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An online high school magazine of students from around the world.


  • Volume 1, Number 1 Spring 2012

    Stories Of The Heart And Mind

    Catalina Magnet High School

  • 2 Stories Of The Heart And Mind Spring 2012If you really want to accomplish something, you must

    act as if is impossible to fail. Ashanti proverb

    It is very exciting to produce our first online maga-zine! Students have so much to say and their experi-ences are unique and fun. This school year I have had the pleasure of listening to so many amazing stories filled with courage, hardship, humor, dismay, and ev-ery imaginable human emotion. My students have so much in common, even if they are from so many different parts of the world. Because I also grew up in another country, I can relate to their feelings and stories. The culture shock stories are particular-ly fun to tell, as we grow and change so much when encountering a new culture, or living in a new coun-try with different values, ideals, and philosophies.

    Because we recently focused on the authors pur-pose in an article, students have chosen to enter-tain, persuade or inform you, the reader. This first online magazine is a collection and culmination of brainstormed topics, favorite experiences and those ideas that hold our curiosity for the moment. We welcome comments and suggestions as we be-gin to think about our future online magazine pieces.

    A special thank you: I want to thank Santiago Samo-rano for collecting all of our stories and spending many hours organizing them into the actual online magazine!

    The power of storiesBy Ms. Samorano

    Have you ever listened,really listened, to someone tella story about an experience they had? Watch the way their eyes glimmerand how their face changes?The lips pucker or broaden with a laugh,revealing little canals of lined rivers and,old or young, the rivers flow on the facein remembrance, in a tribute to a delicious timepast, when in a moment something was captured and, long before cameras and cell phones were conceived in a young persons mind, the eye flashed and held tightly to the horror, to the mesmerizing and sensual time when a raucous laughter or shrill shouting,

    changed the world of one person, opening a doorto another dimension, a new path, a new destiny bringing them to you now,to taste, smell, relish and devourthat time I will never forget and lasso you into this precise moment that has shown up once more like a distinguished visitor you imme-diately take in, to be fascinated, enlightened, amused, enraged, hungry, shocked, terrified, and changed, forever.

    Why is the teacher contributing her writing? A coach should always be able to do what she asks her students to attempt. Thats why I am contributing my own writing. I want my students to know that everyone has to rewrite and rewrite in order to produce a decent final draft. But its worth it and it can be fun. Writing takes patience and I have always loved it. I began writ-ing as a child to express my ideals, my love for my fam-ily, and my hopes for my own life. My parents loved my poetry and letters. I had the power to bring them a smile and sometimes they cried with emotion. I hope to encourage my students to grow artistically, spiritually, and intellectually the way my parents encouraged me. I believe there is a great poem, story, or creative piece, in every single person!

  • day. The Somali woman helped them. She gave them a ride to go to the party. It was fun; people were do-ing different kinds of dances. After that she took them to her house. They were a good family. They showed them the city. After that they went back to their house. Whenever they needed help they called them. They introduced them to a lot of Somali people. On Aug 15, 2009 Abdi went to school. He was scared and he did not speak English. He started 7th grade. After four months Abdi made three friends but he still didnt speak that much English. After one and half years, Abdi decided to change schools. He was in 8th grade. He went to Townsend for six months. Then it was the end of the school. The schools were closed for two months. When the school started, Abdi went to high school. It was his first year and now he is still a freshman and he has learned a lot of English. As you can see, coming to the United States is hard for some people, especially when you dont speak English.

    Abdi is a student at Catalina magnet high school. He is from Kenya. His parents were born in Somalia. Abdi is 14 years old. His family moved to Kenya because there are bad things going on in Somalia. His family moved to Kenya in 1991. Abdis family lived in Kenya for 20 years before they moved to the United States. The first airplane they rode was the biggest one. They flew all the way to Paris, France. His family was scared. Then they took another airplane to New York. They slept there one night then the next morn-ing they went to Dallas Texas. The airplane in Texas was full. They were in Texas for four days. They met a lot of Somali people at the airport and they helped. After four days in Texas, they took them to the air-port. Abdis family went all the way to Tucson, AZ. They thought Tucson was a big city and very cold but it was not. It was hot. They came to Tucson on June 15th, 2009. They didnt know anyone in the city. They were scared. After three days, a Somali woman came to them and she told them a lot of things. She told them not to be scared; no one is going to do something to you. After five days it was June, 20th the refugee

    Hi, I am a senior student at Cata-lina High School. The opportu-nities I have in the U.S.A are to graduate from high school and go to college. The Government can help to pay money for college

    so I dont have to worry about money. In my country the government doesnt help pay. I have to pay by my-self. The opportunities I have require me to volunteer at school and to apply for scholarships for college. Sometimes I have a chance to visit Universities and Colleges and to participate in extra curricular at school.At school I have the opportunity to put on make up and wear stylish dresses. I dont have to wear a school

    uniform at school. Now I have become responsible at home. I have the opportunity to a get good education and to achieve my goals. I also have opportunities to make friends with different kinds

    of people who come from different countries.

    Opportunities I Have In The U.S.A

    Different Culture

    by Sabitra

    Spring 2012 Stories Of The Heart And Mind 3

  • Chicano Rap is a kind of music that the rappers mix English and Spanish to make a different kind of music. This music could be for all kinds of people, this music has love songs. There are some rappers that make songs for their hood, or some rappers make love songs for people that they fell in love with, like some special person. The most popular love rapper is Mc Magic from NB Ridaz he made a lot of songs like so special, princess, what is love, the only one , reasons, etc. these songs are from the rewire, magic city part 2 Cds he made some really great songs like hottest city in the world, toast To the party, etc. There is another rapper Lil Rob he has good songs like one of those days, California, Cortez shoes, etc. These two rappers sing very good or I can say really great . This kind of music is my favorite because if I want to listen to some love songs they have it, if I want to listen some great rap they have it too. I recommend this kind of music, I think you would like it..

    Chicano Rap

    FIFA SoccerSoccer is the most common sport in the world and also the most popular because everybody around the planet plays it. Soccer was invented in England. Soccer at-tracts peoples attention because its fun and exciting.

    Soccer made people make a corporation called FIFA and that team work divided soccer into seven differ-ent parts, where the best players play and where people barely knows how to play soccer. In 1926 the FIFA decided to organize a world cup where each country has to play for each continent so they can get to the best 32 teams of the world. In 1930 they celebrated the first world cup and that world cup took place in Uruguay and Uruguay won. And then every four years a new world cup starts and with it starts the fun, sadness, and happiness. And now in the 21st century, soccer became more challenging for people to play because now soc-cer fans want more excitement in each match that play-ers play and thats the reason why in Europe its so popular because it collects all the good players from the entire world so that every match can be exciting. In Europe you have to be one of the best of the world. The players that dont get to play in Europe play in their countries. but you still have to be good, for example, Ill tell you some names of some very good players; Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Javier El Chicharito Hernandez, these are the big players of the world that are now popular in 2012. Some of the challenging countries in the world who play soccer are Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Portugal, and Mexico these are the tough countries on the whole planet. And now people hope that 2012 could be the very cool and nice year of soccer around the world where you can see the stadium and where you can see good matches in the EURO2012 cup. This is where all the European countries play to win the cup and to win some respect from all the countries, and it starts in July with all the emotions.

    by Limbert

    4 Stories Of The Heart And Mind Spring 2012

    By Esteban

  • Its important to care of your self, and also love yourself for who you are, and believe in yourself. We should not care about what people ar