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  • Stevie Wonder

    0302 President & Chief Executive Foreword06 Board Directors

    08 Executive Team

    10 Strategic Directions 2009-11

    14 Living my way

    16 I do what I choose

    20 Community Support & Marketing

    25 Working at Cara

    28 Financial Statements

    36 Acknowledgements


  • Cara continues to benefit from the expertise and experience of our Board of Directors and Sub-committees. During the year we welcomed Tiffany Bartlett, Heather Linton, Susan Bradbrook, Kevin Cheesman and Phil Dorman while farewelling Ralph Bartholomaeus, Carol Hammond, Penny Gale and the late Neville Potter. The Board has been ably supported by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Executive team, who has provided sound leadership across the organisation in managing and developing services. The Consumer Reference Council has also provided vital feedback and governance as representatives of our clients.

    Sadly during the year, long time Cara Patron James A Nelson AM and Board Director Neville Potter passed away. Both men were loyal and ardent supporters of Cara and strong disability advocates. They will be greatly missed.

    Cara means so much to so many people whether as a recipient of our services, a family member, a staff member, volunteer, corporate partner, host family or one of the many individuals who have contributed to our cause. It is very encouraging that this support continues to grow.

    Our commitment to focused and consistent fundraising and marketing strategies has delivered excellent results. We continue to work closely with Nicknack Brand Communication and public relations firm Gray Management Group, who have both given generously of their time over and above our contractual arrangements.

    Our partnership with Westfield and Housing SA will see the opening of a new respite house for children in late 2009, while other partnerships with corporate entities continue to benefit our day to day work and community profile. To all those businesses who have worked with Cara over the year, a sincere thank you.

    To our Friends of Cara committees in the North Eastern suburbs and Gawler, your commitment and hard work is greatly appreciated, as are the many volunteers who devote their time to camps, gardening, visiting clients or general household maintenance.

    A special thanks to our Patrons Hedley Bachmann and John Dyer and to every individual who pledged support financially or in kind you truly have contributed to changing the life of an individual with a disability and their family.

    As we face the many opportunities and challenges ahead, our strong foundations, based on nearly 60 years of service, provide us with a magnificent platform for the future.

    We are now a very large organisation with services across South Australia. Our growth has been underpinned by a strong and committed Board, passionate and thoughtful staff and a large and growing number of volunteers, all of whom draw their inspiration from our clients and their families and the challenges they face every day.

    Thank you for all your endeavours during what has been another exciting 12 months for Cara.

    Nita Curtis OAM President

    Greg Box Chief Executive Officer

    In a year defined by the global financial crisis we have emerged strongly, not just maintaining existing levels of service but experiencing growth in key areas such as accommodation, respite and fundraising.

    This has been achieved with careful management despite the impact of the economic downturn on our investment portfolio, a stream of income that will always be critical in meeting the costs of delivering services.

    Our strategic direction has been set for the next three years to provide a framework for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

    The new strategic plan is dynamic and forward thinking, reflecting our commitment to our clients, families and staff and generating excitement in our future.

    It addresses the challenge of limited funds for new services and the ongoing skills shortage in the sector, while highlighting the opportunities for regional expansion, community support and fundraising.

    As a result we have reviewed our vision and mission to reflect our aspirations for the future and the changing nature of the environment in which we operate.

    We believe that the vision, mission and strategic plan is achievable in partnership with government, private enterprise and the community.

    We plan to be in a position to respond effectively to appropriate funding opportunities that arise and increase the number of services available for our clients. We aim to do this while ensuring we maintain the highest standards of service delivery, not just to meet the demands of our funding and accreditation bodies, but the day to day expectations of our clients and families for a caring, respectful and responsive service.

    Nevertheless, providing innovative support services for individuals with disabilities and their families is not something we can do in isolation. We aim to work closely with Government in identifying and targeting areas of high need for accommodation and respite. Cara has enjoyed a constructive relationship with staff at both Disability SA (DSA) and the Office for Disability and Client Services (ODACS) and we all recognise the importance of working collaboratively to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

    Equally, the provision of disability support services inherently involves the community. Our service philosophy of active support is based on the values of community participation and integration. At its core is an individual with a disability taking an active part in their community, making the choices they want, and living their way. We also need the communitys support to raise awareness of disability issues and the services that are required.

    President & Chief Executive Foreword


  • Most people shy away from being in the spotlight. They prefer the comfort of anonymity to the harsh glare of public scrutiny. Not Paul Bennier. He embraces it. Wholeheartedly. Enthusiastically. Fearlessly. A veteran of the stage for more than 10 years, Paul is part of No Strings Attached, a group who feature regularly at the annual Awakening Festival in Horsham, Victoria. More recently, he was cast to play a key role in a set of television commercials for Cara. Its opportunities like these that reinforce his belief in himself and reaffirm his independence. At the end of the day, isnt that what were all after?Age 39 | Cara service: Accommodation



  • Nita Curtis OAM | President | Committee Memberships: Finance and Audit; Service Development


    John Case | Treasurer | Committee Memberships: Chair, Finance and Audit; Chair, Risk Management


    Linda Knock | Secretary | Committee Memberships: Finance and Audit; Marketing and Fundraising; Service Development


    Tiffany Bartlett | Committee Memberships: Service Development


    Nicole Senter | Committee Memberships: Risk Management; Service Development; Marketing and Fundraising


    Max Beacom | Vice President | Committee Memberships: Chair, Marketing and Fundraising


    Dr John Entwistle | Committee Memberships: Finance and Audit; Service Development


    Philip Dorman


    Neville Potter


    Axel Husner | Committee Memberships: Marketing and Fundraising


    Kevin Cheesman | Committee Memberships: Risk Management


    Absent: Heather Linton, Susan Bradbrook


  • Greg Box | Chief Executive Officer


    Amanda Reinschmidt | Executive Manager | Marketing and Fundraising


    Warrick Dillon | Executive Manager | Corporate Services


    Andy Birch | Executive Manager | Accommodation and Respite Services


    Barb Keen | Executive Manager | Accommodation and Respite Services


    Brian East | Executive Manager | Strategic Planning, Policy, Accommodation and Special Services


    Liz Wallace | Executive Manager | Accommodation and Respite Services



  • Strategic Direction 4

    Provide leadership across the disability support services sector.

    To pursue this direction, we aim to:

    Be recognised as advocates for, and experts in, disability support services issues.

    Ensure good governance and sound management.

    Form partnerships with local, national and international organisations to share knowledge and improve disability support services.


    Achieve 100% compliance with relevant national and international standards relating to service delivery.

    Participation in relevant government inquiries and/or advisory groups.

    Annual increase in requests to Cara for information or opinions about disability support services.

    Active in one international project that utilises, broadens and enhances Caras skills and expertise.

    Strategic Direction 5

    Foster a creative, skilled and learning workforce.

    To pursue this direction, we aim to:

    Be the employer of choice in the disability support services sector.

    Be active and innovative in facilitating learning and excellence by staff.


    Achieve targets in Caras Workforce Plan.

    Increase number of staff with relevant qualifications.

    Exceed the industry benchmark for staff satisfaction annually.

    Implement additional E-Learning training packages.

    Strategic Direction 6

    Enhance Caras disability support services through community involvement, education and participation.

    To pursue this direction, we aim to:

    Continue to implement our five


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