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A pdf containing the educational offer for 2015. My Street Photography workshops are offered in 3 languages: English, Italian and Spanish and they are in person or online.


<ul><li><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ALEX COGHE</p><p>Interested in learning about Street Photography? !Are you a photographer interested in learning about street photography? Want to learn how to overcome your fear of taking pictures of strangers? Want to learn how to find and develop your own style of photography? </p><p>!</p><p>WORKSHOPS ONE O ONE</p><p>STREET DAYS ONE O ONE OR MAX. 3 </p><p>PARTICIPANTS</p><p>IN MEXICO CITY </p><p>Alex Coghe is an Italian Established Photographer currently based in Mexico </p><p>City. </p><p></p><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS AND </p><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY DAYS WITH </p><p>ALEX COGHE</p></li><li><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ALEX COGHE</p><p>Shooting the streets with Alex Coghe !You will learn to use the camera quickly in different candid situations with an experienced street photographer (film, digital, color and black and white). Alex Coghe regularly teaches workshops with a Leica camera and his work has been selected and published internationally. </p><p>Yes, Alex Coghe, Internationally renowned street photographer has worked for Leica realizing the People of Chapultepec project published in the catalog of the prestigious and historic photographic brand. </p><p>Through the street photography workshops and the street photography days you will have the opportunity to meet and work with an expert street photographer that will give you tips and tricks to help you improve your street photography, finding your style and your vision, helping you to achieve the success in your work as a photographer. </p><p>Alex proposes the lessons as a method and a different approach to photography that can be applied to all other genres, even the most commercial photography. </p><p>"During this workshop my students have the opportunity to absorb knowledge about street photography, with particular attention to the composition and the technical aspects of photography and at the same time they will receive a rare opportunity to observe a street photographer at work ... </p><p>I am currently using a Leica X2 and a Ricoh GRD IV. But with my workshops and days on the street the students will learn that the model and the brand, digital or film camera, does not matter at all. Beginners, advanced amateurs and professionals are welcome to join me in this workshop because this course is tailored to your skill level. </p><p>The participants to my workshops and days on the street come from all over the world (USA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, ITALY, ETC.) and their skill levels ranging from absolute beginner to professional photographers, street photographers, wedding photographers, photojournalists, fashion photographers. - Alex Coghe </p><p>!!</p><p>A different approach to photography</p><p>Street Photography </p><p>is more a method than </p><p>a genre - Alex Coghe</p></li><li><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ALEX COGHE</p><p>!If you are a beginner or an experienced photographer who wants to get more from your photography and if you want to get a different approach to achieve high visual impact photos with a story, then a workshop or a Street Photography Day is for you. </p><p>!Mexico City is a diverse city in every street, full of old buildings, such as the Centro Historico but also modern skyscrapers. The city is full of culture, full of d i f f e r e n t a n d i n t e r e s t i n g characters and there is no doubt that we can find and photograph a v a r i e t y o f s i t u a t i o n s , documenting the surreal soul of Mexico. That is why Mexico City is one of the best ciudadeds for street photography. </p><p>!"During the time with me I'll show you what have to keep in mind while you're on the street, how to set your camera to more consistent results, and what techniques you can use to capture the decisive moment." - Alex Coghe </p><p>!By attending a workshop or a day with me you will also be able to be part of a growing community of street photographers and meet others who share your interest in street photography. </p><p>!The workshops can be basic, intermediate or advanced. The Street Photography Days are real photo tours, completely personalized based on the student profile that I make before the workshop. We can arrange shooting in barrios (popular neighborhoods) for advanced photographers. With me you will know the real Mexico, with the opportunity to photograph and discover places far away from the usual tourist routes. You will have the opportunity to know more about Mexico and Mexicans. And and why not? Also appreciating good Mexican food. </p><p>!!!!!