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Volume 1, Number 1 Spring 2012Stories Of The Heart And MindCatalina Magnet High School2 Stories Of The Heart And Mind Spring 2012If you really want to accomplish something, you must act as if is impossible to fail. Ashanti proverbIt is very exciting to produce our first online maga-zine! Students have so much to say and their experi-ences are unique and fun. This school year I have had the pleasure of listening to so many amazing stories filled with courage, hardship, humor, dismay, and ev-ery imaginable human emotion. My students have so much in common, even if they are from so many different parts of the world. Because I also grew up in another country, I can relate to their feelings and stories. The culture shock stories are particular-ly fun to tell, as we grow and change so much when encountering a new culture, or living in a new coun-try with different values, ideals, and philosophies. Because we recently focused on the authors pur-pose in an article, students have chosen to enter-tain, persuade or inform you, the reader. This first online magazine is a collection and culmination of brainstormed topics, favorite experiences and those ideas that hold our curiosity for the moment. We welcome comments and suggestions as we be-gin to think about our future online magazine pieces. A special thank you: I want to thank Santiago Samo-rano for collecting all of our stories and spending many hours organizing them into the actual online magazine! The power of storiesBy Ms. SamoranoHave you ever listened,really listened, to someone tella story about an experience they had? Watch the way their eyes glimmerand how their face changes?The lips pucker or broaden with a laugh,revealing little canals of lined rivers and,old or young, the rivers flow on the facein remembrance, in a tribute to a delicious timepast, when in a moment something was captured and, long before cameras and cell phones were conceived in a young persons mind, the eye flashed and held tightly to the horror, to the mesmerizing and sensual time when a raucous laughter or shrill shouting,changed the world of one person, opening a doorto another dimension, a new path, a new destiny bringing them to you now,to taste, smell, relish and devourthat time I will never forget and lasso you into this precise moment that has shown up once more like a distinguished visitor you imme-diately take in, to be fascinated, enlightened, amused, enraged, hungry, shocked, terrified, and changed, forever. Why is the teacher contributing her writing? A coach should always be able to do what she asks her students to attempt. Thats why I am contributing my own writing. I want my students to know that everyone has to rewrite and rewrite in order to produce a decent final draft. But its worth it and it can be fun. Writing takes patience and I have always loved it. I began writ-ing as a child to express my ideals, my love for my fam-ily, and my hopes for my own life. My parents loved my poetry and letters. I had the power to bring them a smile and sometimes they cried with emotion. I hope to encourage my students to grow artistically, spiritually, and intellectually the way my parents encouraged me. I believe there is a great poem, story, or creative piece, in every single person! day. The Somali woman helped them. She gave them a ride to go to the party. It was fun; people were do-ing different kinds of dances. After that she took them to her house. They were a good family. They showed them the city. After that they went back to their house. Whenever they needed help they called them. They introduced them to a lot of Somali people. On Aug 15, 2009 Abdi went to school. He was scared and he did not speak English. He started 7th grade. After four months Abdi made three friends but he still didnt speak that much English. After one and half years, Abdi decided to change schools. He was in 8th grade. He went to Townsend for six months. Then it was the end of the school. The schools were closed for two months. When the school started, Abdi went to high school. It was his first year and now he is still a freshman and he has learned a lot of English. As you can see, coming to the United States is hard for some people, especially when you dont speak English. Abdi is a student at Catalina magnet high school. He is from Kenya. His parents were born in Somalia. Abdi is 14 years old. His family moved to Kenya because there are bad things going on in Somalia. His family moved to Kenya in 1991. Abdis family lived in Kenya for 20 years before they moved to the United States. The first airplane they rode was the biggest one. They flew all the way to Paris, France. His family was scared. Then they took another airplane to New York. They slept there one night then the next morn-ing they went to Dallas Texas. The airplane in Texas was full. They were in Texas for four days. They met a lot of Somali people at the airport and they helped. After four days in Texas, they took them to the air-port. Abdis family went all the way to Tucson, AZ. They thought Tucson was a big city and very cold but it was not. It was hot. They came to Tucson on June 15th, 2009. They didnt know anyone in the city. They were scared. After three days, a Somali woman came to them and she told them a lot of things. She told them not to be scared; no one is going to do something to