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The first thing you have to understand is any successful strategy shouldn't solely involve Facebook, it needs to be part of your other marketing efforts.


  • 1. STOP LOSING FACE(BOOK) 4 Simple Steps to Effective Facebook Marketing

2. 1. Set Goals Any strategy begins with goals. What do you want out of your Facebook Page? Consider some of these goals as you craft your plan: 3. 1. Set Goals A.) INCREASED EXPOSURE AND AWARENESS. This goal can be a bit difficult to measure, but one way could be the new likes to your Page. 4. 1. Set Goals B.) BUILD A LOYAL FAN BASE. This goal can be a bit Before people do business with you, they need to get to know you, like and trust you first. This goal can be seen from the People Talking About This figure. 5. 1. Set Goals C.) GATHER LEADS. Using some type of email opt-in is a great way to gather leads from people who may be interested in your product or service. 6. 1. Set Goals D.) GET SALES. Selling directly from Facebook can present a challenge. Make sure you attach special links to track conversions from your sales messages. If you are running Facebook ads, make sure you know how well theyre doing. 7. 2. Research - Identify your perfect customers and where they spend their time. 8. 2. Research - Research your competition and watch what is working for them. 9. 2. Research - Understand the latest techniques. Keep up with what topics are trending so you know can keep your finger on the pulse of whats happening and leverage on the buzz to create more interest in your business. 10. 3. Set Up a Calendar - Have a plan in place for what you will post each week. 11. 3. Set Up a Calendar - You can schedule some of the posts within Facebook, look for good content and be regular with your posting. 12. 3. Set Up a Calendar - Take some time to map out your long- term activity and marketing plan, along with an estimate of your outcomes. 13. 4. Track Your Progress - Take time to look back at your progress on Facebook so you know if your marketing is working. 14. 4. Track Your Progress - Understand how Facebook Insights work so you know which posts are working for you. 15. 4. Track Your Progress - Understand what you should be measuring on Facebook and also track your goals. Take a few breaks throughout the year to assess and tweak your plan when needed. 16. Success Resources Pte Ltd Main Office: 10/11 Pahang Street, Singapore 198611 Toll Free: 1800 7822 377 Direct: +65 6299 4677 Fax: +65 6295 2441 Email: Website: