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  1. 1. Steps in Refacing Kitchen CabinetsYou may think that achieving the kitchen of your dreams will drain a lot of money out of your bank account. Butnot so anymore, you can do it one wallet-friendly weekend by refacing your kitchen cabinets. There are foureasy steps that you can follow to put a new face to your kitchen cabinets. Follow these steps and your projectwill be a success.1.) Apply veneers on the side of doors and drawers of your kitchen cabinets. In order to do this, you have toremove the kitchen cabinet doors, drawers and hardware. If you think that the hardware is in a bad conditionalready, you can opt to buy new ones. Next, sand the sides and front surfaces of your cabinet in order for thenew wood veneer to adhere properly. If youre inexperienced, try to apply veneer on a less visible area first. Besure that you have nailed the veneers from top to bottom to avoid creating a bubble in the middle of the panel.Do the same for cabinet doors and drawers.2.)Now, your cabinets are ready to be stained. Apply a generous coat of stain and wipe away the excess.Allow it to dry, then repeat the process for a second, final coating. When staining, use a paintbrush or rag andstart in the inside edges and openings, followed by the sides, and finally, the cabinet fronts. This allows you towork quickly in the less critical areas and focus on the most visible areas. Also, do the same procedure forcabinet doors and drawers.3.)For a strong and durable cabinet, three coats of polyurethane are all you need. Polyurethane keepsyour kitchen cabinets protected from the punishment that cooking can give. There are many kinds ofpolyurethane but a water based one is a good choice. Its relatively odor-free and flattens better than othersplus it dries faster. Use a brush recommended for the finish that you have chosen for the application. Followthe direction of the wood grain or pattern when brushing. When its dry, sand the surfaces lightly then wipeaway the dust with a tack cloth. Repeat these steps for the second, third and final coat.4.)After all the work is done, the kitchen cabinets are now ready to be installed again. Put the door hingesfirst with each hinge one hinge-length from the bottom and the top of the door. But before you put the hinges,orient the doors so the grain or pattern is uniform because its generally more pleasing to see. Install doorshock absorbers inside each cabinet opening. This will enable the doors to open and close smoothly. Whenyou have glass inserts, these are highly recommended.Refacing kitchen cabinets will only cost you a fraction of what buying and installing new ones would cost.Added advantage is that you can finish the task over the weekend or in one full day.For more information on Kitchen Cabinets, including other interesting and informative articles and photos,please click on this link:Steps in Refacing Kitchen Cabinets