you. After five days it was June, 20th the refugee Hi, I am a senior student at Cata-lina High School. The opportu-nities I have in the U.S.A are to graduate from high school and go to college. The Government can help to pay money for college so I dont have to worry about money. In my country the government doesnt help pay. I have to pay by my-self. The opportunities I have require me to volunteer at school and to apply for scholarships for college. Sometimes I have a chance to visit Universities and Colleges and to participate in extra curricular at school.At school I have the opportunity to put on make up and wear stylish dresses. I dont have to wear a school uniform at school. Now I have become responsible at home. I have the opportunity to a get good education and to achieve my goals. I also have opportunities to make friends with different kinds of people who come from different countries. Opportunities I Have In The U.S.ADifferent Cultureby SabitraSpring 2012 Stories Of The Heart And Mind 3Chicano Rap is a kind of music that the rappers mix English and Spanish to make a different kind of music. This music could be for all kinds of people, this music has love songs. There are some rappers that make songs for their hood, or some rappers make love songs for people that they fell in love with, like some special person. The most popular love rapper is Mc Magic from NB Ridaz he made a lot of songs like so special, princess, what is love, the only one , reasons, etc. these songs are from the rewire, magic city part 2 Cds he made some really great songs like hottest city in the world, toast To the party, etc. There is another rapper Lil Rob he has good songs like one of those days, California, Cortez shoes, etc. These two rappers sing very good or I can say really great . This kind of music is my favorite because if I want to listen to some love songs they have it, if I want to listen some great rap they have it too. I recommend this kind of music, I think you would like it..Chicano RapFIFA SoccerSoccer is the most common sport in the world and also the most popular because everybody around the planet plays it. Soccer was invented in England. Soccer at-tracts peoples attention because its fun and exciting. Soccer made people make a corporation called FIFA and that team work divided soccer into seven differ-ent parts, where the best players play and where people barely knows how to play soccer. In 1926 the FIFA decided to organize a world cup where each country has to play for each continent so they can get to the best 32 teams of the world. In 1930 they celebrated the first world cup and that world cup took place in Uruguay and Uruguay won. And then every four years a new world cup starts and with it starts the fun, sadness, and happiness. And now in the 21st century, soccer became more challenging for people to play because now soc-cer fans want more excitement in each match that play-ers play and thats the reason why in Europe its so popular because it collects all the good players from the entire world so that every match can be exciting. In Europe you have to be one of the best of the world. The players that dont get to play in Europe play in their countries. but you still have to be good, for example, Ill tell you some names of some very good players; Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Javier El Chicharito Hernandez, these are the big players of the world that are now popular in 2012. Some of the challenging countries in the world who play soccer are Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Portugal, and Mexico these are the tough countries on the whole planet. And now people hope that 2012 could be the very cool and nice year of soccer around the world where you can see the stadium and where you can see good matches in the EURO2012 cup. This is where all the European countries play to win the cup and to win some respect from all the countries, and it starts in July with all the emotions. by Limbert4 Stories Of The Heart And Mind Spring 2012By EstebanIts important to care of your self, and also love yourself for who you are, and believe in yourself. We should not care about what people are saying, if you think you are cute yes you are, but if you hear people saying that you are ugly, and you believe them, you will never care about your appear-ance. If a person wants to care about how they look they have to know who they really are. To believe in yourself is not a hard thing to do. Like some girls like to wear things that they like and their friends say that is too ugly, look what shes wear-ing ew, but its not, its just because the person knows what they like to wear. Why do some girls like to look all cute and some of them dont care about their ap-pearance? If a person doesnt care about herself nobody will care for them. So when a girl wants to look good it takes time, she has to do anything to make herself cute or beautiful and look very nice . She has to do lots of things to take care of herself. If you want to look cute and all that you have to make it happen, you will not just sit there and wait for it to come to you, no you have to do it. Also if you are about to go to somewhere, Step one, take a shower. Step two, put lotion on. When you are done, look for something sexy to wear and make sure you have everything you need. Than put make up on and mach everything you have to mach what