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<ul><li><p>Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024</p><p>Prospects in Construction, Automotive, Machinery, Appliances, Energy, Metal Goods &amp; Shipbuilding</p><p>noticeThis material is copyright by visiongain. It is against the law to reproduce any of this material without the prior written agreement of visiongain. You cannot photocopy, fax, download to database or duplicate in any other way any of the material contained in this report. Each purchase and single copy is for personal use only. </p></li><li><p> </p><p> Contents </p><p>1. Report Overview </p><p>1.1 Global Steel Market Overview </p><p>1.2 Global Steel Market Segmentation </p><p>1.3 Why You Should Read This Report </p><p>1.4 How This Report Delivers </p><p>1.5 Key Questions Answered by This Analytical Report Include: </p><p>1.6 Who is This Report For? </p><p>1.7 Methodology </p><p>1.8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) </p><p>1.9 Associated Visiongain Reports </p><p>1.10 About Visiongain </p><p>2. Introduction to the Steel Market </p><p>2.1 Steel Definition </p><p>2.2 The Steel-Making Process </p><p>2.3 Two Broad Steel Products Group </p><p>2.4 Types of Steel </p><p>3. Global Steel Market 2014-2024 </p><p>3.1 Global Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p>3.2 Global Steel Drivers &amp; Restraints 2014-2024 </p><p>4. Steel End Use Industries Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p>4.1 Construction Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p> 4.1.1 Construction Industry Market Analysis </p><p>4.2 Automotive Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p> 4.2.1 Automotive Steel Market Analysis </p></li><li><p> </p><p> Contents </p><p>4.3 Machinery Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p> 4.3.1 Machinery Steel Market Analysis </p><p>4.4 Domestic Appliances Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p> 4.4.1 Domestic Appliances Steel Market Analysis </p><p>4.5 Energy (Gas &amp; Oil) Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p> 4.5.1 Energy Steel Market Analysis </p><p>4.6 Metal Goods &amp; Fabrication Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p> 4.6.1Metal Goods &amp; Fabrication Steel Market Analysis </p><p>4.7 Shipbuilding &amp; Rail Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p> 4.7.1 Shipbuilding Steel Market Analysis </p><p>4.8 Other Industries Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> 4.8.1 Other Industries Steel Market Analysis </p><p>5. Leading National Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p>5.1 Leading National Steel Markets Share Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p>5.2 Barriers to Entry Analysis </p><p>5.3 Top 15 National Steel Markets Analysis 2014-2024 </p><p> 5.3.1 Chinese Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p> Chinese Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.2 Japanese Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Japanese Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.3 US Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> US Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.4 Indian Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Indian Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.5 Russian Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Russian Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.6 South Korean Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p></li><li><p> </p><p> Contents </p><p> South Korean Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.7 German Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> German Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.8 Turkish Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Turkish Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.9 Brazilian Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Brazilian Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.10 Ukraines Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Ukraines Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.11 Italian Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Italian Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.12 