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  • 8/14/2019 Steps Towards Better Life


    30 Steps Towards Better Life

    By Santosh R. Kenkre 22.10.09

    1. Walk 7 days a week, 30 to 60 minutes per day WITHOUT FAIL.

    2. Do blood test every 6 months and take correction medicines from a doctor.

    3. See a light movie once every week and have family lunch outside, every Sunday.

    4. Have a vacation every 6 months with family (one vacation of 2 to 3 days /

    another vacation of at least a week). Vacation provides you mental fuel for next

    few months.

    5. Control diet: (a) Avoid oily or sweet or fried food. Consult a dietician. This is V.

    Imp. dietician will add / delete your food items of daily consumption.

    (b) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday.

    (c) Drink plenty of water ( drink 1 or 2 cups early morning before washing teeth).

    6. Too many tasks within a short time is bad. It causes hurry and creates huge stress.

    Never rush, unless you are missing a plane.

    7. Do pranayam i.e. yogic breathing. Bhramari breathing charges your brain.

    8. No smoking / No heavy drinking.

    9. Develop a serious liking for music, which you can enjoy anywhere / anytime.

    10. Do not postpone any problem. It will only grow and you will remain tense. Take

    expert help or friends advice and tackle the problem headon soon.

    11. Take a nap of 30 minutes after lunch. It recharges you.

    12. Be extremely positive person in life. See good in everything and Everyone. With

    correct attitude, one can reach the maximum altitude in life.

    13. Give big place for humour in your life. Laughing creates good body chemicals.

  • 8/14/2019 Steps Towards Better Life


    14. Remember: Making money is incidential to living live. Living life is not

    incidental to making money. So, say NO to excess work (incl. social work).

    15. Keep an open mind and listen if anyone gives you competent medical advice. In

    fact, one should constantly look out for such advice. Ive seen many a people die

    because they ignored / ridiculed suggestions on health. Remember, health is


    16. Religion, satsang, chanting, give great support to your mind to calm down

    17. Meditation can make mind very strong and relaxed. Seriously try it out.

    18. Good hobbies eg gardening, pets, light reading, sports are a relief for mind.

    19. Keep a good circle of friends, who can also advice you correctly. Mix with

    positive people. Good words lift you up. Bad words create stress.

    20. WORK: Systematic planning, staff training, and extensive delegation, regular

    review reduce your load. Focus on your work, which earns you money.

    21. Live in the present and enjoy every moment (most people do not do this). Dont

    carry negative feelings of the past, nor worry about the future. Similarly, if you

    swim against the tide everytime you will tire out. Learn to flow with the tide.

    22. Criticism: Learn to ignore destructive criticism, whereas utilize constructive

    criticism. Do not take anything to your heart. Forgive and forget. Move on.

    V.IMP: You do not have to respond to every negative remark / comment anyone

    passes on you. Learn to smile & ignore. (Smile solves a lot of problems silence

    avoids a lot of problems).

    23. Do only the right things in life and never do wrong (less strain on mind / heart /

    conscience). More wrong you do, more tension. Control greed.

  • 8/14/2019 Steps Towards Better Life


    24. Family : A cared for spouse and well brought up children are greatest strength.

    25. Celebrate now and then: Birthday, anniversary, success, fathers day, wifes

    birthday etc. Celebrations keep you and fly in a cheerful mode.

    26. Always look at the big picture and big things in life as well as in work. Pay less

    attention to small things. Unfortunately, Many people do the reverse.

    27. You cannot and need not win every argument, use LATD concept. Lets agree

    to disagree. Tell the other person about this concept.

    28. How you say is more important than what you say. Be polite. Never hurt ego

    of the other person. Hurt ego spoils everything.

    29. Always be hopeful: (a) Time heals almost everything. Give time, time. (b)

    However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

    30. Always keep an open mind on all matters and look for best practices in the world

    and adopt them soon (whether in office, at home etc.)


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