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  1. 1. Welcome to Todays Webinar : We will begin at approximately 12noon AEST Strategies for Dramatic Cost Reduction in the Contact Centre
  2. 2. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Meet your moderator Fiona Keough CEO Auscontact Sydney, Australia
  3. 3. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 How to interact with us Today: Type your comments and questions here throughout
  4. 4. Welcome John Cray VP, Product Management Enghouse Interactive
  5. 5. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 One minute on Enghouse Founded in 1984 Delivering contact centre communications products for over 20 years to currently over 10,000 customers 1200+ employees, $250M in revenue, market cap over $1.3B, profitable Global Operations in 15 countries Customer Communications Software and Services Telecommunications and Utility Networks Software Transportation Services and Operations Software
  6. 6. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Our Agenda Today Putting Cost Reduction in Perspective Can You Save Money While Protecting Customer Relationships? Key Cost Savings Methods: Making It About ROI The Enghouse Approach Quick Success Stories
  7. 7. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Worldwide Top 3 issues in a contact centre (Gartner) Improving customer satisfaction o Its about their time and its about your people The timeliness and quality of your customer interactions Increasing revenue o Maximized when its the best person to interact with the customer Best skill set, deepest existing relationship o Increased when you can be proactive Timely outbound contact Decreasing costs o Many opportunities for greater efficiency through smart communications Self-service options (IVR, web) Agent productivity (screen pop, desktop tools for multichannel) Blended inbound multichannel; blended outbound interaction
  8. 8. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Which top Gartner issue would your contact centre most relate to? Improving customer satisfaction Increasing revenue Decreasing costs Poll Question:
  9. 9. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 The natural conflict Cost Reduction Customer Satisfaction Vs. B O T H
  10. 10. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Where are the costs? Source: CONTACT BABEL U.S. CONTACT centre DECISION-MAKERS' GUIDE (2014)
  11. 11. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Efficiency matters Contact centre operating expenditure Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them. - Steve Jobs
  12. 12. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 How Do Agents Spend Their Time?
  13. 13. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Average Cost of Agent Call INBOUND CALL OUTBOUND CALL $5.84 $6.34 IT/Technology Technical Queries Can Be Much Higher: In Excess of $30/Call
  14. 14. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 OPTIONS FOR CUSTOMER SELF-SERVICE
  15. 15. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Best interactions for self-service
  16. 16. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Self-Service Types by Vertical Self-service activity Typical sector offering this form of self-service Problem reporting and resolution IT helpdesk Account access Banking Product information Retail Online registration Any Order entry Retail, travel Balance inquiry Banking, credit cards Dealer or store location inquiries Car sales, retail Ticket booking Cinemas, other entertainment Real-time punctuality checks Airlines, trains Status checks Retail (esp. online), IT helpdesk Address changes Subscription services, utilities Form filling Any Brochure request Travel, retail Password reset Finance, IT
  17. 17. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Use and Usefulness of Self-Service
  18. 18. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Uses of Outbound Proactive Self-Service
  19. 19. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 OPTIONS FOR AGENT PRODUCTIVITY
  20. 20. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Time Taken to Verify Callers Identity SO Automatically screen-pop the customer record using Caller ID, Issue ID, Customer Name or ID, or From Address
  21. 21. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 How many applications do your operators use on a daily basis? One Two Three Four or more Poll Question:
  22. 22. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 The Problem of Agent Desktop Complexity
  23. 23. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Getting agents the information they need Use of knowledge workers for customer service
  24. 24. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Staffing Level Time of Day Efficiency through workload flattening Offer Self-Service Options (IVR, etc.)Shave Time Off Calls (screen pop, tools)Offer Callbacks (in slower times)Move Calls to Emails
  25. 25. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 OVERALL COST SAVINGS APPROACH
  26. 26. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Contact centre Efficiencies, an additive approach No automation Screen pop Skills-based routing IVR & Web Self-Service Proactive Outbound Email and Web-based Communications The impact of proactive communications management: C O S T S V A L U E
  27. 27. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 A quick savings analysis Potential Contact centre Efficiency Yearly Savings Suppose you run a 50-agent contact centre, averaging 80% agent utilization efficiency. Agents are at $40K/year. CC takes 1500 calls per day (average call duration is 12.8 minutes). Offer self-service options thru IVR (assume 5% of calls are serviced this way) $100,000 Move calls to email, handled during downtime (assume 10% inbound call reduction) $200,000 Blend proactive outbound, handled during downtime (assume 3% inbound call reduction) $30,000 Automatically ID customers/needs, provide screen pop (assume average of 24 seconds saved per call) $62,500 Intelligently route to the best skill for that customer (assume 10% of calls no longer require transfer, 60 second savings) $15,625 TOTAL SAVINGS $408,125
  28. 28. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 What is the primary reason you lose agents from your staff? Wrong person for the job Excessive pressure or stress Low pay or lack of promotion opportunity Repetitive calls or unpleasant callers Seasonal fluctuations None of the above Poll Question:
  29. 29. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 The Cost of Agent Attrition
  30. 30. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 THE ENGHOUSE APPROACH
  31. 31. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Mechanisms Enabling Self-Service Text-to-speech Speech recognition Proactive Outbound notifications Web or Mobile Chat or Callback for Online Assistance Self-Service Knowledge Base
  32. 32. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Agent productivity Efficient interaction handling multiple channels, knowledge articles, common responses, etc. Useful and productive tools and statistics. Agent satisfaction is all about visibility and control.
  33. 33. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Screen pop customer records for identification and efficiency Use click-to-dial for rapid callback Agent productivity
  34. 34. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Unify channels for metrics and management
  35. 35. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 QUICK SUCCESS STORIES
  36. 36. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Self-Service IVR, providing many services including: Tax refund information Account balance Funds transfer Handled 67,000 calls per day (450% of expected demand) Saved three times the cost of the system in YEAR ONE In first few months, reduced call volumes by over 40% IVR, Increased agent efficiency Directly contributed to profitability: Reduced staff (lower cost) Allows agents to focus on new memberships (higher revenue)Weight Management
  37. 37. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Type your questions here Questions
  38. 38. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 Reasons to fill out the exit survey 3 great 1. Receive the slides and recording of the webinar 2. Get a call to learn more 3. All of the above
  39. 39. Enghouse Systems Ltd 2011 THANK YOU My contact info: John Cray VP, Product Management Enghouse Interactive