you are wearing. After that put perfume so you can smell good. Then go to the place that you were going to. Ev-erybody will like how you look and start caring about their appearance. If somebody tells you look ugly, just say thank you and just dont listen to them. Maybe they are jealous, who knows? People its very important to care about who you are to show people who dont know you who you really are and to love yourself for whoever you are. Dont care about what others think about you, just care about yourself and who you are. Be happy with your-self. How To Care About Your AppearanceTwice As NiceTwice as nice is a clothing store that sells all kinds of clothes and shoes. The nearest store to our school is the one on Alvernoon and Campbell. The address is 3989, Grant Rd. Its by the subway restaurant, and its in front of Wal-Mart. Twice as nice is a cheap store, and has a good things that you need. You have to go there, because its better than spending a lot of money at the other stores. Things are not very expensive. A clean shirt costs 9.99$, its not expensive if compared with the other stores. The store is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm so you have all day to shop. Its open the whole week except Saturday and Sunday. How can you get to Twice as nice? If you are on Pima St, you have to turn left from Pima St. to Dodge blvd, then you go straight to Grant, than turn right then you go across Grant, be-fore you go far from Alvernon-Grant turn left on Grant, its on the right side with a big sign says (TWICE AS NICE).by Ibrahimby DevotaHi, I am a student at Catalina Magnet High School. When I came to the U.S.A, the culture shock that I ex-perienced was that when I saw boys and girls kissing and hugging each other in front of everyone in pub-lic. And I also saw girls pregnant before marriage. This was a culture shock for me because in my country its a shame to kiss in front of people, and you cant be preg-nant before marriage. If you are pregnant before mar-riage then no one will marry you. If you kiss in front of people everyone will look at you and they might talk about you and they will say bad stuff about you.Culture Shockby SharifaSpring 2012 Stories Of The Heart And Mind 5Im a refugee boy who spent 18 years in a refugee camp. In refugee camps there are a lot of problems all refugee people face. For me it was very difficult to live in a refugee camp. When I was 6 years old my father died. My mom could not do any thing because my mom is disabled. When my father died we had many big prob-lems. Then my mom worked in the river for me and my sister. In Nepal there is lot of sun, same like in Tucson. My mom worked hard in the river. She would collect stones and sold them to a truck driver. Because at that time I was little and I had two more sisters, we needed money to buy books, pens, and pencils for school. My mom went to work in the morning and I took care of my two sisters. I combed their hair than I cooked food for my mom and my sis-ter. When I was back from school I changed my school clothes and my sisters school dress. Then I went to get water atthe tap to bring water for cooking food and for my sister my mom and me to bathe and wash clothes. My refugee life was a very hard life, just like for other refugee people. I spent 15 years in a poor refugee life in a refugee camp. I think refugee camps are the like a bird cage. If someone put a bird in a cage, they cant wait outside with him they need to help take him outside. In my life the same things happened like a bird who was kept in a cage.But in my life no one could help take me outside of a refugee camp. But after 18 years I found one agency we called (I.O.M) it means inter-national origination for immigration. They helped to take me out from the refugee camp. When I found that agency I felt very happy because that agency changed my familys future life. Then when I went for the first time to the I.O.M office,they decided to take my fam-ily to America in Tucson, Arizona. Then I started to think about my new life that I spent in America. My mom she was so happy, because if we could go to America we wouldnt have to do hard work in the river all the time. My sisters were also happy to go to America. I think we were very luckily people in this refugee camp because I got my first chance to come to America with my small happy family. Then I had other problems like money to buy clothes and some new things that we could use in America. I did not have enough money to buy clothes and other things. When I was a 10 years old I opened a Photoshop with the help of my friends. I sold that shop with my friends and I got some money to buy good things that I used in America. Things like clothes, bags, cooking stuff. After that we left our beautiful ref-ugee camp on April, 10, 2010 in the morning at 8:00am. From my camp we went to the capital city of Nepal, that is Kathmandu, at 12:00 oclock in the af-ternoon. Then we stayed 4 days in Kathmandu because we had to get a plane ticket from Kathmandu to New York in America. Then on April 14, 2010 our journey began from the capital city of Nepal. And on April 15, 2010 at night time I came to Tucson Interna-tional Airport. When I get out from the plane I saw a lot of Nepali people. They came to pick up my family. One thing I didnt know was that Nepali people would come to welcome me in a new coun-try. At that time I