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the best of $ DIIIT[ilil0nffi #*"'e,ff i$ i$ i& 'gI JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU - ISN'T SHE LOVELYYOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE - SUPERSTITIONPART TIME LOVER - OVERJOYED - MY CHERIE AMOURMASTER BLASTER - MY LOVE - GET IT ecc.fL erlrlrrln, rrrusrcali,FD lavoce del padrsne srthe best ofAll in loveBoogie on$ DlrIDInilDnINDICEis fairPag. 4"6reggae womanGet itlsn't sheI just callI wishMy lovelovelyed to say I love you)) > )) > > > > )) > > )) > >) > )) >8 11 72 14 16 18 20 22 24 25 28 31 34 36 3B 40 42Love's in need of loveLoving you is sweetertodaythan everMaster blasterPart-time loverMy cherieOverjoyedSkeletonsSir DukeSuperstitionamourThe secret life of plantsYou are the sunshine ofmy life .You will know- iU derpadronesr,ALL IN LOVE IS FAIRThe road youis fairFa6D-oleave beTesto e Musica di S. WONDERis fa irhindmy - sterDom6ilBut allPropriet per I'ltalia: Edizioni Musicali LA VOCE DEL PADRONE s.r.l. - Via C, Ravizza. 43145 - 20149 MILANO.O Copynsht 197311974 by JOBETE MUSIC CO., Inc. & BLACK BULL MUSIC, Inc.Tutti i diritti riservati.r Sol L"Moderatamente lentoSol nr 7is changed withlove.J.It0hadRemsi byga inFa6D-owritertakeshis Remter takes histhe wordsto write the words aFaD-oArlof fate'sfa ir.2.7LaiR "_jI Siga inSi beFa D"t hatallrnt0 bBOOGIE ON REGGAE WOMANTesto e Musica di S. WONDERboo -right a - crossthe f loorlikeSolb;t 0RebL;b00t R"bto- ,rnholy0uDobR;bSol bR;b y0uTFT L"bTfryou dance t00fastPropriet per I'ltalia: Edizioni Musicali LA VOCE DEL PADRONE s.r.l. - Via C. Ravizza, 43145 - 20749 MILANOo copyright 7974b9 JOBETE MUSIC CO.. lnc. & BLACK BULL MUSIC, Inc.Tutti i diritti riservati.forme.butDobt"bModeratarnente lert0tR"b-- Vs"l bReby0utR ebl'd liket07TD"bR;bmake lovet0Boo - giereg - gae0-manT Reboy0ucan makeme scream.Boo - gie onreg" gaeT t"b Sol bt"bDaIX dissoluendowhatrsSot bL;bwr0ngwith me?Law0 - manSi bzba- by can'ty0u see.lfzI LrbS"l bL;bL"bTF?v=SolbL;'s;b L;bR"bL;br L^bGET ITTesto e Musica di S. WONDERMiss ' olq' xis put - tin' her loveon the shelf,'cause shebo -dyelseshe's takPropriet per I'ltalia: Edizioni Musicali LA VOCE DEL PADRONE s.r.l. - Via C. Ravizza. 43/45 20149 MILANOO Copynght 1987 by JOBETE MUSIC CO , lnc. & BLACK BULL MUSIC. Inc,Tutti i diritti riservati.bet0Moderato(s i m;)Dof,nrDofl nr7Do$ nrheartand putdy girl sets her heart freeand gives her love to me.n0 one s gon - na getthatmtssis my ten- der loveand afsomH)ne's got - ta getbutE Noit oh no^way und - er lock and key,Doflm 7DofmTDofl m7Do$m7Some think that dia - m0nd rings and fan - cy cars will make a big im pres"sion,but I know that all she needs0ne's g0n - naDoflm7Doflm7will be the one whotoknow that INo one's gon ' na getSim?be tht: one who will.Miss laDof,nrSome-one'sgot ' ta get itgon - nan0 one's