</p></li><li><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ALEX COGHE</p><p>The program changes based on your level of knowledge and types of workshops you will take but usually in my workshops there will be always: </p><p>History of Street Photography, starting from the Straight Photography </p><p>Aesthetics of Street Photography </p><p>Several ways to make Street Photography </p><p>First steps in the street </p><p>Motivations when you go out to make Street Photography </p><p>Elements of composition </p><p>How to realize photos with a content and impact </p><p>Camera settings and technique when it comes to Street Photography </p><p>Improving your existing skills </p><p>Capturing energy in the street </p><p>Avoiding images without a content </p><p>Ideas about post processing </p><p>Street Photography learning exercises </p><p>Considerations about cameras </p><p>Sampling in Street Photography </p><p>The approach with a project </p><p>Portfolio reading </p><p>!I can assure that you learn: </p><p>- no fear when approach strangers </p><p>- make the most out of your camera </p><p>- story telling: how to find a story in a photograph </p><p>- time your shots perfectly </p><p>- how to make a good composition, filling the frame with only the useful things for a picture with high visual impact </p><p>- finding the good light </p><p>- how to previsualize a scene and reacting quickly </p><p>- approach with editing and post-processing </p></li><li><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ALEX COGHE</p><p>The one or more days of work with me will be intense: I suggest a nice pair of comfortable shoes and a strong desire to learn. After the experience you will go away happy knowing that youve become a better photographer, with many more photographs to come. </p><p>I SPEAK 3 LANGUAGES: ENGLISH, ITALIAN OR SPANISH SO MY STUDENTS KNOW WE CAN ARRANGE THE WORKSHOP IN THESE LANGUAGES. </p><p>!!STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP </p><p>*Workshops for groups are for a maximum of 5 students. They will be held @ AGUA STUDIO. </p><p>Due to requests I receive from all over the world I am pleased to inform you I am available for Street Shooting days in Mexico City. </p><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY DAYS </p><p>What is Street Shooting Day? </p><p>!The Street Shooting days are an experience of 1 or 2 days in the streets of Mexico City with me. They are based on the level of experience of the photographer who contacts me. </p><p>!How is a classic Street Shooting day? </p><p>!A Street Shooting day starts when I reach the meeting place determined with the photographer: this can be a place of the </p><p>ONE-O-ONE BASIC 300 (5000 MX$) 2 DAYS</p><p>ONE-O-ONE ADVANCED 400 (7000 MX$) 3 DAYS/DIAS</p><p>GROUPS BASIC* 110 (2000 MX$) 2 DAYS/DIAS</p><p>GROUPS ADVANCED* 140 (2500 MX$) 2 DAYS/DIAS</p><p>700 EURO, 2 DAYS</p><p>2 DAYS, 3 STUDENTS MAXIMUM, 300 EURO PER STUDENT </p><p>500 EURO, 2 DAYS</p><p>2 DAYS, 3 STUDENTS MAXIMUM, 400 EURO PER STUDENT</p><p>ONLINE WORKSHOPS BASIC - 4 LESSONS/LEZIONI/CLASES (2H every lesson) - 500</p><p>ADVANCED - 6 LESSONS/LEZIONI/CLASES (2H every lesson) - 700</p><p>PORTFOLIO READINGS* - A 2H session - 100</p></li><li><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ALEX COGHE</p><p>old town or the hotel where you are staying. The experience is totally practical, a full day of shooting in Mexico City, in locations determined in advance with those who buy the experience. I speak English, Italian and Spanish language. Usually the photographic day starts at 10am and ends at 05pm, but certainly we can adjust the time according to the client requirements. A Street Shooting Day is a totalizing experience to breathe Photography: participants should expect a full day of shooting, discussing, eating, and breathing photography with me. </p><p>!The real Mexico City during the Street Shooting Day </p><p>!Mexico City, of course, is not just Downtown. I am in a position to let you know the real Mexico City, even that of the barrios (popular neighborhood) with the due precautions, ensuring an absolutely safe experience. If you want to take pictures of true Mexico you should consider to take a Street Shooting Day. </p><p>!Street Shooting Day, a completely different experience </p><p>!Street Shooting Day is a full personalized experience in Mexico making photography otherwise impossible to do alone, accompanied by an expert street photographer, going to eat excellent local food, living a unique experience, photographing without any limits any attractive urban element. </p><p>!How much for a Street Shooting Day? </p></li><li><p>STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WITH ALEX COGHE</p><p>!A Street Shooting day costs 150 US$/116 Euro/2000 MX$. </p><p>!Info: </p><p>!PAYMENT WORKSHOPS AND STREET DAYS: </p><p>BANK TRANSFER TO: </p><p>BANORTE </p><p>TO: CARMEN ESTELA SUBIA PACHECO </p><p>ACCOUNT NUMBER 0234024449 </p><p>KEY 072 180 00234024449 8 </p><p>IF YOU PREFER PAYPAL YOU CAN MAKE THE PAYMENT TO: Contact me because there is a small difference of money to pay. </p><p>! </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>!!Please note: any student will receive my guide to Street Photography: </p><p>!Create your own voice within photography through my street photography workshopsThe main goal is to teach you to create images with your unique vision, according to your personality. We will make a work to identify yourself, who you are and the way you see the world. We will use the method of street photography to allow you to find your inner voice and converting yourself in a photographer with a personal style.</p><p></p></li></ul>