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Status quo in Austria. Barbara K é ri • DISC´12 Vukovar December 12, 2012. charts. Full Inland ENC coverage (330.8 km) Publication of IENCs according IECDIS Standard 2.1 – March 2011 Topographical data fully updated – March 2012. IENC updates. Facility information. Bridge cross-sections. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Status quo in AustriaBarbara Kri DISC12 Vukovar December 12, 2012

  • chartsFull Inland ENC coverage (330.8 km)Publication of IENCs according IECDIS Standard 2.1 March 2011Topographical data fully updated March 2012

  • IENC updates

  • Facility information

  • Bridge cross-sections

  • Paper chartshuge effort to produce the paper chartlack of automatism

    NEWADA duo

  • DoRIS News

    End of the distribution of mobile transponders (31.12.2011) -> Inland AIS equipment obligation (01.01.2012)

    Keep on enhancing the already available services for all users and improve reliability of data

    The international data exchange will be one big step further

  • EU projects



  • IRIS Europe 3

  • Motivation:Support Fairway and Traffic Authorities and RIS Providers in enhancing their RIS related services towards the fairway users, and to enable a common quality level of pan-European services

    Duration:01/2012 12/2014 (3 years)

    Budget:10,5 Mio. EUR (aiming for 50% co-funding by TEN-T)Overview

  • Objectives:Providing a cooperative implementation environmentSharing expertise in the day-to-day project workSolving challenges of European interest in a European environmentDemonstrating / evaluating new RIS technologies and servicesElaborating / implementing quality levels for RIS data exchangeProviding transition support from pilot impl. to regular operationEnabling countries tackling national priorities by involving logisticsOverview

  • Improvement of Fairway Information Servicesbathymetric IENCs, transient (dynamic) water level models, standardized IENC data exchange, RIS reference data mgmt.

    Enhanced Traffic and Transport Information Servicesvirtual reference stations, navigational support systems, low cost fuel saving device, mobile RIS applications, incident mgmt. services


  • Quality of Information Services for RISImprovement of operation, service level agreements

    International RIS data exchangeOrganisational and legal framework for internat. RIS Data ExchangeEnhancement of interfaces for logistics and authorities Enhancement of Interconnections with European ServicesInteroperability between RIS and Maritime Information Services


  • Expected ImpactsHarmonised implementation of RIS in Europe will make another major step forwardEnhanced services for governmental and logistics usersGeographical extension of RISEnsuring minimum service levels

    Thus IRIS Europe 3 will contribute to an increase of safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness of Inland Navigation

  • optimisation of processesMonitoring

    Continuous monitoring and surveying of the riverbed (bathymetry)Identification of shallow areas (fords)Water gauges (hydrology)

  • KWSMCustomer orientated waterway managementImproving of internal processes and proceduresKWSM managing board out ofvia donau (strategic & operational)OSB

  • ..K01 Infrastruktur-Grundlagen bereitstellenK04 Donauschifffahrt entwickelnK05 Hochwasserschutz durchfhrenK03 Binnenschifffahrtsinformationsdienste bereitstellenK02 Wasserstrae managen K07 Liegenschaften und Gebude managenMS12 ManagementsystemeK06 kologischen Zustand erhalten und verbessern K08 Beratungsleistungen / sonstige Dienstleistungen erbringenManagement- und Support- prozesseKernprozesseProcessmanagement

  • aims of processmgmt.initiate organisational thinkingmore user orientatedincrease efficiencyidentification of gaps and redundanciessupporting knowledge transfer

  • Hydrographic SurveyingIncreased use of multi beam Measurement of app. 400 river kilometers per year, 30% 40% measured with multi beam

    More frequent measurements in critical sections and developement of a profile database data storage back to 2005profile distance 25 m (standard 50 m)

    Data analysis of critical sections

  • shallow sections

  • Regelsbrunn

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