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STAVE QA PLANNING. ( I am contact person for this task within the UK) SCOPE: D efinition will evolve! Develop and Document QA procedures for : Stave Core: Raw Materials – intermediate assemblies . . .up to Assembled Core. (? Cooling Pipes ?? Bus Tapes ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Graham Beck (QMUL) LBNL Sept.20131STAVE QA PLANNING(I am contact person for this task within the UK)SCOPE: Definition will evolve!Develop and Document QA procedures for: Stave Core: Raw Materials intermediate assemblies . . .up to Assembled Core.(? Cooling Pipes ?? Bus Tapes ).Module Mounting (e.g. geometry of mounted modules wrt. stave)Tests of Completed Stave: electrical, thermal

NOT included: Major items for which QA undertaken (+ results recorded) by specialised sites/teams:Modules and module sub-components (sensors, hybrids, powering boards), End-of-Stave Card.(But clearly there will be overlap and feedback).

Properties: Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical, etc: identifiable properties/mechanisms that may affect structure and performance. Thermal cycling, Rad.damage.Will include provision of reference samples e.g. glue & CFRP tokens. Likely to include: Storage, Shipping (containers, monitoring, insurance) UP TO Stave delivery to CERN.

Database is an important component (some progress unsure of status - it needs to expand!)Expect considerable cross-fertilisation with parallel activities in Petal community.QA procedures will eventually form part of Review document(s) for detector construction.Graham Beck (QMUL) LBNL Sept.20132Some aspects of QA are tedious but looking for neat QA procedures is fun.

Example!At QMUL: developing thermal QA of the assembled Stave Core (Plank) part of qualification for module mounting.Previous promising IR thermography of stave at BNL (Dave Lynn et al).

FEA studies (last years LBL meeting) suggested that transient (cf static) stave surface temperature would be more effective at finding cooling faults.

We built a blow-off CO2 rig (recently completed: works well).Initially: look at IR of the cooled plank sitting in a box at RT.Aim to develop a simple QA procedure to test thermal integrity of the plank.

Graham Beck (QMUL) LBNL Sept.20133

QM CO2 rig.Graham Beck (QMUL) LBNL Sept.20134Prior to CO2 rig completion we used warm water to check out Stave250 (looked fine).

Plank7 (a recent prototype) looked far less uniform around U-bend (+ one side / one face.):.. more obvious during initial warm-up:

Maybe just a surface IR effect to be investigated further !

Graham Beck (QMUL) LBNL Sept.20135WHATS NEEDED to PROGRESS QA?Identify relevant contacts within institutes / projectsIdentify QA topicsStart to collate QA needs and proceduresEstablish common procedures (e.g. from this morning: pipe pressure testing parameters).

Keep QA on the agenda.

(maybe skimp here in favour of getting to dinner but)

Do not go away without a list of contacts / means of progressing this!

( .and remember to ask for a lift to dinner).