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Steele Enterprises Case


Steele EnterprisesCase Analysis

Arshiya | Nishanth | RohitProblemsMacroConstant fighting between Ms. Olson and Mr. LeemanCompromised team functioningChemical and Mechanical departments not functioning togetherMicroGene having to interfere to sort out the problems over and over againPossibility of things getting out of hand and event he staff starting the fights

CausesUnclear and overlapping roles of Donna Olson and Richard LeemanFight for dominance between both the parties involvedGene not able to resolve the issue permanently through some strong stepsGene trying to mop things under the carpet and not letting the top management know about any of this

Systems AffectedStructural:Richard and Donna trying to interfere in each others workNo clarity in roles of the two fighting employeesPsychosocial:Lack of trust Frequent fights between Richard and Donna Staff may also start fighting if the issues between Richard and Donna continuesManagerialGene not able to impose his authorityRichard and Donna not heeding to Genes requests and frequent refereeingGoals and ValuesThe departments not working in collaborationThe whole division may lose focus due to the in-fighting

ALTERNATIVESClearly differentiating the roles of Donna & DickGene to revaluate the existing organizational hierarchyMore proactive resolution of inter-departmental issuesCreate a common / unified organizational goal - to prevent inter-departmental conflictsRECOMMENDATIONSBring in HR or a neutral/ third party to sort out the issuesPerformance assessment of Dick & Donna 1 component based on team player skillsSeparation of areas of responsibility & duties of Dick and Donna - retain valuable talent Relocating either of the 2 managers to St. Lyons officeDisciplinary action taken in case of further insubordination