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<ul><li><p>Professional Summary</p><p>Skills</p><p>Work History</p><p>STEVEN SANDERS207 E. Reehill ST, Lecanto, FL 34461 | (H) 352-637-4045 | (C) 352-212-7356 |</p><p></p><p>Accomplished Program Manager with career history marked by successes in reducing costs, streamlining procedures andremarkable abilities in developing innovative ways to reduce work load or increase job effectiveness.Results-oriented Resource Advisor bringing exceptional strengths in Data Entry &amp; data monitoring. Customer relations guru andhighly motivated team lead. Seeking leadership position in established company with potential for advancement.</p><p>InnovatorHighest Level Of IntegrityEffective training and development coordinatorSocial media sales knowledgeCustomer service-orientedProficient in Microsoft officeSkilled researcherWorks well independently</p><p>Strong LeaderStrong Communication SkillData analysisAdvanced Excel spreadsheet functionsTeam PlayerCredit Card TransactionsTime ManagementSkilled Multi-tasker</p><p>01/2016 to CurrentResource Advisor/ Travel LiasionUnited States Air Force Great Falls, MT</p><p>Performed complex general accounting functions, logged project journal entries, account analysis and balance sheetreconciliations.Worked with management at the project level to ensure $1.5 million expense plans are achieved. Worked with 8 shop todevelop annual spend goalsCoordinated domestic and international travel arrangements, including booking airfare, hotel and transportation. Coordinatorover 600 travel arrangements overseas &amp; nationally, worth $3.3 million in costsEliminated 2 years of backlog errors, recaptured 135K in prior year funds. issues back payment of $5,000 to 6 members. Forecasted operating costs for scheduled 18 projects by strategizing with multiple departments, And leadership.Created "NEW" standard operating procedures. Implemented strategies to increase program effectiveness.Monitored employee 254 Government Travel Cards and 8 Government purchase card accounts. Pioneered first Wing widepaperless Document tracking program to reduce errors and to increase accountability </p><p>07/2015 to CurrentSales RepresentativeHonda Great Falls Great Falls, Mt</p><p>First part-time sales employee!!! Sold 39 vehicles in 48 days of working approximately one day a week during 2016. Builtgreat customer relationships and achieved great reviews.Documented all customer inquiries and comments thoroughly, resulting in a very large "HAPPY" customer base.Coordinated between multiple financial institutions, to achieve great financial option that fit my customers budgets.Identified customer needs, developed sales strategies, and Closed vehicle purchases with a 81.2% success rate.Built great networking opportunities for future business and customers </p><p>01/2014 to 02/2016Sales RepresentativeKay Jewelers Great Falls, MT</p><p>Reinvented how team interacts with prospective clients by developing innovative and creative sales pitches increasing storesales goal by 15%Planned and led multiple training sessions to promote sales team professional development and sales goal reinforcement.Prioritized daily workflows, including all inbound calls, quotes and sales-related inquiries.Communicated sales promotions to customers to grow average customer account size by 37%.Exceeded targeted sales goals by 20-40% every month. Achieved sterling highest award 5 for 5 in sales represented 2015.</p></li><li><p>Education</p><p>Maintained customer areas in clean and professional manner. Resolved customer concerns and question promptly.10/2012 to 01/2016Heavy Equipment Operator &amp; Construction</p><p>United States Air Force Great Falls MTOperated heavy equipment, including motor graders, heavy loaders, carryalls, bulldozers, backhoes, roller scrapers andtractors.Supervised improvisatory construction projects. To included 6 parking aprons, 18,000 square feet of asphalt, and 7 Helicopterrefueling pads.Managed tear-down of existing structures and prepared for new construction. Including oversight of preparation and cleaningof construction sites.Inspected project 11 sites to monitor progress and adherence to design specifications, safety protocols and state sanitationstandards.Developed storm water design strategies for sustainable infrastructure projects, and reduction of washout or erosion of 6helicopter pad for nuclear launch facilities. Estimated quantities and cost of materials, equipment and labor to determine project feasibility. To include ordering ofmaterials for job site such as concrete, epoxy, asphalt and structure materials Visited project sites, facilitated construction by mapping out installations and establishing reference points, grades, elevation,and bounder lines.Advised managerial staff about project completion times, potential pit falls before they happen, and recommendations onpossible corrective actions </p><p>04/2010 to 10/2012Air Traffic ControlUnited States Air Force Panama City, FL</p><p>Inform pilots about nearby planes or potentially hazardous conditions, such as weather, speed and direction of wind, orvisibility problems.Issue landing and take-off authorizations or instructions, to more then 20-30 aircrafts a day.Transfer control of departing flights to traffic control centers and accept control of arriving flights. Also managed F-22 flightand battle training. Provide flight path changes or directions to emergency landing fields for pilots traveling in bad weather or in emergencysituations.Alert airport emergency services in cases of emergency or when aircraft are experiencing difficulties.