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StructureAnti-RealistOur advert is not anti-realist because the characters and the scenario is real and sometimes what happens in our advert does happen in real life to some people. An example of anti realist adverts would be the Citron dancing car/robot, or cartoons where what happens in the advert could not happen in real life. Examples of this are also the Danish bacon advert where the breakfast jumps up and starts dancing and also the Pepsi max advert where snoop dog makes an appearance we know that this would not happen in real life

TechniquesHidden messagesOur advert for Pepsi max has a hidden message in it, like in most adverts the hidden message is there for you to think about so that means you are also thinking about the product. Some adverts that have hidden messages are also anti-realist. An example of this are the smoking adverts they show the smoke going around a home but all they say is smoking kills. The Pepsi max hidden messages are live life to the max and they show this by showing a man or group of friends have an opportunity come their way and they whip out a Pepsi max to seize the moment, this suggests that its good to live life to the max and that to associate it with a Pepsi max

CharacteristicsLifestyle appealOur advert shows clearly the stereotypical characters from our target audience and the type of lifestyle the have which would be a busy work day and then the evening down the pub. The advert shows clearly a group of friends that help out on a bad date and from the previous advert campaigns, we see the friends helping each other out in the pub, or the office, or in the other Pepsi max advert that contained a pub. As our advert would appeal to that type of life style, people who live that type of life style are more likely to associate it with that product or brand. Another example of a lifestyle advert is the smoking adverts, the say that smoking kills and then they show someone smoking and the smoke going around the building that person is in and around other people.

RegulationASAASA stands for the Advertising Standards Agency, and they regulate what can and cannot be shown in an advert and the times for when the adverts are shown. However, they only act upon adverts when they are complained about. An example was the sofa king furniture advert, which hid a swear word in the title and the advert showed before the water shed. Another example of the ASA becoming involved in advertisements was when Pepsi max released an advert of a man tied to suction pads and back flipping down a building. This was banned due to human rights and depicting danger. Our advert complies with the guidelines of the ASA, so unlike other adverts, ours should not be complained about

Audience InformationFace To Face InterviewsExamples of face to face interviews are when a new product is being released and they get members of the public to try it and then tell them what they think. Toothpaste adverts do this a lot like Colgate and adverts for mouth wash. Pepsi max does not do face to face interviews with members of the public but the have used celebrity endorsements before like Michael Jackson and Beyonc. The current advert does not contain celebrity endorsements

Structures Of InformationAudience Of ClassificationGeodemographics Geodemographics is the study of people and sociology of what they do, where they live what type of house, what they buy and everything. This is how people find their target audience for their products. Examples of this include the Pepsi max adverts, they are shown in towns and cities which is most likely where the working middle class are likely to live and they show in the evenings which is most likely when the target audience will be watching T.V.Geodemographics is done to collect research based on products for the media so that they can improve the way that they advertise to their target market


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