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STI Led Inclusive Innovation:Shifting Paradigms

R A MashelkarPresident

Global Research Alliance

The STI Challenge

Science Solve

Technology Transform

Innovation Impact

Inclusion should not only create opportunities for all within a society but also be globally inclusive.

You cannot leave behind the people that I saw in Rajasthan in India for instance

- Robert Zoellick5 December 2009New Delhi, India

The Challenge:Including the Excluded!

NOT BUT___________________________________________________



Low Cost


Incremental Innovation

Ultra Low Cost

Extreme Affordability

Disruptive Innovation

Inclusive Innovation

Ultra Low Cost AIDS Triple-Combination(stavudine (d4T) + lamivudine (3TC) + nevirapine)

CSIR India Contribution

10 fold lower not 10% lower


Disruption at Ultra Low Cost

Products To__________________________________________________________






Psoriasis Treatment $20000 $100

Artificial Foot $12000 $28

Cataract Surgery $3000 $30

Laptop $2000 $100

Hepatitis B Vaccine $18 $0.4

Current Drug Development



Cost of development $1.5 b$250 m

Time 15yrs10yrs

Potential new drugs (NCE) ~30~40

Cost of Treatment: $20000!

Time for Development: 10 yrs

Cost of Development: Few hundred million dollars

X $100?

X 5 yrs?


When you wish to achieve results that have not been achieved before, it is an unwise fancy to think that they can be achieved by using methods that have

not been used before.

- Sir Francis Bacon

Traditional Medicine

Modern Medicine

Modern Science

Standard Drug Delivery Process

Molecule Mice Men

Reverse Pharmacology ProcessReverse Pharmacology Process

Men Mice Men

Indian Psoriasis Breakthrough

World Bank paving the way for Inclusive Innovation

GRA-WB initiative Approach based reverse pharmacology for treatment

of HIV opportunistic infections Basis: Tanzania traditional knowledge! Traditional healers and scientists from 5 continents

brought together

Tanga project partners TAWG (Tanzania) NIMR (Tanzania) CSIR (SA) CSIR (India) FhG (Germany) TNO (Netherlands)

World Bank paving the way for Inclusive Innovation

Global Indigenous Knowledge and Innovation Partnership (GIKIP)

(New York- 26 Sept 2008)

CSIRO, Australia CSIR, India CSIR, South Africa FhG, Germany TNO, Netherlands VTT, Finland SIRIM, Malaysia DTI, Denmark Battelle, USA

The Power of GRA

60000 scientists from 5 continents

Scientific credibility Members driven by:

Innovation, Compassion, Passion Collective Mandate:

Global Good through Global Knowledge


First commercial Xerox copier (Battelle)Dry copying process developed into the first office copier machine in 1944

MP3 (Fraunhofer)Development of high quality, low bit-rate audio coding for quality transfer of music

Wi-Fi(CSIRO)Development and patenting of wireless LAN technology Gigabyte wireless network (CSIRO)Development of wireless technology which can deliver up to 12 Gbps over a range of more than 8 kms

Power of GRA- High Tech Pioneers


But GRA believes inInclusive Innovation

A breakthrough in TB after the first new molecule Rifampycin in 1963. Clears TB in two months rather than 6-8 months (CSIR India)

Orbital implant (CSIR SA)A low cost eye replacement with unique advantages

Relenza, (CSIRO) the first drug successful in treating flu

Bioactive paper for diagnostics (VTT)Includes functionalities based on the selective reactions of biomolecules

Global Knowledge for Global Good

GRA Dyadic Relationships

CSIR South Africa



FraunhoferCSIR India





Global Knowledge for Global Good

Network of Networks

Regional networking with partners from Oulu in electronics and tele-communications programmes

Lappeenranta University of Technology (Lappeenranta)

Salcomp Oy (Kemijrvi)CCC (Oulu)

Sonera (Helsinki)

Nokia Mobile Phones (Oulu)National Semiconductor Finland Oy,former Fincitec Oy (Kemi)