felt very happy. I thought in Amer-ica there are also Nepali people, I am not alone with my family. Then from the airport I came to my new house where I started my new life in a new country. After two months when I come here, I joined my school at Catalina magnet high school. When I came to Catalina High School I felt happy because I found different friends from different countries and I learned some different languages in school to help my friends. After some months all the teachers knew me. Refugee Life By Muskan6 Stories Of The Heart And Mind Spring 2012When I first came to America it was really hard for me to know the culture and to study the people. When I was in Nepal I thought in America theyre just white and black when I first saw all kinds of people I was very happy. And also I saw Nepali people and I talked to them. And one day I a saw bunch of people talking to each-other, and I came close to them but, they werent talking in Nepali, and English either, but they looked Nepali. And I asked them are you guys Nepali? They Said NO. I asked them again really? They were like NO and I asked them where are you guys from? They said Mexico I was like OMG and I said sorry people they were like okayfine and they asked me are you new in USA? I said yeah!! I was new in the school. I didnt even recognize my own teacher. Because they all looked the same and sometimes my Nepali friends helped me find the classes but, more than 10 times I got lost. After one week I was okaythen I could go to all my classes and I knew the teachers. I didnt know most of the peers, I made many friends but, it took a while to figure out their name. And now I am at Catalina Magnet High School. Now I do know my teachers and it doesnt take time to figure out friends names. Now Im glad to be in the USA. Because the United States is the land of opportunities. You can accomplish your goals and you can be a successful per-son Life In The United StatesSheemaby KrishnaToday is a wonderful day for me because I am go-ing to start at a new school. I feel so excited that I am going to have a new friend. Oh yep today is the first day of school and I went to my first period class. After that I saw a girl walking alone in the hallway and she looked like she was confused. I ran away near her and I said hi I am Krishna, and she said hello I am Sheema; hey can you help me find this class, and I say sure let me see your schedule and she gave me her schedule. I told her hey we have the same class and she says thats great and I say can we be friends? And Sheema says of course. After that we used to walk together and we used to go shopping together. Sheema is a smart, kind and helpful girl. She is little bit taller than me. Actually, Sheema liked to go shopping a lot like me. Sheema shared her feeling with me and I also shared my feeling with her. If we had any problems we solved our problems with each other. We went to visit different places together. We had a lot of fun when we got together. During the Summer my mom decided to take us to another city, and I felt so bad because Sheema didnt go with me. When I got to an-other city I used to call and we talked on the phone. On August 19th I came back from my aunts house and to school and I saw her. The new teacher decided to take us on our first field trip. Our field trip was at the beach. It was hot and all of the students were swimming and Sheema was not swimming because she didnt feel well. She was sitting on the chair and watching us. After a while one boy came near her and he sat down on the chair, and they introduced each other. When I came back from the beach she told me she liked him and he also liked her. The field trip was wonderful because we had a lot of fun and some people were dancing, and-some of them were eating. After 1 hour we come back home. The next morning we had to be ready to go to school. When we talked at school she told me about the boy she met. Sheema said he went to our same school. I said oh! My god I never saw him. We went to the 1st period class. When 1st period finished, we talked as we walked to another class again Then we saw that boy standing in the hallway watching her. He called her and he gave her a red rose and he said I love you, do you love me? Sheema was quiet for second. She said yep I also love you. They fell in love. The name of the boy is Karan; after that Karan and Sheema used to dated each other but, the problem is another girl liked karan and when she saw Sheema and Karan together she become jealous and she tried to fight with Sheema. After a few months, Sheemas par-ents knew that Sheema and Karan were in love. They tried to separate them because they didnt like Karans family.Spring 2012 Stories Of The Heart And Mind 7When things are going well with your life and ev-erything around you, it is easy to have peace of mind. But feelings of peace can easily be broken. Anything that you dont feel that is right comes along to de-stroy it. It can also eradicate the good feelings that you have before and mess it up. When someone has said something mean to you, you dont throw it back in their face but you run away from the situation, or the relationship and everything. But running away cannot solve your problems and calm you down. You need to find peace that will help you, no matter how hard the situation is. Its very compulsive for someone to find peace by themselves without