Taiwan Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Taiwan Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.13 Mexican Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Mexican Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.14 French Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> French Steel Market Analysis </p><p> 5.3.15 Iran Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p> Iran Steel Market Analysis </p><p>6. SWOT &amp; PEST Analysis of the Steel Market 2014-2024 </p><p>6.1 Strengths </p><p> 6.1.1 An Essential Commodity </p><p> 6.1.2 Recyclable in Nature </p><p>6.2 Weaknesses </p><p> 6.2.1 Volatile Nature of Steel Prices </p><p> 6.2.2 Relies Heavily on Industrialisation and Urbanisation </p><p>6.3 Opportunities </p></li><li><p> </p><p> Contents </p><p> 6.3.1 Use of Steel in the Reduction of CO2 </p><p> 6.3.2 Rising Demand from Emerging Economies </p><p>6.4 Threats </p><p> 6.4.1 Maturing Markets </p><p> 6.4.2 Feasibility of Substitutes </p><p> 6.4.3 Environmental Lobby </p><p>6.5 Political Factors </p><p> 6.5.1 Chinese Governments Current Policy for the Steel Industry </p><p> 6.5.2 Wave of Government Protectionism </p><p> 6.5.3 Political Discord within the Eurozone </p><p>6.6 Economic Factors </p><p> 6.6.1 Production Overcapacity </p><p> 6.6.2 Rising Input Costs </p><p> 6.6.3 Sovereign Risk </p><p> 6.6.4 Economic Growth in Emerging Economies </p><p>6.7 Social Factors </p><p> 6.7.1 Environmental Concerns </p><p> 6.7.2 Major Initiatives to Minimise Environmental Impact </p><p>6.8 Technological Factors </p><p> 6.8.1 Technological Advancement in Steel Making </p><p> 6.8.2 Competition from Substitutes </p><p>7. Expert Opinion </p><p>7.1 Terence Soh, Senior Analyst, The Steel Index Ltd. Shanghai, China </p><p> 7.1.1 Why Consolidation and Price Risk Management are the Themes for the Next Decade? </p><p> 7.1.2 What Affects Iron Ore and Steel Prices? </p><p> 7.1.3 What are the Main Factors Driving Price Variation of Different Types of Steel Products </p><p> 7.1.4 Which Sector Will Drive the European Steel Market Continued Revival? </p></li><li><p> </p><p> Contents </p><p> 7.1.5 Why Derivatives Represent Huge Opportunities for the Steel Industry? </p><p> 7.1.6 Why will the ASEAN Region Show Strong Demand for Steel Over the Next Decade? </p><p> 7.1.7 How can Steel Companies Around the World Ensure Profits? </p><p>7.2 Riaz Muhammad Khan, Global Commodities Consultant. </p><p> 7.2.1 Discover Key Trends in the Steel Market </p><p> 7.2.2 Which Sectors will Drive the Steel Market Over the Next Decade? </p><p> 7.2.3 Find Out What Will Drive Steel Demand In the Emerging Economies? </p><p> 7.2.4 Discover Challenges and Opportunities in the Steel Industry </p><p> 7.2.5 Find Out the Main Technology will Prevail in the Steel Industry </p><p> 7.2.6 Find Out When the Steel Industry is Expected to Peak? </p><p> 7.2.7 Another Boom and Bust Cycle is on its Way </p><p>7.3 Fawad Butt, CEO, Fawad Tube Mills &amp; Engineering Industries (Pvt) Ltd., Owner of Fawad Steel Corporation </p><p> 7.3.1 What Are Latest Technology of Developments in the Steel Industry? </p><p> 7.3.2 What Affects Steel Prices Globally? </p><p> 7.3.3 Why is Steel Industry Using a Push Strategy? </p><p> 7.3.4 Why is Iran an Emerging and Emerging Steel Market? </p><p> 7.3.5 Which Region will Have the Highest Demand for Steel over the Next Decade? </p><p> 7.3.6 What Growth Rates Should we Expect for the Global Steel Market Beyond 2020? </p><p> 7.3.7 On Steel Price Volatility </p><p>8. Leading 20 Steel Producing Companies Analysis 2014 </p><p>8.1 ArcelorMittal Company Overview </p><p> 8.1.1 ArcelorMittal Company Analysis </p><p> 8.1.2 ArcelorMittal Business Strategy / Focus </p><p> 8.1.3 ArcelorMittal M&amp;A Activity </p><p> 8.1.4 ArcelorMittal Future Outlook </p><p>8.2 Nippon Steel &amp; Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) Company Overview </p><p> 8.2.1 NSSMC Company Analysis </p></li><li><p> </p><p> Contents </p><p> 8.2.2 NSSMC Business Strategy </p><p> 8.2.3 NSSMC M&amp;A Activity </p><p> 8.2.4 NSSMC Future Outlook </p><p>8.3 Baosteel Group Corporation Company Overview </p><p> 8.3.1 Baosteel Company Analysis </p><p>8.4 POSCO Company Overview </p><p> 8.4.1 POSCO Company Analysis </p><p> 8.4.2 POSCO Regional