</p><p>02/2011 to 05/2012Shift Manager/ Route CoordinatorPapa Johns Panama City, Fl</p><p>Picked deliveries for specific routes according to location to reduce milage, increase number of delivers and increase timelydeliver.Verified each delivery instructions before delivering to customers, reduced complaints and requests for refunds. Completed on-time deliveries by choosing the best and most efficient routes.Submitted receipts and money received from deliveries at the end of each shift.Worked stations including pizza, omelet, soup, salad, sandwich, and dessert at a busy cafeteria.</p><p>04/2007 to 08/2009Sales Representative/ Lead upholsterWinders Fabric Outlet Homossasa Florida</p><p>Documented all customer inquiries and comments thoroughly and quickly.Coordinated between 31 billing department and customers to resolve problems.Processed cash and credit payments rapidly and accurately. Placed special merchandise orders for customers.Greeted customers in a timely fashion, while quickly determining their needs. Responded to all customer inquiries thoroughlyand professionally.Accurately logged all daily shipping and receiving orders. Manager 980,000 yards of fabric, 40+ sheets of Foam, and othersmall items.</p><p>2008High School Diploma:</p></li><li><p>Accomplishments</p><p>Affiliations</p><p>Certifications</p><p>First Hand Experience and Testimonies</p><p>Lecanto High School - Lecanto, FloridaCulinary Arts CertificateLibrary Management and Cataloging coursework</p><p>Aero Space Science Degree: Aero space science engineeringUnited States Air Force -- Completed Air Traffic control technical as certified Air Traffic Controller- Completed heavy equipment operation &amp; pavement construction.</p><p>Named "Airman of the Year" at Squadron and 9th Air Force level in 2016. Top 12 airman out of 308,000 others.Promoted to Resource Advisor in only 4 months due to exceptional department performance and strong leadership abilities.Focused sales professional highly effective in establishing and maintaining relationships with potential and existing clients.Extremely motivated and ambitious.Talented Sales team lead effective at multi-tasking and balancing customer needs and making new sales. Builds loyalty andlong-term relationships with customers while consistently reaching sales targets.Achieved Highest Sales percentage for 2014-2015 earning a 5/5 achievement for Sterling Jewelers. The first part-timeemployee to achieve this award in the state of Montana.</p><p>Air Force Sergeants Association "Recruiting membership chair". Recognized as top recruiter in state of MT</p><p>"Airman Leadership Course &amp; Management " 3l5ALS99400-003 Completed 2014"Pavement Maintenance &amp; Construction Equipment Operator" 288 hours completed 2012 J9AQ3E231"Intro to Fire Weather" &amp; "Basic Wild land Fire Behavior" Completed 2011"Black Bear Aversive Conditioning Workshop" Completed 2011"Human Factor on the Fireline" L-180 Completed 2011"Basic Military Training" 8 Weeks</p><p>- "Self Aid buddy Care, Law Of Armed Conflict, Uniform Code of military justices anti-terrorisim/force protection - "Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive training" - "Sexual assault prevention training &amp; reporting, Suicide Awarness &amp; prevention"</p><p>"Air Traffic Control apprentice" PDS code WXI Completed 2010, 576 hours"00AB Pavement &amp; Construction Equipment" 264 hours Completed 2012"Financial Management &amp; Fiscal Law" 112 hours, completed 2016"Evasion &amp; Conduct after Capture" 4 days, Completed 2016</p><p>"My wife and I bought a new Honda Civic after our other car got totaled and our experience with the whole Honda of GreatFalls team was excellent. No pressure was ever dealt our way and they worked with us knowing of our ordeal. We gave thema budget and they made it happen. Steven went above and beyond for us knowing how picky my wife is. Steven is a pleasureto work with and very knowledgeable of the whole car buying experience and, I promise, will not steer you the wrong way.The whole team is exceptional and we recommend anyone who's looking to buy a new/used car to stop by Honda of GreatFalls". -Jillian &amp; Zac Arnold 2016, Facebook Review of Honda Of Great Falls.</p><p>If you are in the market for a car, first go see Steven Sanders and the great team at Lithia Honda. You will save yourself a tonof time. After working for several months with a variety of cross-country dealerships, we gave our business to Steven atLithia. Senior Airman Sanders helped me purchase a car for my son, also an Airman. But Steven's military service, was notthe only reason we bought a new car from him. You see, I live in California and if you thought that buying a car in personwas an ordeal, try doing it on three-way calls, coping with firm military schedules and bad phone lines! My son and I learnedmore about buying a car from Steven in a couple of phone calls, than we had in all of the months prior. Steven Sanders ispatient, knowledgable, honest, and so kind and understanding, he really does listen to his customers. He appreciated myconcerns as a military mom, and got my son into something fun, but solid. It really was a dream deal. But don't just take myword for it, give Lithia and Steven a go. After owning a gaggle of bum rides, my son is happy at last and simply in love with</p></li><li><p>his 2016 HR-V! Thanks Steven! " -Patrica Elena 2016, Yelp Review of Honda of Great Falls.</p></li></ul>