anybodys help. You need to find peace that will hold you steady. You need a deep inner peace that isnt based on circumstances. Here is how to have a lasting peace,Realize that God loves you.God wants to be involve in your life, in your de-cision and lastly in your heart. If you want peace, real peace, talk to God and he will give you peace.Most relationships tend to fail, not because of absence. But I wonder with my boyfriend about how strong and wonderful of a relationship we have now. And relation-ships are only for two people as well as boyfriend and girlfriend but most stupid people dont know how to count. In relationships we always need trust, love, care and understanding. This is what only true relationships are for. When someone really loves you and you dont even know that persons background it can be hard. So sometimes the person who loves you a lot feels bad and starts feeling like you are not good enough to be in someones life. In a first relationship you just try to play, but it will hurt you by playing with some-ones life. When people have relationships with some-one else, they always want to be together with them and want to see them. The person is on their mind daily. In my relationship right now I feel scared some-times because I dont know what is happening in my How To Find PeaceRelationshipsfuture. I will hope thats we will be successful and we can remain girlfriend and boyfriend.When you move to the Untied States, and you dont speak any English but you want to learn it, you should start talking to people who speak English. When I first started learning English, it was so hard for me. Even though I did not really understand what they were say-ing I kept trying to learn more but I couldnt get it. Sometime you feel embarrassed, nervous or shy when you try to speak or understand English. It al-ways happens but if you keep trying you will learn someday. Some people learn very fast, but there are always ways to learn English no matter what. There are people who are going to help you learn but, English is not as easy as you think it is. It takes a long time for you to get it. If you go to school you always need to be in class-always. And do your work so that you can learn better English.How You Learn To Speak English8 Stories Of The Heart And Mind Spring 2012How To Be A PSPI am late to school hurry up sister. Oh Orlando can you just wait for minute, but I am late! After school his friend asked Orlando to go home, but Or-lando said, No I cant because I have to sign up for the soccer season. Oh man look at this chicken leg, how are you going to play soccer? The next day after school they started practic-ing. Then the coach said, Play good you jerk ok? Ok, but when do we have a game? Orlando asked the coach. He said you suck at soccer, so dont worry about the game. On Saturday they moved to another house. Orlando went to a new school and he was shy in the class. He wanted to sign up for soccer, but he did not know where to find the Activity office. He asked one girl and she took him to the Activity office. He signed up and said to the girl, thank you for showing me the office. Oh no problem you are welcome, she said. They had a game and the coach let him play; then he scored a goal. On the practice day he always practiced hard and even when he got home he played with his dad to practice. The best player on their team now was Orlando. When he was a junior they had a game with his old school and his friend was there to watch the game. He did the best he could and he scored three on the first half time. He has As and he was a good student too. He graduated, went to college and he still plays soccer. He became the PSP for college soccer. After two year, they wanted him for Real Madrid. For the next 20 years, he was the PSP in the world.Ronaldinho Ronaldinho, Messi, Eto C. RonaldoThere is a beautiful girl. Every month she goes to the same company to pay her phone bill. Every time when she goes there she meets with a guy. He is so nice. He is Love After The Hatealways a very nice person with her. He tries to help her with any question she has or anything else. He tried to invite her many times to drink something or to get lunch or dinner with him. The last time he tried to ask her to go to the movies, but she didnt agree. She hated him. He tried many times, but she always says No. Many times he asked her. Do you have a boyfriend?but she said No. Then he asked her again to go to the movies. Finally she agreed to go to the movies. She gave him a choice that if he agreed with her she would go with him to watch a Disney movie. He just wanted to go out with her. He was very happy and excited because she accepted his invitation. After that they met each other in some place they chose and they ate popcorn and they had a lot of fun. Finally everyone went to their home and they text-ed each other messages all night. Then they decided to go to the same college. They took the same classes and they were in love. After colleges they got married. by ShamamIts hard for young kids to be wise, but you have a lot of stuff to do and learn in your life. My advice is to try to learn from other peoples mistakes and the good things too. Never let people tell you what to do, but if they are right do it and use your mind if this thinks are good or bad. The important things are to try to have old friends so you will learn from them the good things and get advice as much as you can. Always try to ask questions to older people because they have some bet-ter ideas and skills. Wisdom is good to have so you can be success-ful in this life. In your job or business, people wont cheat you because you will already have learned your lesson from others. When you are wise in this life peo-ple will trust you more and believe in you. If you make a mistake dont ever get mad at the person who tries to correct you, or give you a lesson. You should be proud of yourself because people care about you. Learn from your lesson. Even if you are wise, you can still make mistakes in this life. Try to improve your self and if you have a problem fix it with your mind, not with your body. How To Be Wiseby LaythSpring 2012 Stories Of The Heart And Mind 9Today, I am going to write a love story. It happens in col-lege. The real condition of this love story is in college after the summer vacation. All stu-dents are in the college. Let me introduce you to the char-acters. There is a handsome boy. His name is Rajiv, and his friends name is Rabin. In this college there is one love mas-ter. His name is Aryan. He is the master of love. He has a lot of girlfriends. Always, he utters a mobile number to make friendships with beautiful girls. In this college there is one beautiful and simple girl. Her name is Payel. Payel is not so modern, but a bubbly next door traditional girl. In school all stu-dents call her a sister. But, who can compete against the spirit of true love that Payel has with her childhood friend Rajiv. Payel loves Rajiv. She really loves Rajiv, but Rajiv looks innocent, except that he is an expert at flirt-ing. Everyone in the college knows how much Payel loves Rajiv. Maybe that is the reason that his entire friends always try to create some rumors about them. One day Rajiv proposed to Payel and declared her as his girlfriend but, Rajiv also confirmed to Rabin that this love is just a temporary one to have some fun. Pay-el was alone in her flat and Rajiv came there to look at the picture album, where she kept all the memorable photos of their sweet friendship. One day Rajiv, Rabin, Payel, and another friend decided to go to Alibagh for a tour. Alibagh is the name of the place to visit. They went to Alibagh with their friend for a tour. On that night, Rajiv wanted to fulfill his lust, but Payel shielded that action as she had true love for him. Payel slap Rajiv. The slap proved a disaster for their relationship. They wanted to break up and Rajiv challenged all friends that one day the most beautiful girl of this college will be his girlfriend. After that one day he met a girl. Her name is Alisha. Alisha entered into college. Within one week Alisha became Rajivs girlfriend after all, Rajivs astrology really worked. One day Rajiv acted like his hand was broken near Alisha. He danced with his false broken hand, only for the sake A Love Storyby Kalpanaof Alisha. She was like an ultra modern dresser which provokes other people. Was it really a small problem for a boy like Rajiv? On those days Rajivs friend Rabin and Payel are getting too close to each other. On Rajivs birthday par-ty he had a fight with Rabin about Payel. Alisha came to know about the past relationship of Rajiv. Alisha is a fool. After all Alisha knew about payel and Rajivs past. Alisha breaks up with Rajiv. Again Rajiv goes back with Payel. Rajiv says sorry to Payel. Payel forgives Rajiv about the past because Payel still loves Rajiv. Ra-jiv and Payel get back together. True love never ends.Chess helps make our mind sharp and makes it active. The main organ we all have is a brain. We should care about it first of all. The main things to keep your brain in a good shape are mental activity. Your brain is a very powerful device. It is much more perfect than any computer or anything else. For example, you wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, take your breakfast etc. you perform all those activities without thinking re-ally. If you make similar work again and again, there is NO need to use your brain. Almost all people play chess to make their mind sharp. It helps build your mind. Chess is a game played by two people on a chessboard with six-teen pieces, eight are the same and the rest are different. Each type of piece moves in a dis-tinct way. The goal of the game is to checkmate. The player controlling the white army is named "White"; the player controlling the black pieces is named "Black. When two players are playing chess, if a player's king is placed in check and there is no legal move that play-er can make to escape check, then the king is said to be checkmated, the game ends, and that player loses. When we play chess, we have to know that, when a friend moves their players, we have to move on cor-rectly. It a good way to build our mind. How Can Chess Help Make The Brain Sharp?by Chandra10 Stories Of The Heart And Mind Spring 2012Love Poem LoveAs surprising meLove spreads as I remove itYou touched my heart that used to be heartless in front of the worldYou let me breatheYou let my hurt change to tearsDont leave me ***** Dont leave meYou sleep deep inside of my heartComing deep inside of my memoriesI cant let you go away *****I cant let you go awayBecause of mixed fate I lost your handI call your name inside of me everydayDont love anyone *****Dont love anyoneI go back to the day I had met you