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  1. 1. Steps to Take Immediately After a Non-Fatal Auto AccidentTaking Proper Safety PrecautionsThere is nothing scarier than getting into an accident on the road. Bad weatherconditions can drastically increase the possibilities of getting into an accident. Sharphill turns create havoc for vehicles, and can lead to a ton of potential accidents aswell. The most common reaction after a car accident is usually shock. You mustremain as calm as possible during the event of a non-fatal auto accident. No matterwhat the scenario is, you should always know which steps to take after a non-fatalauto accident. Here are a few helpful tips you can follow to ensure that youre alwaystaking the proper safety precautions after an accident: Exchanging Information with Other Parties - You should exchange information and details with all parties that were involved in the accident. Make sure you exchange your insurance details, phone number and address. If anyone is seriously hurt, you should call 911. Stay present at all times after the accident. File an Accident Report - Assuming there are no severe injuries, you should immediately contact the police. The police will help you fill out an accident report, so be prepared to have all the information ready in advance. Make sure you give the police an accurate description of the accident. You should give the police general information, which includes your phone number, address, and the condition of all people involved in the accident. Take Accurate Notes - This part is more for the insurance company. Write down a detailed and accurate description of the accent as best as possible. Jot down the time of the accident, the location of the accident, and the health status of everyone involved in the accident.Towing San Jose to the Rescue!If youve been in any type of accident on the road, you can always count on TowingSan Jose to be there for you. Were on call 24/7 to lend a hand, and provide you withemergency roadside assistance. We know how scary and terrifying it can be to getinto an accident. Thats why were committed to assisting 24 hours a day. Give us acall today, and let us help get you safely on your way.


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