gon - na gelknowSrm,her kissand tB getDo fl nrthat t willgon - na0Darxaro - ","iii,:*; BPotsegue 'ffiohGon - naISN'T SHE LOVELYModerately fast (almost a shuffle\\'on' Sol4/?der - ful -^_Fa (B,rsso Sol)I ne-ver thought -LamTWe have beenThe mea-ningDoIs- n't she----o --LamT Re Ithrough love we'd be __-_._-Testo e Musica di S. WONDER,Jl'Pre - clous,Less than one-T-_-ltttiJLamTlove - lyII rr Strrrm.Re9old -Is - n't sher----------Do as she -LamTminuteFa (Basso Sol )one as love - ly _Ma - kingr,Llrtsut is - n't sher- .- , ----1pret - tylovc - lyMi7/g- Mi7made froman - gel'sae thelyLamTlove.-Iu.II u.Is - n't sheIs - n't sher*'-l;-lFa (B,rsso Sol)Tru - ly theLife and lover------=-------best -same _1t4tJt> DoJhaP - py-i -shaheaofRe9venherblessed -name _Fa (B.Lsso Sol )I oan'tbe-lieve -Lon-die, it could -Boy, I'm soLife is Al-slwhat Godhave notLamThasbeengr - veowbo cotr -life -ceived -one _one _ReSFa (Basso Sol)done -- Through us he'sdone - Wi - thout your -qr:.trto theFa?+But is - n't shelove - lylove -lyThal! so ve - ryr_-:_1Mi7/g-mademadeli 7 fromfromLamTlove . -love. -Fa (Basso Sol)7 7rr3,I Do -JDoJripete ad oersione strurnentalePropriet per I'ltalia: Edizioni Musicali LA VocE DEL-PADRONE s.r.l. - Via c. Ravizza . 43/45 -QI4IMILANO9 te76 by JOBETE MUSrc co.. rn;. & LAax ii ius, ri..I utti i diritti risrvati.I JUST CALLED TO SAYI LOVE YOUr'?,7l] 7>>Dot2ModeratoBasso' RemT+an-oth - er- ur- day withleno song'slng'is some-thingtrue -Testo e Musica di S. WONDERNo New Year'stro cho - colatehere'gNo A - prilbut whatRemT+madesegue Sol?DobrateRemjustDoSatJunePropriet per l'ltalia: Edizioni Musicali LA VOCE DEL PADRONE s.r.l. - Via C. Ravizza, 43145 20149 MILANOO Copyright 1984 by JOBETE MUSIC CO.. Inc. & BLACK BULL MUSIC, Inc.Tutti i diritti riservati.RemT+r3I just called-these three words thatRemTtosay-SolTI love -must sayyou -Do IJjust called -RemT- how much-Sol?I care-just called-RemTto say-say-I love---you -LamRemT-JStbmyou -Sol?I just called-just called-just called-meall-Ir.llB.No sum-mer'svJMibm?toDoto say-I love -you -:',abzEay- how much-care_MtbmTMtbm?itLab\to say-t abifrom the botStbmof myMtbne?heartuabz heart-------l4I WISHRe7toy. -Testo e Musica di S. WONDERtoo fast)ThenRe7on - ly \r'orPianoi Elettr.LamT >\Vas for Chri! R"? LamTstmaq uhat - wouldmyL;-- - 'I- Re7 LamT -E -ven though we some-times- \\buld not get a thing-5lm/Snea-kin out- theback- door-Tb hang out *'ith those hoodlum friends of rr^ing-- R"?'We wereLamT>haP - pywithRe7the -BrightlySolo BassoLamT , Re?"L' j.' - -i--!JLamT Rc7Loo -kingJoy the day-would bring. -Propriet per I'ltalia: Edizoni Musicali LA VOCEO opynght 1976by JOBETE MUSIC CO.. IncTutti i diitti riservati.DEL PADRONE s.r.l. - Via C. Ravizza. 43145 - 20749 MILANO& BLACK BULL MUSIC. Inc.Re7you not- tolLrnIgo- out-side.