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Suellen Gaynor, Surgical Patient Flow Manager, from Wagga Wagga Base Hospital delivered this presentation at the 2012 Elective Surgery Redesign Conference. For more information about our wide range of medical and health events covering a broad range of industry issues, please visit


<ul><li> 1. Stirring up an Ants Nest Challenging current process Disrupting normality Presented by Suellen Gaynor, Surgical Patient Flow Manager, Wagga Wagga Base Hospital (WWBH), Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD), NSW Health. </li></ul> <p> 2. NEST NATIONAL ELECTIVE SURGICAL TARGETS 100% YTD by December 2015 3. ANTS NEST . 4. Wagga Wagga within MLHD 5. Wagga Wagga Base Hospital from the air 6. Background to Achieving NEST 7. Category 1 - Overdues 8. Category 2 - Overdues 9. Category 3 - Overdues 10. Managing Wait List 11. Wait list management challenges. Aging population Community Expectations Staffing New VMOs Targets &amp; Activity Base Funding 12. Surgical Patient Flow Manager 13. Issue to be resolved Director of Medical Services 14. NEST Strategies 15. Predictive Report 16. Theatre Booking Office Practices 17. Correspondence review All letters from Theatre Booking Office Additional Correspondence Ongoing review 18. MEETINGS Surgical Waitlist Management Group Patient Flow Manager Booking Office Theatre Management 19. CANCELLATIONS MANAGEMENT 20. Introduction of the Emergency Surgery Guidelines (2009) Dedicated Emergency session Acute Surgical Unit (virtual model) 21. Capital Works 22. Utilization of outlying Health facilities 23. The NEST Challenge 100% for all categories by 2015 24. National Emergency Access Targets (NEAT) 25. The Continuing Journey 26. References Surgery News can be found on Predictable Surgery Program Newsletters page in ARCHI. Retrieved 22nd October 2012 from Rough Road Ahead, The continuing Journey Ants background image by Joe Lencioni at Maps 27. Thanks to My mentors, Megan King, Michelle Sleep, Jill Ludford and Bruce Budd, Managers within MLHD Theatre Booking Staff for teaching me everything that I now know about Waiting List Management Bruce Budd Access Surgical Performance Manager, for the Category Overdue graphs Irene Hing, DON&amp;M, WWBH, MLHD for the title for this presentation. WWBH Librarian, Jenny Price IIR Healthcare Conference Providers And my audience today. </p>