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Stevens Institute of TechnologyS.C. Williams LibraryMichael Satalof, Project ArchivistSpring 2013

Report on Antiques, Artworks, and Special CollectionsProject SummaryPurposeCreate a campus-wide inventory and visual record of historic artifacts and artworks at Stevens.Document current location and condition. Describe historical context and provenance.

BackgroundUsed legacy inventories, donor files, and special collections.Longtime staff and administrators were invaluable.Project SummaryBased on 2004 appraisal inventory

371 art and historic artifacts documented in 2004355 of these objects located and inventoried in 2013More than half are in now new locations

Project SummaryArtifacts not inventoried

The Librarys bibliographic materialsThe Librarys collection of mechanical modelsThe Frederick Winslow Taylor and Stevens Family collections16 objects not located from the 2004 inventoryNon-special collections or antique items

Project SummaryInventory

520 objects inventoried195 visual artworks259 furnishings53 documentary artifacts13 structural components

1,150 images captured


Wesley J. Howe CenterS.C. Williams LibraryHoxie HouseAlexander HousePond HouseEdwin A. Stevens HallPierce HallCampus groundsElementDefinitionExampleObject IdentifierAn unambiguous and unique number assigned to each object.01.1.3TitleTitle of an object, either given or supplied.Portrait of Rachel Cox StevensCreatorThe artist, agent or agency, maker or manufacturer responsible for creation of an object.Unknown (not apparently signed)DescriptionDescription of the object that can include physical, intellectual, or additional contextual information.Purportedly after an original by Gilbert Stuart (via, 2004 appraisal inventory). In 17th century giltwood frame.DateDate of creation. Circa dates are indicated as Ca.Mid-19th centurySourceInformation about the objects provenance, donor information, or former campus location.Formerly located in Castle Stevens, in the Gold Room, and later displayed in the Castle Room.ConditionDescription of the physical state of an object, based on visual inspection (from a vocabulary list: Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor).Good With minor surface cracking in spots on canvas.DimensionsPhysical dimensions, in inches and feet.40 w x 47 hMediumMedium or media comprising an object.Oil paintingLocationCurrent campus location (from a vocabulary list).Hoxie House, Drawing RoomInventory ProcessUnique ID number

Assigned to each object or setClassification system based on The Gettys Art & Architecture thesaurus

7Inventory ProcessUnique ID number

The Moon and Stars01.4.1


8Inventory ProcessUnique ID number

The Moon and Stars01.4.1

Visual workscw_01.4.1_1.jpg

9Inventory ProcessUnique ID numberThe Moon and Stars01.4.1

Visual workMobilescw_01.4.1_1.jpg

10Inventory ProcessUnique ID number

The Moon and Stars01.4.1

[sequential #]Visual workMobilescw_01.4.1_1.jpg

11Photographic Inventory

scw_02.10.53_1.jpg12Photographic Inventory

scw_02.10.53_2.jpgscw_02.10.53_1.jpg13Photographic Inventory

scw_02.10.53_3.jpgscw_02.10.53_1.jpgscw_02.10.53_2.jpg14Filemaker Inventory

Filemaker Inventory

Filemaker Inventory

Transition to Collective AccessCollective Access cataloging portalTransition to Collective AccessCollective Access for online discoveryDirect publication of materials onlineEnhance visibility of special collectionsCurate digital exhibits and collectionsWill serve as a digital image management system

Maintain Filemaker database locallyUsed to generate reports and for quick searchWill serve as a backup and database for local use

Transition to Collective AccessFilemaker ProAdvantagesPowerful data-sorting abilitiesEase and speed of useCustomer serviceConfigurable

DisadvantagesLimited online accessCannot support multiple or high-res imagesCannot support audio/videoRequires a license

Collective AccessAdvantagesCollections can be accessed onlineSupports multiple/high-res imagesSupports video/audioSupports vocabularies/authoritiesConfigurableFree and open-access

DisadvantagesRequires in-depth database setupRequires an internet connectionSlower response timeOther Project OutcomesOther Project OutcomesPreservation and Library storage space

Harmful storage environments identifiedArtworks and historic artifacts removedEnvironmental damage noted in inventory

Dedicated storage space for framed artworksApproximately 70 framed artworks wrapped and moved

Other Project OutcomesPreservation and Library storage space

Dedicated storage room for framed artworksOther Project OutcomesPreservation and Library storage space

02.17.6 Mirror previously damaged and improperly storedOther Project OutcomesObject Identifier system

Other Project OutcomesObject Identifier system

Workflow for tagging objects

Other Project OutcomesObject Identifier system

Workflow for tagging objects

Opportunities for studentsEngage students with collections and with Stevens historyIdentify particular skills or expertiseScanning, photography, tagging, some preservation work

Next StepsOral history recordings

Next StepsOral history recordings

Further research of historical context

Next StepsOral history recordings

Further research of historical context

Preservation initiatives for objects

Next StepsOral history recordings

Further research of historical context

Preservation initiatives for objects

Further inventory of objects not documented