Emphasis / Focus </p><p>8.5 Hebei Group Company Overview </p><p> 8.5.1 Hebei Group Company Analysis </p><p> 8.5.2 Hebei Group Future Outlook </p><p>8.6 JFE Holdings Company Overview </p><p> 8.6.1 JFE Holdings Company Analysis </p><p> 8.6.2 JFE Holdings Regional Emphasis / Focus </p><p> 8.6.3 JFE Holdings Business Strategy </p><p> 8.6.4 JFE Holdings Future Outlook </p><p>8.7 Wuhan Group (WISCO) Company Overview </p><p> 8.7.1 WISCO Company Analysis </p><p> 8.7.2 WISCO Business Focus </p><p>8.8 Tata Steel Company Overview </p><p> 8.8.1 Tata Steel Company Analysis </p><p> 8.8.2 Tata Steel Competitors </p><p> 8.8.3 Tata Steel Future Outlook </p><p>8.9. Jiangsu Shagang Group Company Overview </p><p> 8.9.1 Jiangsu Shagang Group Company Analysis </p><p> 8.9.2 Jiangsu Shagang Group Regional Emphasis / Focus </p><p>8.10 US Steel Corporation </p><p> 8.10.1 US Steel Company Analysis </p></li><li><p> </p><p> Contents </p><p> 8.10.2 US Steel Future Outlook </p><p>8.11 Nucor Corporation </p><p> 8.11.1 Nucor Company Analysis </p><p> 8.11.2 Nucor Regional Emphasis / Focus </p><p>8.12 Gerdau Company Overview </p><p> 8.12.1 Gerdau Company Analysis </p><p> 8.12.2 Gerdau Regional Emphasis / Focus </p><p> 8.12.3 Gerdau Competitors </p><p> 8.12.4 Gerdau Future Outlook </p><p>8.13 Hyundai Steel Company Overview </p><p> 8.13.1 Hyundai Steel Company Analysis </p><p> 8.13.2 Hyundai Steel Major Competitors </p><p>8.14 RIVA Group Company Overview </p><p> 8.14.1 RIVA Group Company Analysis </p><p>8.15 Evraz Group Company Overview </p><p> 8.15.1 Evraz Group Company Analysis </p><p> 8.15.2 Evraz Group Future Outlook </p><p>8.16 Severstal Company Overview </p><p> 8.16.1 Severstal Company Analysis </p><p> 8.16.2 Severstal Business Strategy </p><p> 8.16.3 Severstal Future Outlook </p><p>8.17 ThyssenKrupp Company Overview </p><p> 8.17.1 ThyssenKrupp Company Analysis </p><p> 8.17.2 ThyssenKrupp Regional Emphasis / Focus </p><p>8.18 Benxi Steel Company Overview </p><p> 8.18.1 Benxi Steel Company Analysis </p><p>8.19 NLMK Company Overview </p><p> 8.19.1 NLMK Company Analysis </p></li><li><p> </p><p> Contents </p><p> 8.19.2 NLMK Future Outlook </p><p>8.20 Valin Group Company Overview </p><p> 8.20.1 Valin Group Company Analysis </p><p> 8.20.2 Valin Group Regional Emphasis / Focus </p><p>8.21 Other Leading Steel Producing Companies </p><p>9. Conclusions &amp; Recommendations </p><p>9.1 Market Outlook </p><p>9.2 The Global Steel Production and Consumption Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p>9.3 The Global Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p>9.4 Leading Steel End-Use Consumption Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p>9.5 Drivers and Restraints in the Steel Market 2014-2024 </p></li><li><p> Page 50 </p><p> </p><p>Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024: Prospects in Construction, Automotive, Machinery, Appliances, Energy, Metal Goods &amp; Shipbuilding Applications </p><p>4.5 Energy (Gas &amp; Oil) Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 </p><p>2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2014-24</p><p>Energy 39.0 40.0 41.4 43.0 45.0 46.0 48.0 52.0 53.4 52.0 54.3 55.0 530.1</p><p>AGR (%) 2.6 3.5 3.9 4.7 2.2 4.3 8.3 2.7 -2.6 4.4 1.3</p><p>CAGR (%) 2014-19 3.7 2019-24 2.8</p><p>3.2CAGR (%) 2014-24 </p><p>4.5.1 Energy Steel Market Analysis In all segments of the energy sector, including nuclear, wind power, electric and natural gas, steel </p><p>is the pivotal ingredient for producing and transmitting the energy. Due to the demanding </p><p>environment, carbon, micro-alloyed, high strength and stainless steels are all used in the </p><p>production of offshore platforms and pipelines. Some of the end-uses of steel in energy sectors are </p><p>oil and gas wells and platforms, pipelines, electricity power turbine components, electricity pylons, </p><p>wind turbines, transmission towers, electromagnets, transformer cores and electromagnetic </p><p>shields. Different kinds of steel are used in the energy sector, including plates, pipes, tubes, </p><p>sheets, bars and sections. The energy sector accounted for 3.5% of the global steel consumption. </p><p>Visiongain predicts that steel consumption in the energy sector will increase from