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RAHMA RISHA (110503232)

1. Open the web garena plus at, there you can choose to download and register, click the download button

2. After click download, the window dialog will show up, click save file to download, or cancel to abandon the download

3. After download complete, open the file in the download folder, usually at C:\Users\user\Downloads,

4. Then double click the GarenaPlus_install.exe

5. After click the icon, setup dialog window will show up, click next to continue the installation, or cancel button to cancel install

6. After click next, here you can choose where the destination folder you want to install, usually at C:\Program Files\Garena Plus\, or you can choose another address by type destination, or browse where you want to put the install folder

7. After click next the installation progress will load, just wait until the progress finished

8. If the progress goes well, this dialog will show up, then you can click finish and run the Garena Plus Messenger, here the picture of the application


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