a million timesLike luck, I met you that dayThe words I cant say backed up like dustDont leave me *****Dont leave meI cant let you go*****I cant let you goDont love anyone else**** *Dont love anyone elseLife teaches you to love. Love is a gift in our life that can turn the frowns into smiles on our face. How do you feel about love? How do you get love from another person? By respecting other people; if you need to get love from any person you have to respect everyone. Love begins with respect.Love is not from novels: Love is something inside of us that we spread in life for everybody. Love starts from your family, and love is in our community.Love is from our emotions: But you can it use for good direction. It is not for everybody, only for your heart to choose one person forever.Love is a promise to another person: You have to respect your promise and love begins from two people and spreads out to the MihadI want a walk and a smile with you and I dont want to miss a second of itMy life is beautiful because of you dearHug me hold me until my tears are dryIt hurts me to know how sometimes I can be selfish around youI am getting crazy because of youEveryday I try to find for you true love I try to buy you something valuable but theres nothing more valuable then youI try to sing to you what I feel everydayI try to be the hand you hold everydayYour beauty is a sunset I watch every morningThere will be pain in my heart sweetly so dont leave me and come join me in this thing called HariraPersuade is the strength for a better changeI persuade passion in our communityI persuade happiness in our communityI persuade my friends to make a better change in our communityI persuade for a better change for all of usI persuade us to be involvedI persuade things that are unclear I persuade a changePersuadeby HariraSpring 2012 Stories Of The Heart And Mind 11Do you know how to get along with your teachers and partici-pate in class? Here is some advice: be ready to answer questions from your teachers, and be respectful to your teachers. For example, I myself work harder in class and answer questions from my teachers. First, I respect all of my teachers; I become friends with all my teach-ers. That way my teachers can help me to understand something I dont know. There is a very important rea-son why you should be friends with your teachers and participate in class: It will be easier to get good grades. How can you participate in class? A good way to participate in class is to raise your hand when no one knows an answer or anything. Also your teacher will appreciate your answer. Just dont be shy; be brave and answer questions for your grade and for yourself. Just be positive, because there is never one right answer to anything, you want your teacher to see that you are able to answer. If you think to yourself that it is a wrong answer, it doesnt matter. Just try and thats all. To be friends with your teachers is very impor-tant. It will help you with your grade and other prob-lems. Just ask, dont be an angry person who always gets mad every time. Just be a happy person. Be nice to everyone in class. Volunteer when no one wants to help the teacher, do something that to make your teach-er happy and proud. If you do every assignment that might help you to become friends with your teacher. She/he will notice that you are a good student and hard working. You should respect your teachers and other stu-dents. Make sure you dont hate your teacher, because if you hate your teacher, your grade will go down, even the teacher will not help you any more because you dont like him or her. Be gentle. Dont argue with your teacher when he is talking to you. If you do that it will How To Get Along With The Teachers And Participate In Classmake your grade go down. If you dont respect your teacher, she/he will never respect you back. Dont talk to other students when your teacher is talking because that will be disrespectful. How can you participate in class? Work hard in class if your teacher gives you an assignment dont get tired. Just do it and dont be apathetic. Cooperate with other students. Make comments and give your own opinion about what the teacher says about reading for the class. When you are in the class, be ready to answer questions from your teacher. Listen to your teachers when he or she is talking. Dont talk to other students when you have an assignment to do. If you get along with your teachers and partici-pate in class, it will help you to get good grades and be-come a good student. If you are a good student, others will respect you and follow your characteristics so they will challenge themselves just to be like you. Then, they can get good grades too. It will help you in the future to get along with other people, for example when you have a career in the ZuberiArt is all over the world, for example people all over the world like to draw or to cre-ate something cool. Art has a lot of different colors and de-signs. Some people make art on the walls or on paper so they can get better, and more creative. People show draw-ings to let people know that they have talent. If you want to draw better you might get a teacher or someone who knows how to draw well. Some people around the world know how to draw, some do paintings, or do tattoos of some kind of designs. People like to draw cool designs all over the world, because they want to be famous