Static Routing Exercise u Unix network interface configuration u Cisco network interface configuration u Static routes u Default route u Testing

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<ul><li><p>Static Routing ExerciseUnix network interface configurationCisco network interface configurationStatic routesDefault routeTesting</p></li><li><p>Classroom LayoutACBFEIGDHJRouterPCRouterPCRouterPCRouterPCRouterPCRouterPCRouterPCRouterPCRouterPCRouterPCSWITCH</p></li><li><p>Address AllocationACBFEIGDHJSWITCH213.172.133.96/28213.172.133.128/28213.172.133.160/28213.172.133.192/28213.172.133.224/28213.172.133.112/28213.172.133.144/28213.172.133.176/28213.172.133.208/28213.172.133.240/28213.172.133.16/</p></li><li><p>Address AllocationYou already have an IP address for your routers backbone link (A=.17, B=.18, )You have a /28 for your local network (PC and router connected to hub)Allocate your own host addresses from your local /28 network</p></li><li><p>Network interface configuration - FreeBSDconfigure interface on Unix hostifconfig fxp0 inet n.n.n.n netmask m.m.m.mfxp0 is interface namen.n.n.n is IP addressm.m.m.m is netmask</p></li><li><p>Connect PC to router consoleConnect cable to console port on router, serial port on FreeBSD boxUse the tip command to connect your keyboard and screen to the serial portYou may have to edit /etc/remoteSee man pages for tip(1) and remote(5)</p></li><li><p>Network interface configuration - Ciscoconfigure backbone interface on cisco routerconf tinterface ethernet0/0ip address n.n.n.n m.m.m.methernet0/0 is interface namen.n.n.n is IP addressm.m.m.m is netmaskconfigure local interface on cisco routerethernet0/1</p></li><li><p>Network interface configuration - CiscoCisco global config should always include:ip classlessip subnet-zeroCisco interface config should usually include:no shutdownno ip proxy-arpno ip redirects</p></li><li><p>Test connectivityPC can ping local interface of routerRouter can ping PCPC cannot ping backbone interface of routerRouter can ping other routersPC cannot ping other routers or other PCs</p></li><li><p>Add default routeAdd route on PCroute add default is IP address of gateway (which is on cisco router)Display forwarding tablenetstat -f inet -rn</p></li><li><p>Test connectivityAll PCs can now reach backbone IP address of own rowStill cant reach other rowswhy?</p></li><li><p>Add static routes to other rowsOn router, add static routes to other rowsnext hop is backbone interface of other rows routerip route n.n.n.n m.m.m.m g.g.g.gRepeat many times</p></li><li><p>Test connectivityAll routers can reach all PCsAll PCs can reach all backbone IP addressesAll PCs can reach PCs in other rowsTest with traceroute</p></li><li><p>Edit FreeBSD /etc/rc.confDont do this on classroom machinesOn production machines, add lines to /etc/rc.conf to configure network on reboothostname="porcupine.tomato.example"ifconfig_fxp0="inet netmask"defaultrouter=""See /etc/default/rc.conf for more information</p></li></ul>