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Steps to Academic Success. Academic Support Unit. Adapted from: Practicing College Learning Strategies 3 rd edition Carolyn H. Hopper. Objectives. Become Familiar with college expectations Understand classroom etiquette. Understand the steps for academic success. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Steps to Academic Success Workshop

Steps to Academic Success

Academic Support Unit

Adapted from:Practicing College Learning Strategies 3rd edition Carolyn H. HopperObjectivesBecome Familiar with college expectationsUnderstand classroom etiquette.Understand the steps for academic success.Learn how to interact with professors.Discuss the importance of developing peer groups.Understand the importance of academic reputation.

Step 1 : Attend Every Class Though cutting class is sometime tempting, dont do it if you can help it

When you miss class, you miss: Lectures NotesClass discussions Explanations of assignmentsQuizzesIn-class assignments

Step 2: Get OrganizedGet a weekly planner & use it.Create & maintain a tidy & organized a study space.Back up all your computer device on a pack up device. (flash drives, disks or email it to your self)Keep all papers, quizzes & testes that you get back from your teachers at least until the final grade are submitted.Get phone numbers for your classmates, so you can call them for study help.Step 3 : Manage Your TimePlan ahead. Know when your assignments are due.Break large tasks into smaller piecesDont promise more that you can accomplish.Be efficient. Limit yourself to a reasonable T.V and socializing tim

Step 4 : Use the Classroom to succeedArrive on timeSit in the front row whenever you can.Ask questions and participate every chance you getTalk to your instructors. Meet them during office hours. Make sure they know your name and that you are committed to learning.Learn how to adapt to different types of instructors.Join study groups and discussion groups and be a good member.

Step 5 : Take Good NotesFind a note taking system that work for you.Learn to recognize the important points. verbal and non verbal clues.Make sure your notes are legible and have plenty of white space.Review your notes within 24hour from taking them

Step 6 : Read Your Textbook ActivelyTry a reading strategy like SQ3R.Read with a purpose.Avoid reading in bed. Active reading happens when a boy is active more that at rest.Attend Textbook Tactics workshop.

Step 7 : Study SmartFind a good place to study .SLSC, library, a quite area in your house.Remember getting started is often the hardest part. Jump in and it will be easier to keep going.Study your difficult or boring subjects first when you have the most energy.Know you learning style and use the study tips associated with it.

Step 8 : Use Test Taking StrategiesArrive early or at least on time for a test.Before you start you should figure out how best you should tackle the test.Answer easy questions first.Check your answers before you turn it in.Mark question you need to return toBe one of the last students out the door. Take your time

Step 9 : Reduce Subject Related AnxietyTry to find an answer to why the subject makes you anxious. Make sure you know all the background info necessary to understanding the subject youre in.Visit SLSC to get assistance from the tutors.Realize that there are many ways of thinking and learning, and you have the ability to try and succeed in the new ways.

Step 10 : Use the Resources Available to youAcademic advisorYour teachers office hoursThe LibraryAcademic Support Unit-SLSCMath LabsTutorsCareer CounselorsClubs & Student Activities.Counseling CenterStudent Services