University of Oulu (Oulu)

Efore Oy (Helsinki)

Projekti-Insinrit Oy (Helsinki)

Cybelius Software Oy (Oulu)

Teleste (Turku)

Tampere University of Technology (Tampere)

Nokia Networks (Oulu)

ADC Telecommunications Oy (Oulu)

VTT, Technical ResearchCentre of Finland (Helsinki)

Helsinki University of Technology (Espoo)JOT Automation Oy (Oulu)

Nokia Research Center (Helsinki)

VTT, Technical ResearchCentre of Finland (Oulu)

Extrabit Oy (Oulu)

ABB (Helsinki)NetHawk Oy (Oulu)

Elektrobit Oy (Oulu)

Vaisala Oyj (Helsinki)

Polar Electro Oy (Oulu)

Filtronic LK Oy (Oulu)

Aspocomp Oy (Helsinki)

Elcoteq Network Oyj (Lohja)

Planar Systems Oy (Helsinki)Ultraprint Oy (Oulu)

Suunto Oy (Helsinki)Picopak (Lohja)Nokia Mobile Phones (Salo)


Power of Network of Networks


P =

GRAs Network of Networks powering low cost internet access to rural Africa..

Connecting the unconnected with next-gen technology

Pilot through Macha community in Zambia

Network of NetworksNo. Participant organisation name Short name Country


Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Fraunhofer Germany

2 France Telecom FT France

3 Turksat A.S. TurkSat Turkey

4 Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH HWDU Germany

5 SAP AG SAP Germany

6 Thales Nederland B.V. TNL The Netherlands

7 Interroute S.p.A. IRT Italy

8 LinkNet LinkNet Zambia

9 Romantis Romantis Germany

10. ViaLight Communications GmbH VLC Germany

11. StratXX near space technologies AG STX Switzerland

12. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT Finland

13. Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepastnatuur wetenschappelijk TNO The Netherlands

14. Council of Scientific & Industrial research CSIR South Africa

15. Deutsches Zentrum fur Luf-und Raumfahrt e.V DLR Germany

16. Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences BRSU Germany

17. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne EPFL Switzerland

18. Center for Mathematics and Computer Science CWI The Netherlands

Design Develop Deploy

Local Organizations

Local Capacity Building

GRA spans end-to-end

The Power of partnering 10,000 Development Practitioners with 60,000 Scientists

Potential for inclusive innovation


Solutions for accelerated Sustainable


The World Bank

Global Knowledge Repository

Development Finance

Project Funding

Achieve universal primary education Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other

diseases Develop global partnership for


STI- Engine for DevelopmentWorld Bank- Engine for STI?


$18 per dose

40 Cents per dose!!

SPREAD funding creates Indias Hepatitis B Vaccine

World Bank

(India, 1990-92)

Industrial Technology Development Programme


Sponsored Research and Development (SPREAD)

Inclusion should not only create opportunities for all within a society but also be globally inclusive.

You cannot leave behind the people that I saw in Rajasthan in India for instance

- Robert Zoellick5 December 2009New Delhi, India

Time to Move


Industrial Technology Development Programme (ITDP)


Inclusive Innovation Development Programme (IIDP)


SME Development Human Development

Creation of Venture Capital Creation of Social Capital

Transforming public institutions

Transforming poor lives through innovation

Industrial Technology Development Programme (WB)

Inclusive Innovation Development Programme (WB)

Ecosystem for Industrial Research and Technology Development

Ecosystem for Inclusive Innovation

Country specific MDG specific (STI driven)

Soft loan to countries Committed to innovation challenges

Consortia of intra-country organizations

Consortia of global funding organizations

Global Funding AlliancesTraditional New Model

Products for customers-

Feasibility of product/service performance in markets drive funding objectives

People as customers-

The needs of the unserved customers are identified and funding is packaged to support inclusive innovation

Enterprise Uptake-

The output of the project requires an enterprise to come in and commercialize

Enterprise Creation-

An enterprise is either identified as a partner at the beginning of the project or is created