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  • storytelling (digital) storytelling

  • storytelling storytelling is drama

    "drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty"

  • storytelling (digital) storytelling

    are there any questions?

  • storytelling (digital) storytelling:

  • storytelling (digital) storytelling

    storytelling starts with asking questions and (then) go on a journey to seek for answers, together with your audience. There is a question at the very beginning of every story.

    "Storytelling is the act of bringing home the discoveries learned from curiosity."

    Ben Grazer

  • storytelling look, a tiger, how did it come there, what does this mean?

  • storytelling Your story short

    maybe they search for instant identity?

    Think about this picture

    write a tweet about this, in which you summarise the utmost essence or try to engage in 140 characters

  • storytelling

    How did you use this limited space?

    audience For whom was it? did you think of followers? Did you mention someone?

    formWas your tweet engaging? How? Was it a dialogue, a reply?Was it explaining somethingWas there curiosity involved? Was it suggestive, evocative? Was it a question?

    textDid you write (think) intuitively? Was it a stand alone text, or part of a sequential? Was there dynamic in the conversation?

    Why is this important?

    Like you

  • storytelling

    value exchange, value (co)creationWhy storytelling?

    do we have the capability of delivering this, according to our assets and our existing content?

    will it deliver on organisational priorities to grow revenue, reach and reputation?

    will users love it? (or people, as theyre commonly known).

    users love it, it meets their needs

    fits with the museum (core text/powersource)

    grows revenue and reputation




  • storytelling

    Be concise What difference does it make if you live in a pisturesque little outhouse surrounded by 300 feeble minded goats and youre faitthful dog? The question is: can you write?

    Ernest Hemingway

    How to write for the episodes of your story

    Be imaginative You have to try very hard not to imagine that the iron horse is a real creature. You hear it breathing when it rests, groaning when it has to leave, and yapping when it's under way Along the track it jettisons its dung of burning coals and its urine of boiling water; its breath passes over your head in beautiful clouds of white smoke which are torn to shreds on the trackside trees.

    Novelist Victor Hugo, describing a train

  • storytelling How to engage visitors with your writingsBe brief I have made this letter longer than usual only because I have not had the time to make it shorter

    Blaise Pascal, 17th-century philosopher (Winston Churchill quoted him)

    Be direct I am hurt. A plague o'both your houses! I am sped.

    Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet

    Be curious, true, thoughtful, interested, generous Do you like our redesign? Our intern Marlieke made it in our MuseumLab!

  • storytelling The art of involving (through stories



    Senses richness



    Keep building

  • title




    setting / situation

    dramatic change


  • storytelling social (media) engagement, the basis

  • storytelling







    vision beckoning power

    imaginative + influencing draw attention / give direction

    mission working power creating solutions + awareness problem solving / promise

    relation recruiting power

    connecting, behavioral change, participation

    core text that defines the organization (Look:) (,because) (and so)

    the powersource

  • storytelling

    vision beckoning power

    mission working power

    relation recruiting power

    core text core textcore text

    1. organization 2. project/exhibition

    3. visitor perspective



    and so

    I see

    how it works

    it means to me

    from powersource to project in 3 layers

  • storytelling

    Layer 1: write the powersource of your museum vision mission relation Try to make a version that is more easy to understand and can be put in 3 sentences maximum.

    Layer 2: write the core text of your museum's story visionairy/beckoning power (look!) missionairy/working power (because...) relational/recruiting power

    (and so, that means for you) summarize them in one sentence

    from powersource to project in 3 layers

  • storytelling

    Layer 3: write the core text that defines your project (Look:) > What do you or does the visitor actually see? (,because) > why is this important, how does it work? What is the meaning? (and so) > why should your visitor care? What does it mean to your visitor, how can the visitor contribute? Be brief, be imaginative, be true.

    Compare those 3 layers. Do they match? Do you have to change something?

    from powersource to project in 3 layers

  • storytelling

    - Define the core of your story - Define ingredients, such as characters, situation / location,

    storyline, time, dramatic change - Who is your audience? - Why do you want to involve them. What do you want from

    your audience? - Which part of the story is suitable for which media? at which

    moment? -> make a roadmap - How and when will they interact? - How do they get from medium to medium? Why? - Have fun!

    crossmedia / transmedia

  • storytelling

    into the box

  • storytelling

    Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. Ideation is all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization. As such, it is an essential part of the design process, both in education and practice

    How does a Big Idea come into mind?

  • storytelling How to make a Big Idea happen? visionairy/beckoning power (watch!) missionairy/working power (because...) relational/recruiting power (and so, that means for

    you) > participation / co-creation, this usually means a process of change:

    5. support

    1. reception

    2. attention

    3. understanding

    4. acceptation

    A museum can, and should take part in transitions in society, especially science museums. So build a centre of expertise. Invite people to join it's their society!

  • storytelling

    No matter what type of media you choose, it will always be about having conversations and building relations. Consider your website or social media as a meeting place for social interaction and engagement.

    again, the customer journey

  • storytelling again, the customer journey

  • storytelling Value of storytelling

    value exchange, value (co)creation


  • storytelling step by step

    define the identity & core text

    formulate the purpose + ambition

    define your followers (who, where)

    define the (inter)actions

    where is the action, when, how much, how long?

    define the (cross)media usage

    content (resources)

    monitoring, what should be the result (KPI)

    organization, who's doing what?


    Budget: cost & earnings

    define the co-created value

    dvelop the custom