or just do it for fun. People might like to draw but some dont like it because they arent good. Art teachers like to teach dif-ferent people or students so they can know how to draw good pictures. When I grow up I want to know how to draw better, and have more experience. Drawing makes me feel creative and smart. How does it make you feel?by JoseArt Is All Over The World12 Stories Of The Heart And Mind Spring 2012If I Could Have JustOne Wish If I could have just one wish I would wish to wake up every-day to The sound of your breath on my neck,The warmth of your lips on my cheek, The touch of your fingers on my skin And the feeling of your heart beating with mine.Knowing that I could never find that feeling With anyone other than you.I love the way you look at me,Your eyes so bright and blue,I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so soft and smooth. I love the way you make me happy, And the way you show you care I love the way you say, I love you,And the way youre always there for me.I love the way you touch me, Always sending chills down my spine. I love that you are with me always, And glad that you are mine. I love the way you hug me,It tells me how much you want me,I love the way you talk to me < 3 by Etongoby NoraCant Forget SomeoneAngels above me! Every single day I feel like I am a young man who doesnt have any future. I imagine what I have done and accomplished in the past 17 years of my life. I started asking myself who am I? Am I a lost boy? What do I want to do with my life? Is it drugs or crimes? I never got the perfect answer. I keep think-ing and thinking however, I never get the right answer. One day I heard the voice speaking to me. The first time, it was so scary, I was shaking and suddenly, I heard a voice. The voice that said, Dont be afraid! Youre a strong and powerful young man, why are you asking yourself questions? I didnt know what to say. Instead, I ran as fast as I could. The next day, I said to myself, was that a ghost? I was so afraid to die. I didnt get the answer I was looking for. Did I go insane? I did. I just heard a voice out of nowhere. After that day, I always thought that it was my imagination. I kept living my life normally, just like other teenagers. How-ever, I wasnt normal, I was different. How different? I dont know. I started acting strange, doing drugs, steal-ing and committing murder. I became evil. All that time Angels were watching me and one day, they changed my path. Angels above me altered my life for ever and ever. Angels Above MeSometimes you want to try to forget someone but you cant. You will do something to make yourself busy. You always use your time to study, to work, maybe you think you can forget when youre busy and you will stop to think about that person. But, when you make yourself busy, you feel very tired and you will think more about that person. You dont have to do that just do everything like the old times and dont try do change yourself. You can relax when you do something to make you feel happy, maybe go out with your friends, go shopping, It will help you to not be stressed. Its easy to forget someone when you make yourself busy. Another problem, when you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you try to find another person to make you forget. But is that a good idea to do that? Its never a good idea; maybe you will hurt people who love you. You have to think about your love. You al-ready know your feelings when you broke up, you felt really hurt, and you have to know the people you find to be beside you, but if you dont love the person he or she will hurt more than you. If you dont know if you love your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, time will help you to answer it. He or She will always be around your mind. You have to try to tell your feelings to the person you love. Love will come to you if you know how to keep it. You need one minute to like someone, you need one hour to miss someone, you need one day to love someone but you need one life to forget some-one. If you try to forget someone who already made you happy, smile and cry, you need a long time to forget that person. To love someone is always easier than to forget someone. If you try to forget someone, you will miss that person more than you want to forget them. You can keep your memories and everything in your mind. Maybe in the future, youre going to smile when you think about it. 14 Stories Of The Heart And Mind Spring 2012by HeeraIm sorry for what I did wrong.Now my mind is so regretful.Im sorry again, please forgive me.The minute I made you upset which I dont want to see.I feel like crying when I think about it.Even though I say Sorry, it wouldnt fit. I hope you will forgive me please againthat will be my best ambition Ill ZackSoccer FanHow to play soccer is not that hard. You just have to know what you are doing when you are on the field and that is easy to learn. First you have to know how to kick the ball and dirtball the ball. Being a soccer player you have to know how to run a lot but there are different positions where you dont run, like goalie or defender, you run a litter bit but not that much. The other positions makes you run a lot. To be a great soccer player you have to have running skills and know how to control the ball. Spring 2012 Stories Of The Heart And Mind 15


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