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  • RFQ 99SWC-S331 Statement of Qualification

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    Statement of Qualification for RFQ 99SWC-S331- Translation and Interpretation Related Services

    Complete and return all required parts of this Statement of Qualification along with any further requested

    documentation listed below:

    Attachment A: Application Checklist

    x Attachment B: Vendor Information Sheet

    x Attachment C: Pricing Schedule (Complete one for each service provided.)

    x Attachment D: Certification Regarding Lobbying

    x Attachment E: State of Nevada Vendor Registration Form (Attached separately from this packet. Only required if your organization has not recently done business with the State.)

    ☐ Attachment J: Minimum Qualifications for Sign Language and CART Services (Attached separately from this packet. Only required if your organization will provide these services.)

    x State Professional Certification/ License and any applicable license for the RFQ (Please list all below and attach documentation as proof of certification/licensure.) a. Nevada Business License________________ b.____________________________________ c.____________________________________ d.____________________________________ e.____________________________________ f.____________________________________

    □ x Insurance Requirements (Attach insurance documents listed on Insurance Schedule.)

    x Nevada Secretary of State Business License (Attach most recent and valid copy.)

    Signature: Date: 9/24/18 By signing this application, you are acknowledging that the you have read the attached Contract Form and Insurance Schedule, and that both forms are non-negotiable and must be accepted as written in order to be granted a contract with the State of Nevada. By signing this application, you also agree to complete this application in its entirety and that failure to do so may disqualify you or your organization from consideration under this RFQ.

  • RFQ 99SWC-S331 Statement of Qualification

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    Attachment B: Vendor Information Sheet

    Contact Person: R.J. Marshall

    Email: Phone Number: 424-354-2765

    Company Name: TransPerfect Translations International, Inc. dba Worldlingo

    Street Address: 6375 S Pecos Road, Ste# 203

    City, State, Zip: Las Vegas, NV 89120

    Name and Title of Individual Authorized to Bind the Organization:

    Locations of Service (Check all that apply.):

    X Southern Nevada (Clark Co.) ☐Northern Nevada (Washoe Co./Carson City)

    ☐ Rural Southern Nevada ☐ Rural Northern Nevada

    Services to be Provided (Per Section 2.3 of RFQ 99SWC-S331):

    Document translation

    On-site Interpretation

    Nevada State Business License (Per NRS 80.010): 2000081-829

    Legal Entity Name (Provide Documentation for DBAs, if applicable): TransPerfect Translations International, Inc.


    Ownership (Sole Proprietor, Partnership Corporation, etc): Corporation

    Has the vendor ever previously been engaged under a contract with the State of Nevada?

    X Yes ☐No

    Has the vendor now or previously (within the last two years) been an employee of the State of Nevada?

    ☐Yes XNo

    Has the vendor experienced any prior or ongoing contract failures, breaches, civil or criminal litigation in which the vendor has been alleged to be liable or held liable in a matter involving a contract with the State of Nevada?

    ☐Yes XNo

    If yes, please provide the following information:

    Date of alleged contract failure or breach:

    Parties involved:

    Description of contract failure or breach:

    Amount in controversy:

  • RFQ 99SWC-S331 Statement of Qualification

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    Attachment C: Pricing Schedule

    **Complete one sheet for each service provided.**

    Vendor Name: TransPerfect Translations International, Inc dba. WorldLingo

    Document Translation Process: TransPerfect utilizes a three-step process for all translation projects intended for

    distribution to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and overall quality of our work product. Each document passes

    through a translator, editor, and proofreader before being returned to the client. In cases where the scope of the

    source document or the speed of the turnaround time necessitates that multiple translators be used on a given

    project, we will always prepare glossary of terms for reference during translation process. Additionally, once

    the separate portions of the translations are completed, the dedicated editor will review all of the text for

    consistency in language and formatting. Any inconsistencies will be addressed and resolved. Finally, the

    project’s proofreader will review the entire document once more to ensure consistency and accuracy

    Document Translation Pricing:

    Class 1 into English $0.17 per word / from English $0.17 per word

    Spanish Class 2 into English $0.19 per word / from English $0.20 per word

    French German Italian Portuguese Class 3 into English $.20 per word / from English $0.26 per word

    Belorussian Danish Greek Polish Swedish Bosnian Dutch Haitian Creole Romanian Turkish Bulgarian Estonian Hungarian Russian Ukrainian Catalan Finnish Latvian Serbian Uzbek Croatian Flemish Lithuanian Slovak Czech Georgian Norwegian Slovene Class 4 into English $0.24 per word / from English $0.31 per word

    Afrikaans Gaelic Lao Rundi Welsh Akan Albanian

    Gujarati Guyanese Patois

    Latin Lingala

    Samoan Sinhalese

    Wolof Yao

    Amharic Hebrew Macedonian Somali Yiddish Arabic Hindi Malagasy Soninke Yoruba Armenian Hmong Malay Swahili Zulu Azerbaijani Icelandic Maltese Tagalog Bengali Burmese

    Indonesian Jamaican Patois

    Mandingo Mam

    Tamil Taiwanese

    Cambodian Japanese Marathi Telugu Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional

    Javanese Kannada

    Marshallese Mongolian

    Thai Tigrinya

    Dzongkha Kazakh Nepali Trukese Farsi Fukienese Fuzhou Gaelic Gujarati

    Khalkha Khmer Korean Kurdish Lao

    Nyanja Pashto


    Quechua (K’iche)


    Tswana Turkmen




  • RFQ 99SWC-S331 Statement of Qualification

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    Below is a standard delivery schedule for standard translation, editing, and proofreading projects. In cases where the

    subject matter is highly technical, or when desktop publishing/formatting is required, additional time will be needed.


    Number of Words in Document Turnaround Time (in Business Days)

    2,000 or fewer 2 days

    2,001 to 4,500 3 days

    4,501 to 7,000 4 days

    7,0001 to 9,500 5 days

    9,501 to 10,500 6 days

    10,501 or more 7+ days

    In the event that a project is needed on a more accelerated turnaround time, TransPerfect customized rush delivery times to help our clients meet the most urgent of needs. For specific turnaround time on any project, contact the PM. RUSH Premium Rates

    # of words 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days

    700 or fewer 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

    701 to 2,000 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

    2,001 to 4,500 25% 0% 0% 0% 0%

    4,501 to 7,000 50% 25% 0% 0% 0%

    7,001 to 9,500 75% 50% 25% 0% 0%

    9,501 to 10,500 100% 75% 50% 25% 0%

    10,501 or more n/a 100% 75% 50% 25%

    *Above Federal Rush Premium Rates are standardized for translation services (translation, editing and proofing), if additional services are required (IE: desktop publishing, formatting, or multiple language pairs) rush rates will be negotiated at the Task Order level. All other services are available at a 50% Rush fee. Please note there is a $100.00 minimum per project Should formatting or desktop publishing service be required, it will be cost $65.00/hour On-site Interpretation: At a minimum, all interpreters used by TransPerfect (including on-site, conference, and over-the-phone interpreters) must demonstrate the following:

     High proficiency/fluency in both native and non-native language. Interpreters will be evaluated according to their degree of control over language use in the following linguistic areas: - Phonology (pronunciation and intonation) - Syntax (grammatical structures and accuracy) - Lexicon (vocabulary control, accuracy, and usage) - Semantics (meaning) - Pragmatics (appropriateness of language use and sociolinguistic skills)

     Strong understanding of the culture of both languages  Strong understanding of industry-specific terminology  Ability to interpret in a factually and conceptually accurate manner  Memory note-taking and client service skills

  • RFQ 99SWC-S331 Statement of Qualification

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    TransPerfect utilizes the services of interpreters who have a proven track record of successful performance. To ensure the quality and credibility of our interpreters, all interpreters are asked to document their professional status as well as provide contactable references, which are checked and verified by our linguistic resources coordination department. Interpreters whose references are not favorable or whose certifications have expired are not entered into our d


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