Student Engagement through Book Clubs: Lessons Learned

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Student Engagement through Book Clubs: Lessons Learned. Dr. Stephen Owen & Dr. Tod Burke Department of Criminal Justice Radford University. Introductions. Dr. Stephen Owen & Dr. Tod Burke Our Experience with Book Clubs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Student Engagement through Book Clubs: Lessons Learned</p> <p>Student Engagement through Book Clubs: Lessons LearnedDr. Stephen Owen &amp; Dr. Tod BurkeDepartment of Criminal JusticeRadford UniversityIntroductionsDr. Stephen Owen &amp; Dr. Tod Burke</p> <p>Our Experience with Book Clubs</p> <p>Goal: To Consider How Book Clubs Can Promote Student Engagement with Course MaterialLiterature ReviewKey Lessons:Readicide and Reading Under DuressStudents Value Collaboration and EngagementValue of Writing about ReadingWhat the Best College Teachers Do</p> <p>For DiscussionWhat books related to your discipline other than textbooks could be used to enhance student learning?Goals of Book ClubsEnhance engagement with course material</p> <p>Promote critical reading and critical thinking</p> <p>Enhance teamwork and communication skillsStructuring a Book ClubStudents work in groupsEach group explores a bookMultiple group meetings to process book contentIncorporation of book content into classFinal paperGroup presentation/discussionPrior to meetingSummary/Reflective journalDevelop discussion questionsAt the meetingShare ideasDiscuss questionsPrepare group answer to question posed by instructorImplementation IssuesOne book, or multiple books?How to select books?How to assign groups?Ideal group size?Number of group meetings?What questions provide meaningful analysis?How to integrate with class?How to evaluate group work fairly?</p> <p>Pros and ConsPROsPromotes critical analysisSee application of materialMore than a book reportPromotes readingBuilds professional skillsOTHERS?CONsFaculty workloadStudent workloadFree rider issuesPicking the right booksNot a good fit for all classesOTHERS?Developing a Book ClubConsider one of your coursesWhat purpose?What books?What questions?How to integrate with class?ConclusionPositive results of book clubs</p> <p>Questions?</p>


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