-Re7to bring the-Wa - tert5Gree-ted at - the baok - door-With,boy,-LamT.] :? LamTThin-kin it mightstopRe7her- FromRe m7come baok - once more - WhY did those1) 1aLamTTryin'your bestLamTtayour eyes -stm/I wish thosewhoo-pin your be-hind. -,lILamTdaysoouldTr.mbe-) Re7dacomeback-oncemore-Why did those daysLamThave - toLamTetla. eIILemT -Re7do do dodododododo-LomT)+ al Re7to go? 'Cause Ilove them so.-to so?-frombe> LamTrr'.ish thosehave -have - t LtmT7zCoro a 2 r'ociDo do- do do-dodo- dodo- do do do dodo do-Pianof. Elettr.LrmT Re?LzmT Re7La,m1 Re7r6LOVE'S IN NEED OF LOVE TODAYTesto e Musica di S. WONDERModerato a duineah-- - -,Goodrnotnor eve-ning fiends -9lhercts your fi'ien-dly an - noun - cer -Sol t3I have se-ri-ous news- to- pass onto - everyT'>Re m7Sol 11Fa7+MimT>RemTWhat I'm a-bout to sav -could mean the worldts di' saster. -RemTsegu eDof, drm.Could changeyourjoy and laugh - ter-RemT?a?+ ,fl,,nzPropriet per I'ltalia: Edizioni Musicali LA VOCE DEL PADRONE sr.l. - Via C. Ravizza, 43145 -20149 MILANOsr Copyrisht 1976 b9 JOBETE MUSIC CO , Inc. & BLACK BULL MUSIC. Inc.Tutti i diritti nservati.f,-9..tlvlSol 13It's that?rl needLamTsend )'ours in -o/ loaeMrmTright a - way.-of- love to - day-dontt -hate'sDoStoplfem/Peo -ple yo!rtg htLamTbrea-king ma-ny hearts;-a - a!/Sol llStop -gon'be-fbre it'si'outtdLam?,,-pleasePeo-ple you know thatdon't -dn'yYou - know- that hatets-it : please-too far.-irtde- l'Ygoin'lound -LrmTlovc to -Stop itRe m7day-(It's up tocause) gone too far.-of-loue'sDodon'l r/r:Re m7necdLamTsend joursloaeMimTright a - way.-ItiglttLamTbrea-king ma-ny hearts;-hate's goin'Do'roundLamTbe - tbrellrea - lt't'rtg ltcnt'ls;MimTgone too far.-2l know thatgoneLamTripete 4 uoltepoi ad' I'ib. sfumandopleaser8LOVING YOU ISSWEETER THAN EVERModeratoTesto e Musica di S. WONDER/I. HUNTERSimTl1'tii/.1Mi 7shared by two -ll2'meet - ing youdisinstead of on - ly oneI re - mem-ber yet be -fore we met- whenM i'i/+love could betrue whenand when \ou said you loved me -Propriet per I'ltaia: Edizioni Musicali LA VOCE DEL PADRONE s.r.l. - Via C. Ravizza. 43/45 - 20749 MILANOo copynght 1966b9 JOBETE MUSIC CO.. Inc.Tutti dinfti nservati.and we could not be garr9lr -r La77tlr Labuilt my world a - roundyou -Ingyouhasmadel've ne - veffelt -ltl i ;/1hasmaclel'm so thank-ful that I found- youthisbe - fore.-I LaRe F"ilswee - terDatXsfurnand.oMi?ltliT/+ M i ?20MASTER BLASTERModerato ReggaeC,Basso ----Testo e Musica di S. WONDER.--r^ve - ry-one's feel - ing pret - ty-it's hot - ter than JurT-r r--T;--1ly-Laru1'Soldawnthcworld's full of protlems-Sol Fathey coul-ddt touch us ev - en if they triedRe? From the park I hearLamto-night thcre will be--r-1Did - n't know---\-//rl\.-5---vou -'*ould be+ + Faon the boxon thecor- ncr atr_:_.1Mithc end of theblock.+. +-LJthe break ofSr.rlpar- ty-l:Lanjam-min' no - bo-dy ev - er toldyouthatyouPropriet per l ltalia: Edizioni Musjcah LA VOCE DEL PADRONE s.r.l. - Vra C Ravizza. 