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  • Issue 69

    Winter 2020

    This year alongside our ongoing messages, activities and groups wehave decided to have an underlying focus for each term. We are starting out with the intriguing theme of Lets Imagine. This means that we will share some key messages with you through Facebook and our new Instagram account, are incorporating some new groups into our timetable and will share some ideas with you on our home visits. Some of the new upcoming activities on this theme include:

    • Curiosity Café – on world book day on 5th March 2020

    • Ipad babies – (SLT workshop for parents in the digital age)

    • Little Einstein’s –(ways to build your baby’s brain)

    • Igniting the Spark ( workshop for parents on nurturing your child’s creativity)

    • Through your child’s eyes – (learn about the importance of play for your child)

    • Baby Imaginarium (awaken your babies senses through our interactive imagination museum)

    • Once upon a time (imaginary musical storytime)

    Imaginary and creative play help your child to develop their social and emotional skills, their thinking skills as well as their speech, language and communication so as a parent it is important for you to know how to nurture this. Books and stories are a really important way of doing this. So remember if you have any books your child has grown out of please consider passing them onto our Little Free Library for other children and families to enjoy.

    See you soon Siobhan Wallace Programme Manager

    New Year – New Ideas!

    The Newsletter for Families Registered with Dungannon & Coalisland Sure Start




    ☎ Dungannon: 028 8772 9695 Dungannon & Coalisland SureStart

    Story and Rhyme and Rhymes before Teatime Stimulating your child’s imagination is a key reason to come along to our storytime sessions. Story and Rhyme Sessions in Dungannon and Coalisland Library take place fortnightly. During the sessions you will learn lots of fun and interactive nursery rhymes that your child will love singing at home. If you are not already a member of the library there is an opportunity to become a member and borrow up to 10 books at a time!

    Rhymes before Teatime take place in Dungannon Sure Start fortnightly on a Monday afternoon. Children are able to participate in their favourite nursery rhymes and listen to their favourite story books.

    In Dungannon and Coalisland Sure Start we are very inspired by the Reggio Emiia Approach . This approach regards children as curious individuals with huge potential and is very much in keeping with our theme this term of Lets Imagine.

    Over the past few years the Develpmental Programmes for 2 – 3 Year Old teams have worked hard to incorporate the Reggio Emilia Approach into their rooms giving the children many unique opportunities to develop their curiosity and exploration skills.

    An important part of this approach is the physical environment. All rooms are welcoming, realistic, appealing, embrace nature and filled with purposeful materials aimed at enhancing your childs experience with us.

    We have replaced plastic toys with open ended resources and loose parts. We using natural materials and low cost, no cost salvaged resources to provoke the children’s imagination and curiousity.

    The photographs below are just a little insight into the wonderfully creative minds of the children attending our 6 Programmes.

    Developmental Programmes for 2 – 3 Year Olds


    Multiple Births Group

    We are happy to announce that we are now working in collaboration with Twins Trust, a charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of thousands of families with twins, triplets or higher multiples. The group is a great chance for you to meet other parents in a similar situation. As well as many exciting play opportunities a representative from Twins Trust will be attending the group offering advice and support.

    Our next group meets on Tuesday 24th March.

    Dads and SureStart The strong bond and attachment formed through

    play and quality interactions between dads / male

    carers and children builds a firm foundation for your

    child’s learning, development and over all wellbeing.

    At Dungannon and Coalisland Sure Start we provide

    groups especially for dads/male carers and their

    children giving them that uninterrupted 1-1 time that

    they may not always get.

    Papa’s and PJ’s This group offers calming and relaxing sensory

    activities to help children settle before bedtime.

    Come and join us at our next Papa’s and PJ’s on

    Tuesday 18th February from 6.30pm – 7.30pm.

    Me and Dad Me and Dad takes place on the last Saturday of

    every month from 11-12.30pm. It is a morning full of

    interactive activities, games, songs and ideas that

    you can take away and replicate at home.

    Incredible Babies We are pleased to announce that Incredible Babies is going to be running at Dungannon and Coalisland Sure Start from January – March 2020. This is the first time we have included this Programme in our timetable for a while and we would like to invite parents and babies to join us for the 8 week Programme. The great thing about this Programme is that the baby who needs to be under 1, stays with you!

    The Programme is about getting to know your baby by looking at a range of areas including your babies emerging sense of self, how to read your babies cues, tips on how to encourage your babies physical and language development and giving you as a parent, support within a group setting.

    Incredible Babies will start – 14/01/2020 for 8 weeks

    If you are interested in this programme please contact the office to book your place or get more information

    Your Space (Our young parents group)

    In September we ran our Your Space group again, developed especially for our Young Mums (aged 17-22). The group ran for 5 weeks, to give our Young Mums some much needed “me time”, whilst their little ones were cared for in the crèche. The girls chose their activities, we made sugar scrubs, upcycled photo frames, created “my story” journals and had a “mummy and me” Photo shoot.

    The group is very relaxed, we chat together over a cuppa and some treats, and work creatively on our projects.. One of our mums made a journal to give to her grandmother for Christmas of her own childhood which included photos of herself, where she grew up and a song that her grandmother sang to her as a child.

    We love it when our girls come up with their own ideas and we try to facilitate these as much as possible.

    So if you’re under 23 years and are pregnant or have a child and would be interested in being part of Your Space, it will be running again from Thursday 20th February. Just give us a call at the office and we’ll get you booked in.


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