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1. Coronel, ngel Buroni, AndreaStay Healthy for Yourself (and for your future !)Objectives: In this WebQuest ( students will be challenged to complete three tasks that will encourage them to inquire, use technology, synthesize, analyze information, use creative thinking, solve problems, learn cooperatively and produce a product for each one of the tasks.Unit Details: Subjects: Health, Science, Physical Education, Technology Learning Levels: Intermediate. Age: 12-15 Periods: 3 per week Procedure: This unit will take place mainly in the computer lab. Students will visit web sites on the topics of their tasks and work in groups of three to develop and produce three projects.Tasks : Tasks Due Date I- Brochure on Healthy LifestyleClass 1 II- Menu for a Week Class 2 III- Presentation "Staying Healthy, Class 3 Keeping Fit"Interactions: Students will work cooperatively in groups of three and will have an opportunity to show their products to their classmates. The teacher will help guide and support students in the development of each oneofthetasks.Assessment: Students will receive the rubric for all three tasks at the beginning of the WebQuest. Each Task will be evaluated after every class. (Due dates are shown in the chart students will be provided with). 1 2. Tools and Resources: Computer lab, appropriate software, paper and pencil. Task I Warmer Teacher will brainstorm what the students think a healthy life is about. She will write everything the students come up with on the blackboard. Students will work on a brochure on Saying NO to drugs, in order to become familiarized with the format, as they will have to create one of their own for the first task.Web Now, students are ready to start collecting information from the different sites they are provided with. They will have to gather as much interesting information as possible, since their task is to persuade parents to change their childrens lifestyles. Students will visit the following web pages to accomplish the task: 2 3. 3 4. Whats next? Its time to create your own brochure for parents with tips about helping their children stayhealthy. Once youre done, get ready to move onto Task IITask II Warmer Teacher will bring to the class different menus from different restaurants. Teacher and students will go over the structures of the different menus, and later, they will discuss healthy and unhealthy food.4 5. Web Students will have to develop a weekly healthy menu. (Remember that healthy doesn'tmean boring!!)They will go over the following pages in order to achieve this task: pyramid.html 6. Task III Warmer Teacher will bring pictures of people practising different types of sports. Some of them show that physical fitness is required (like football, basketball) and some others show the opposite (like chess). Students will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of practising those Sports. Web Students will go over the following pages in order to create their Power Point Presentation tobeshownto theirclassmates.6 7. 8. 8