <p> 2. GOALS1. Increase Facebook fans2. Generate ticket sales3. Increase YouTube subscribers and views 3. VIDEO YouTube Video 4. INCREASING FACEBOOK FANSActionsWhyDesired KPIResponseGroup membersTargeted audienceFacebook fans - Reach 500 fanslink the Ablazeinteracts with other increase andbefore SeptWordpress site tosocial media tools generate buzz 2013 (nexttheir Facebook other than through commentsconcert)page. YoutubeFacebook. Want toand likes and - Reach minimumvideos drive towards one. shares to their 100 people saeposted/commentedfriends.this post perthrough Facebookpost figure andFacebook page willremainRatio of 4:1 Ratio 4:1 to generate a senseconsistentbetween orchestra- prevent page fromof community, and growthrelated funbecoming feel engaged to the - Minimumfacts/posts and info Advertisement group, share with interaction rateabout Ablaze pageother fans on the of 1% from totalpagefans on post 5. GENERATE TICKET SALESActionsWhy DesiredKPI ResponseTickets sold Eventbrite is freeTo have attendees- Sell minimum ofthrough Eventbrite and easy to set up. bring along their300 tickets by Increasing page family members end of MayLink posted by ranking for searchand or friends to2013 viaAblaze members engines and tracksthe concertEventbritethrough Facebook,where sales are (multiple ticket per - Sell out concertYouTube, coming from.transactions)(500 seats) byWordpress and Sept 2013Twitter. Funneling Allows groupSell out concerttraffic to Eventbrite. emails to be sent outContest: win a Generate hype andmeal, 3 tickets and Give incentive tocreate audience - Reach 500 fanspost show talk with sign up to interaction before Septorchestra by liking facebook page and2013to Facebook page. follow Ablaze social media 6. INCREASE YOUTUBE PRESENCEActions WhyDesiredKPI ResponseFun and Videos give humanShort term:- 500 views onentertaining videos face to the musicgenerate views sokey promotionaland can give morethere is pieces inBehind the scenes personality to the awareness of anticipation ofvideo of orchestral orchestraAblaze orchestra event (Septpractice2013)YouTube will be theLong term: create- 2000 total viewsFew key dress database for all a community andon YouTUbeperformance inmultimedia (music, engaged viewerschannelperformance hall to videos, quickby commenting, - 5% growth inshowcase talent playback of event) possibly through monthly collaboration with subscription contest- Minimum 5comments pervideo </p>