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Sterling Gas Fired Infrared Heaters. “SLR” Low Intensity Infrared Heater. Available with Inputs from 40 to 200 MBH and System Lengths of 10 to 80 Feet All Units are Field Assembled and Utilize Sterling’s Integral Tube/Reflector Hanging System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Sterling Hydronic Unit Heaters

Sterling Gas Fired Infrared Heaters

SLR Low Intensity Infrared HeaterAvailable with Inputs from 40 to 200 MBH and System Lengths of 10 to 80 FeetAll Units are Field Assembled and Utilize Sterlings Integral Tube/Reflector Hanging SystemBurner is Box Type Design and is Totally Enclosed to Protect Against Dust and Moisture3 Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger, Reflectors, Brackets, Burner and Burner Box.

The advantage of a low intensity infrared heater over a high intensity heater is that you can spread the heat out of your space as needed. Each size has its own minimum and maximum length requirement.

In addition to the burner box being totally enclosed, the gas valve, combustion air blower and safety controls are protected by gasketing to protect them from dust and moisture (water resistant).

Pricing Tip: When pricing an SLR unit remember to take the price of the burner package and add in the tube reflector kit cost. 2Burner BoxEasy Access Service DoorTotally Enclosed/Split Chamber DesignBlack Matte Powder Coated FinishDirect Spark IgnitionFactory Fired Tested Prior to Shipment

Radiant TubeAluminized Steel on First 10 Feet of UnitHot Rolled Steel on Remainder of UnitOptional Complete Aluminized SteelDraw Band Coupling System Utilizes a Heavy Duty Bolt and Locking Screw Fastening System

ReflectorDesign Prevents Reflector SeparationHeavy Duty 22 Gauge Material8 Reflector Surfaces Concentrate Heat Efficiently to the FloorTube/Reflector Kits are available in 10 increments with 5 Extensions Kits to better match the spaces dimensions

System Layout/VentingLayoutStraight90 Degree w/ optional elbow180 Degree w/ optional U bendCan be Field Installed Horizontal or up to a 45 Degree TiltOptional Side reflectors to better direct the heat

VentingRooftopSidewall - Optional Vent Kits AvailableIdeal for applications where the a small amount of heat needs to be delivered a large area. Since the length of the unit can be varied, the heat can be delivered over the entire area of a larger space instead of at localized diffusers. The Infrared Unit Heaters can be laid out in straight runs, L Shaped Runs using a 90 degree elbow or U Shaped runs using a U bend. The unit itself can be installed horizontally directing the heat down or at tilt (up to 45 degrees) to aim the heat. Optional Side reflectors are also available to help direct the heat to specific areas of the space.

Since the air inside of the tubes is separated from the space, the exhaust must be piped out of the build. This can be done by piping the exhaust vertically to the roof or horizontal to the side of the building.

For every 1 off the ground it will spread 2 (one foot to each side of the unit). 6High Intensity Infrared Heaters

SHR High Intensity Infrared Heaters(6) Sizes from 35 to 200 MBHUnits Shipped Knocked Down for Field AssemblyDirect Spark Ignition w/100% Shut OffAluminized Steel Burner HousingEfficient Ceramic Burner TileNatural or LP Gas24 v Control4 Point Suspension10 Year Burner Warranty

Ideal for applications where you need to deliver a lot of heat to small area or for applications where the unit is mounted high above the floor. Especially useful in process drying.



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