steam carpet cleaning (hot water extraction) service by melbourne carpet cleaning (mcc)

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Steam Carpet Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) Service by Melbourne Carpet Cleaning (MCC)

Carpet is widely used for indoor furnishing at homes and business places, but it also works as a filter for indoor air. It traps dirt, dust and debris and prevent them from spreading into the air. But after a certain time the problem starts when the carpet gets full. Although regular cleaning and vacuuming protect the carpet but they are not enough, at this stage the professional carpet cleaning service is required. Experts recommend Steam Carpet Cleaning as a best cleaning method for carpets, it is most common and thorough cleaning method. Steam Cleaning is a misnomer, it is just a popular name of this type of cleaning, the true name of this method is Hot Water Extraction.In steam carpet cleaning (hot water extraction) water and a cleaning solution is boiled in a boiler at the temperature of more than 100 C, and then the solution is injected through a special wand into the carpet with a heavy pressure. This pressure and the steam act as a blast on dirt attached with the surface of the carpet. Once the steam spread with cleaning solution the extraction is performed immediately it pulls the water suspended dirt and debris from the carpet and remains it disinfected and clean.When the steam cleaning performed in a proper way, the infusion of steam with carpet fibers makes them look softer and more vibrant. It also removes all the soil, allergens and other contaminates living in the carpet, it leaves no residue and get completely dry and walk-able within four hours. At Melbourne Carpet Cleaning we ensure that our steam cleaning kills up to 99% of dust mites from your entire homes soft surface. It will remain a great smell to your carpet and a fresh look as the day you brought it.