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  • 1Empowering strata communities Melcorp Strata

    Strata Management Services

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    Our Company Melcorp Strata has been active in Melbourne’s property industry for over a decade.

    Our approach is built on the collective experiences and insights of a multidisciplinary team covering all aspects of the industry.

    With complete, up-to-date knowledge of current legislation and full membership with Strata Communities Australia, we are able to take a best-practice approach in everything we do.

    Developers have entrusted all manner of property to our care, from boutique residences to luxury towers and beyond to significant mixed-use precincts.

    A commitment to owners and communities complemented by deep industry networks ensures our capability evolves with new trends and client needs.

    Melcorp Strata and its wider affiliations have assisted many developers in delivering the project outcomes required to settle, lease, manage and continue to control the building beyond its handover.

    We are a full-cycle business equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively control any project beyond handover.


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    24-Hour Response Time — Client services — Easy to reach — Available around-the-clock — Rapid responses assured

    Balanced Teams — 1:1 OC managers & admin ratio — Pod-based team structure — Maximised efficiency — Boutique service

    Total Transparency — Our ethos: transparent service — Open-door policy — Empowering OC committees — Collaborative processes

    People, Processes & Prosperity — Positive attitudes — Goal-oriented — Solutions driven — Team focused

    Business Network — Real Estate Service — Building & Facilities management — Accounting services & administrative support — Solutions driven

    On the Leading-Edge — The latest technology — Advanced software — Building portals & IT — SCA Seminars

    A Tailored Approach — Customised management processes — Focused mindset — Flexible methods — Client’s needs are our number 1 priority

    Unparalleled Focus — Carefully curated portfolios per OC — Exceptional attention to detail — Regular site visits — Thorough inspections


    Why Choose Melcorp Strata We are a team of experienced owners corporation managers, based in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, servicing all suburbs.

    It is our mission to go above and beyond in providing a comprehensive owners corporation management service that is unrivaled in the Melbourne property industry.

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    Providing timely and prudent advise based

    on experience and knowledge.

    Supporting developers to establish thriving communities and well-run buildings.

    Perfect record and reporting with

    transparency and easy access for all owners.


    Melcorp Strata

    CO NT




    Our Mission & Values Our customer-centric focus is the driver of all that we do – defining our approach and reframing concepts of best-practice strata management for our clients.

    We are committed to ensuring the buildings we manage are well-kept, harmonious and enjoyable places to live.

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    “Melcorp Strata take a professional, individualised and personable approach to OC Management. They establish frequent, immediate and clear lines of communication and eagerly work with us to promote technological innovation for our developments.”

    Diana Cassar CEO & Managing Partner Cas Real Estate


    OC Services for Developers Melcorp Strata works hand-in-hand with developers to ensure the seamless transformation of a development — from bricks and mortar into a thriving community.

    Design Review We assist in reducing the risk of inefficiencies and frustrations occurring post-settlement by conducting a detailed review of your building’s architectural designs and services.

    We have established and managed many large, complex owners corporations in Melbourne and will share our learnings with you on all areas from security and concierge services through to waste management and services access.

    Fee Estimates and Budget Preparation We will work in close collaboration with you to develop a budget that efficiently services and maintains your development — in an as- new condition.

    It is our aim to strike the perfect balance between setting realistic costs and achieving value for money to ensure that fees are no barrier to entry.

    Setting up Building Management In the lead up to handover, Melcorp Strata can assist if required with the establishment of seamless building management services and/or contractors and service tenders.

    We will instruct and provide advice on how to best manage the building, inclusive of any concierge services, the appointment of building managers and any other relevant service contractors.

    Plan of Subdivision We can provide recommendations to the developer and land surveyor regarding arrangement of the owners corporations.

    Melcorp Strata has experience in managing buildings with multiple owners corporations that incorporate shared and/or separate corridors, facilities, lifts and car parks.

    We are able to advise on the best structure for the owners corporation so that owners only pay common property fees that they are liable for.

    Owners Corporation Rules We work closely with developers in setting up owners corporation rules that are critical for the future efficient management of the buildings.

    Handover Our focus at this crucial stage is to facilitate a smooth transition and ensure new residents can move into the building in a safe and orderly process.

    At this stage we will provide or manage the delivery of the following (if applicable, based on the buildings specific needs):

    • OC rules and regulations • Comprehensive moving-in guides • A building specific portal • Appointment of building manager • Contractor and service tenders • Building and services maintenance • OC certificates • Welcome letters

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    Financial Management Melcorp Strata offers a suite of financial management services tailored for each individual building.

    Financial Reporting Melcorp Strata prepares financial reports using strata software (Property IQ), as well as reports tailored for individual buildings.

    Our accounts team together with the owners corporation managers are able to prepare:

    • Monthly income and expenditure statements • Budget variance reports • Cash flow reports • Arrears reports • Debtors and creditors reports • Bank reconciliations • Detailed expense reports • Draft budgets including levy analysis (variance for

    each owners corporation and individual lots) • Other reports requested by the Committee

    Accounts Payable Invoices received by our office on behalf of owners corporations are processed via a centralised, semi-automated system that requires multiple approvers to review and authorise payment prior to payment being made.

    The initial entry is completed by the assisting administrator guided by an accounts payable coding guide, compiled in line with the building budget and/or maintenance plans.

    The owners corporation manager is then responsible for reviewing the invoice information against works required then approving the invoice, ensuring details including the account code, payee and payment amount are correct.

    The assisting administrators and owners corporation managers are experienced in managing the accounts payable function of multiple, prescribed owners corporations — which require precise allocation of invoices to relevant OC numbers (where more than one OC exists within a building complex) and relevant accounts (Administrative versus Maintenance).

    An external approver such as a building manager or appointed committee member can be included as the final authority to approve invoices prior to payment.

    To ensure timely payment of accounts the approval process is attended to daily, with supplier payments completed at least twice per week.

    Debt Recovery Non-financial lot owners and excessive levy arrears can adversely affect the budget and cash flow operations of an Owners Corporation.

    To mitigate the possibility of a negative or unsustainable cash position and to reduce legal fees, Melcorp Strata implement efficient, cost effective and persistent debt recovery practices.

    Our debt recovery process includes: • Issuing final fee notices 7 days after levy due

    dates; • Weekly contact with lot owners in arrears to

    enforce timely payments; • Arranging effectual payment plans to recover levy

    owing in a timely manner; • Ensuring levy interest is charged, collected and if

    relevant final fee notices levy raised; and • Regular communication with building managers

    to ensure contact records are maintained noting current lot owners and occupants.

    The 2017 SCA Strata Benchmarking Project showed that the Victorian average of levies in arrears greater than 30 days was 9.4% (

    We are proud to state that the debt recovery processes at Melcorp Strata ensure our portfolio arrears are well below this industry average, as our average arrears beyond 30 days for the past six months is below 5%.

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