43t45 - 2OI4g MILANOCopynght 1980 b-v JOBEE MUSIC CO . Inc & BLACK BULL MUSIC. IncTutti i diritti nservati.woutd be-bo-dy cv -cr toldyoutbatlou--g-..jam-min'un-tilthebreak of- dawnE --Mi7r*'ould be jarnmin un-til the break of-of the ma-ster bla-sterwould bc-'"'We're in themid- dle c,ft . , r. . r. . ,.we re_ Jam-mrnJam-mln Jam-mrn Jamr--EMi?La ulMr7dawnmuh - in'sMi7__ft_\muhMi7Coro: We're in themid'-dle of the makLam - MrlLdm Mr?I- know no-bo-dy toldyouthatyou' 3^tMi7am-ntln,.;u*f in'un-til thc brcak of - dawn---, +-,f-?t?l-l ?lLam# T-+ +-o?-?.? l-1 l'?7I t?-)- l?l.' LI.J-z9Dal X al +-Ttoi CodaLamjam-min'un-tilof tlrc ma-ster bla-ster l:-rnin'.Sc'lthe break of - dawn.the mu - stet blu - sler jam - min',Re?t11'i;r;inv?- -'-t-(r; ' ;e-tCoo: Wetre inLamthemid-dle of theripete sfumandoids tfMi?22Fa L"warm-erSolmiD-o MySolmT laD-oy one should ask you who'singn eederyLaMtall the lovemy rruecome through.L am7Sol nr ?D-otru etell them my loveLabnriR;blives to-DoFaMY LOVEtha nRemev - er let tingFaD;love seesSol blove through time and space. lf a ll ofs"tb L" bm7Sibm?La bm;R;bMi bmPropriet per I'ltalia: Edizioni Musicali LA VOCE DEL PADRONE s.r.l. - Via C. Ravizza. 43/45 - 20149 MILANOO Copyright 1987 by JOBETE MUSIC CO.. Inc. & BLACK BULL MUSIC, IncTutti i diritti with not a faceSibmrLabmTR;bev - ery thing a - bout myTesto e Musica di S. WONDERlovegtves[.entanrnte.rb FaALL IN LOVEIS FAIRdi S. WonderAll is fair in love.Love's a crazy game.Two people vow to stayin love as one they say.But all is changed with time.The future none can see.The road you leave behind,ahead lies mystery.But all is fair in Iove.I had to go away.A writer takes his pento write the words againthat all in love is fair.All of fate's a chance.It's either good or bad.I tossed my coin to sayin love with me you'd stay.But all in war is so cold.You either win or lose.When all is put away,the losing side l'11 play.But all is fair in love;i should have never left your sideA writer takes his pento write the words againthat all in love is fair.BOOGIE ONREGGAE WOMANdi S. WonderI I like to see you boogieright across the floor.I like to do it to you'til you holler for more.I like to reggaebut you dance too fast for me.I'd like to make love to youso you can make me scream.Boogie on reggae woman,what is wrong with me?Boogie on reggae woman,baby can't you see.II I'd like to see both of usfall deeply in love.f 'd like to see you and meunder the stars above.I'd like to see both of usfall deeply in love,I'd like to see you in the rawunder the stars above.So boogie on rggae woman,what is wrong with you?Boogie on reggae woman.what you try'n to do.GET ITdi S. WonderMiss Lady Girlis putting her love on the shelf,'cause she don't wantto be hurt by nobody else.She's taken her heartand put it away under lock [and key,hr rt it'