a value of $39 </p><p>billion in 2013 to a value of $55 billion in 2024. </p><p>-4</p><p>-2</p><p>0</p><p>2</p><p>4</p><p>6</p><p>8</p><p>10</p><p>0</p><p>10</p><p>20</p><p>30</p><p>40</p><p>50</p><p>60</p><p>2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024AG</p><p>R( %</p><p>) </p><p>Mar</p><p>ket V</p><p>alue</p><p> ($bi</p><p>llion</p><p>) </p><p>Energy (oil &amp; gas) AGR</p><p>Source: Visiongain 2014 </p><p>Table 4.6 Energy Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 ($bn, AGR %, CAGR %, Cumulative) </p><p>Source: Visiongain 2014 </p><p>Figure 4.9 Energy Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024 ($bn, AGR%) </p></li><li><p> Page 91 </p><p> </p><p>Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024: Prospects in Construction, Automotive, Machinery, Appliances, Energy, Metal Goods &amp; Shipbuilding Applications </p><p>5.3.11 Italian Steel Market Forecasts 2014-2024 </p><p>2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024</p><p>Production 24.1 25.0 25.5 26.0 27.0 25.0 27.0 27.3 26.9 26.7 26.5 28.0</p><p>Consumption 26.0 25.0 24.0 23.0 22.1 23.0 21.1 21.0 19.5 20.0 18.7 19.0</p><p>Balance -1.9 0.0 1.5 3.0 4.9 2.0 5.9 6.3 7.4 6.7 7.8 9.0 </p><p>-4</p><p>-2</p><p>0</p><p>2</p><p>4</p><p>6</p><p>8</p><p>10</p><p>0</p><p>5</p><p>10</p><p>15</p><p>20</p><p>25</p><p>30</p><p>2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024</p><p>bala</p><p>nce </p><p>mill</p><p>ion </p><p>tonn</p><p>es </p><p>mill</p><p>ion </p><p>tonn</p><p>es </p><p>Italy Consumption Balance</p><p>Figure 5.36 Italian Steel Production, Consumption and Balance Forecast 2014-</p><p>2024(million tonnes) </p><p>Table 5.22 Italian Steel Production, Consumption and Balance Forecasts 2014-2024 (million tonnes) </p><p>Source: Visiongain 2014 </p><p>Source: Visiongain 2014 </p></li><li><p> Page 114 </p><p> </p><p>Steel Market Forecast 2014-2024: Prospects in Construction, Automotive, Machinery, Appliances, Energy, Metal Goods &amp; Shipbuilding Applications </p><p>7. Expert Opinion ____ 7.1 Terence Soh, Senior Analyst, The Steel Index Ltd. Shanghai, China </p><p>Profile: </p><p>Terence Soh is a senior analyst from at The Steel Index (TSI), a leading provider of impartial price </p><p>information for key steel, scrap and iron ore products around the world, based on spot market </p><p>transactions. Visiongain interviewed Terence Soh and he offered to share his thoughts and gave </p><p>us a comprehensive and detailed insight into the global steel market. We would like to thank </p><p>Terence Soh for his contribution. </p><p>7.1.1 Why Consolidation and Price Risk Management are the Themes </p><p>for the Next Decade? Visiongain: Why would you say are the key trends and developments in the steel market and why? </p><p>Terence Soh: Consolidation and price risk management are the themes for the next decade. We have witnessed an increase in global production levels unprecedented for generations, as </p><p>industrialising economies demand soared. Now, we have a large amount of installed capacity and </p><p>a more balanced supply/demand environment. As uneconomic steel mills are worked out of the </p><p>system, everyone else has to protect their margins. The steel market is evolving to use derivative </p><p>tools to hedge and protect their price risk exposure. The derivative tool (swaps/futures) started for </p><p>Iron Ore, but has developed rapidly into other products, like rebar, HRC, and etc. Singapore </p><p>exchange (SGX) started with Iron Ore swaps/futures and just recently in February starting the hot </p><p>rolled coil swaps/futures to satisfy the growing demand from steel participants to protect their </p><p>margins in finished steel products. </p><p>7.1.2 What Affects Iron Ore and Steel Prices? Visiongain: Do you anticipate any substantial price decline in iron ore and steel prices in the next ten years? </p><p>Terence Soh: The steel over capacity issues will remain and could worse in future, as many of the </p><p>mills in China are still continuing expanding their production capacity. This will have an impact on </p><p>the raw material and steel prices, unless demand increases to match output levels, or uneconomic </p></li><li><p> Page 125 </p><p></p></li></ul>