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  • 1.Strategies forEffective Tweeting:A Statistical ReviewDATA REPORT

2. Introduction3Methodology 4Weekends Are Good for Relaxing and Tweeting 5Best Days to Tweet By Industry6When Followers Are BusyGive Them Tweets8Use Different Social Networks for anAlways On Conversation9Hit the Tweet Spot10Tweets Perform Best When Kept Short 11Links Drive More Than Just Clicks 12Engagement Dies When Links Dont Work 13Use Hashtags and Watch Engagement Rise14Dont Overuse Hashtags15An Image is Worth Many, Many Retweets and Replies 16Ask Followers to Retweet and They Will Listen 17Spell it Out: R-E-T-W-E-E-T 18Conclusion19Take Away: Tweet Cheat Sheet www.buddymedia.com2 3. IntroductionSeveral years ago, words like Twitter, Tweet (),hashtag ( ) and Retweet () were part of avocabulary limited to early adopters in socialmedia. Today, its hard to watch television, lookat an advertisement or walk down the streetwithout seeing a prompt to Tweet or use aparticular hashtag.1 3 4. Methodology Between December 11, 2011 and February 23, 2012, Buddy Media analyzed user engagement from more than 320 Twitter handles of the worlds biggest brands. KEY=TWEET=RETWEET =REPLY =HASHTAG www.buddymedia.com4 5. Weekends Are Good for Relaxingand Tweeting Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17% higher on Saturday and Sunday compared to weekdays, but brands dont take advantage of this trend.When brands should be TweetingKEY% of Brand TweetsWhen brands are Tweeting www.buddymedia.com5 6. Best Days to Tweet by IndustryClothing and Fashion: Weekend RulesEntertainment: Sunday and Monday Are Key Dayswww.buddymedia.com6 7. Publishing: Tweet Away on Saturdaymost engagement.Sports: Tweet on Weekend, When Big Games Are Onwww.buddymedia.com7 8. When Followers Are BusyGive Them Tweets When brands Tweet during busy hours (8 AM - 7 PM), they receive 30% higher engagement than Tweets that fall during non-busy hours (8 PM - 7 AM). RETWEET8 AM - 7 PM8 PM - 7 AMBUSY HOURSNON-BUSY 8 9. Use Different Social Networks for anAlways On ConversationWhile Tweets during busy hours receiveshow the reverse trend. 1Busy Hours (8 AM - 7 PM) Non-Busy Hours (8 PM - 7 AM) 9 10. Hit the Tweet SpotPlan your Tweet schedule according to the days yourTweets perform best, and Tweet more frequently onthose particular days.TWEET SPOT Number of Tweets Per Day 10 11. Tweets Perform Best When Kept ShortIn fact, Tweets that contain less than 100 charactersreceive 17% higher engagement than longer Tweets. 11 12. Links Drive More Than Just ClicksWhile theres an almost even split between Tweets thatcontain a link and those that do not, Tweets that containlinks receive 86% higher Retweet rates than Tweets withno links. 12 13. Engagement Dies When LinksDont WorkIn fact, 92% of all linking errors can be attributed to notinserting a space before the actual link, thus forcingusers to copy and paste the link into a browser.Check out our site... out our site... out our site: out our site- 14. Use Hashtags and WatchEngagement Rise In fact, Tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement than those without hashtags. hashtags, meaning many brands are missing out on another huge opportunity to increase engagement. 1 14 15. Dont Overuse Hashtags Even though hashtags increase engagement, it is possible to overuse them. engagement than those with three or 17% drop in engagement. 15 16. An Image is Worth Many, ManyRetweets and Replies Even though followers cant instantly see an image on Twitter (like on Facebook), regular publishing of images still has a profound impact on Twitter performance. 16 17. Ask Followers to Retweet andThey Will Listen Retweet or RT receive 12 times higher Retweet rates than those that do not use this call to action.RT RT RetweetRetweet www.buddymedia.com17 18. Spell it Out: R-E-T-W-E-E-T to Retweet (by spelling out the whole word), the Retweet rate is 23 times higher than average! 18 19. Conclusion your voice on Twitter, and then further tweak to optimize Tweets based on how your followers get the highest engagement. 19 20. Have questions or comments?Contact us at, or follow us ddymedia+Buddy Media 20 21. Strategies forEffective Tweeting:Tweet Cheat